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Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a
Result of Uranium Weapons
photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

WARNING: Extremely Graphic Images !

We are quite horrified by them. But... the denial that these innocent children
have been deformed by the practices of the Unites States Armed Forces' use
of depleted uranium is a much bigger problem that leads to yet more innocent
children and people of all ages being permanently injured. It has been said that
ignorance is bliss. If you are seeking bliss, other websites cater to that desire.
Imagine. . . Put yourself in the shoes of a parent of one of these children.

The U.S. Army is making the world a frightening place to live.

* under orders from the White House (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush. . .)


unjust war, illegal unjust violence. 18.Oct.2006 14:01


There really is no horror from any empire throughout time as awful as this U.S.- UK State Terrorism globally. These pictures fully confirm the anti-fascist side in the global struggle to end aggressive war as foreign policy forever on earth. The anti-fascist covenants that the UK and U.S. imperialism is violating are The United Nations Charter, Nuremburg Trials, World Court of the Hague, Geneva Conventions on War (1949), the newly formed International War Crimes Tribunal (Bertrand Russell) style, with the Iraq tribunal. It is to the positive credit of the anti-fascist front globally that it put the goal of the anti-fascist side is to eliminate aggresssive war as foreign policy and through the United Nations Charter, make negotiation and collective aggree as democracy the new method of reaching aggreements between nations.
Forever illegal, lying aggressive invasions will be seen as war crimes answerable to the International Law that the liberation fighters fought so hard to bring into being. With the death toll since nov. 2003 now standing at over 600,000 dead Iraqis the world is watching and waiting for the removable of Bush and Blair by their respective counties peoples who are signed on to the anti-fascist covenants, the trouble is the UN secuity council has caved into Imperialist subversion, and instead of functing as the assembly, through its Charter for peace and justice as foreign policy, has become the modus operandi of Imerialist aggressive Wars and lies throughout the globe. The security Council now is actively functioning to defeat its own majority assemblies democracy and the anti-fascist fighters U.N. Charter. This is what happened with the former League of Nations, which Albert Einstein pointed out, in his writings favouring Marxism, when he wrote that the League had become the opposite from its original foundation. He pointed out before its dissolution that it functioned as an aggressive warmonger for the Imperialist war makers. The world betrayed of its anti-fascist content is a world of endless wars and pollution. It no longer functions for the majority, and is not functioning for the United Nations Charter of ending war forever as foreign policy which is the basis of the Charter. It would be a suggestion of moving the UN from the United States of America to some other peaceful country in Asia, Africa, or Latin America. It really is that the Bush administration has betrayed the worlds peoples majority. They really are the country with the most weapons of mass destruction and the leader of arms sales globally thusly initiating and hoding in placer pollution wars . So much so that the rest of the world combined does not manufacture, possess, or sell as much WMD. It has turned into its opposite and become a war criminal in the fashion,of Japan or Germany , England or France. The proletarian globally is for the complete , thorough , total dismantling of all nuclear weapons and thusly to scrapping the war machine and its manufactury as proof positive of its foreign policy of peace and social justice to the peoples of the world. Viva social liberation.