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please post pictures of the killer-cops

since these 3 cops got away with killing fellow-citizen
James Chasse, Jr. and were "exonerated", we can expect them to be back on the job more emboldened than before, and thus, more of a danger to we citizens.

Since we can no longer depend on our "system" to look
out for us and serve us justly, and our leaders have
turned out to be self-serving liars, we need to arm
ourselves with as much information as possible about these citizen-killers so that should we come face to
face with them, we can act accordingly and take due
deligence in any dealings we may have with these kind
of citizen-killers, who have just killed and could just
as easily do so again without any sense of conscience
or human considerations.

Now, we must protect ourselves from our so-called law-
ful "protectors" as we never know whether they'll go
bonkers on us or someone else, and kill us in a sense-
less manner and get by with doing it.

We need pictures to know what they look like, and their
addresses so we can determine if we have citizen-killer
in our respective neighborhoods.

So, please post pictures here of the offending killers.

At least we'll know what they look like and can then
treat them as they are...as killers!
Police identified the officers involved Chasse's custody as Sgt. Kyle Nice, 39, a 14-year veteran of the Portland Police Bureau, officer Christopher Humphreys, 31, a seven-year veteran of the bureau and Dep. Brett Burton, 26, a two-year veteran with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

WHO of us will next be killed by one of these men? Me, you, or someone that
we love? Let us always let these men know that we see them as "killers" and
not as "policemen" for they've killed and gotten by with it! They literally
stomp this poor man to death and they know it, as do with...irrespective of
Rosie's and Tom's lies and deceptions.
And Cop Watch's Comments? Where are they? Are they afraid too!!! of what? 18.Oct.2006 09:04


So, what's up? Your story and thoughts are excellent and so true...it can happen to anyone so don't think that you are "exempt." They are killers who killed this man and the others...it's ok though...What about this Grand Jury? They are notoriously rigged and unfair.

These killers live in fear of their co-humans and likely two, four and winged beings as well. They are a product of this scary society.

Cop Watch and citizens. Don't be afraid. Give love and support to all of your co-humans and beings. Work for change...don't give up...

Photos 18.Oct.2006 10:07


KGW (ught!) "innadvertantly" ran the photos of the porkers who "innadvertantly"crushed poor James's chest. Anyone who recorded it should be able to photo shop the pics for a most wanted poster.

O.K., here's best I could do 18.Oct.2006 10:55


Maybe someone could photo shop these and get em up there?

better photos, names 18.Oct.2006 12:36


Hope this helps:

Killer Cops 19.Oct.2006 00:12


This may be the address for Christopher Humphreys, 19324 Vincent Drive, Oregon City 97045

to geronimo 21.Oct.2006 17:36


how are you certain that thats his adress?