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Intercultural Organizing and The City of Portland

City Hall and Affirming it's Commitment to Immigration Reform
I read here about how the Portland's City Council will hear a resolution affirming its commitment to the inclusion of immigrants and refugees in civic and public life on Wed.
Sounds like a good principle for our city to adopt.
I hope that many of you will show up to support this resolution and be part of making good policy happen in this city, and as an example to the whole country.

Portland City Hall
October 18, 2006
6:30 PM - City Hall, Council Chambers


The resolution calls for the creation of a task force charged with investigating barriers to immigrant and refugee inclusion in civic life and proposing workable solutions for the City of Portland. It also takes a progressive position on federal immigration reform, acknowledging the need for a realistic and comprehensive approach that provides a path to citizenship, addresses the immigration backlog to unify families, and provides a safe, legal and orderly avenue for migrant workers to enter the U.S. and benefit from worker protections.

At 6pm there will be some yellow t-shirts handed out / available (5$ donation)
They are in support of this issue to show solidarity.
More info may be possible on 'reserving a shirt' by emailing:

I am not affiliated just a concerned joe passing along the information

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Joe Anybody Goes to City Hall 19.Oct.2006 00:53

Joe A


The city passes overwhelmingly the Human Relations Commission

Thank You Bridgetown Voices & The Intercultural Organization