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Cop busts into Houston Show and Starts Tazing People

A cop busted into a venue in Houston, based on a supposed noise complaint and goes up to the stage telling the guitar player to unplug. When the guy refuses to do so things start getting ugly and in the tazing freny a 14 year old boy gets zapped. Here are links describing what happened with some video from the night. It's really unbelievable.

if you scroll down you can see video of the incident

Description 16.Oct.2006 15:06


from a witnesses myspace,

Saturday, October 14, 2006

two gallants houston debacle

so two gallants were on their 4th song i believe and a cop shows up for a noise complaint. he did not go to the soundboard but immediately heads to the stage. he has some words with the singer adam and then the cop grabs his guitar. adam pulls it back and then the cop grabs him around the head and slams him down on the stage. tyson (the drummer) jumps up from the drums and moves to where the cop is holding adam down. the cop then thrown tyson down too. you can in the pics below where tyson is pretty much on top of adam with the cop holding both of them down.. some other dudes get on stage and a bunch of others swarm up and start taking pictures. someone gets between adam and the cop and is calming things down. it could've ended here as everyone is calming down. then the cop turns on my friend greg who is taking pics and says 'stop touching me' or something like that and knocks greg's camera out of his hand. great is all like what the fuck? and then the cop jumps off stage and starts pushing greg in the chest across the room while greg is just backing away. the cop also is waving his tazer around at this point. he eventually backs greg into that corner where everybody puts their instruments (to the right of the stage) and pushes him down into a pile of drums and the standup bass the opening band was playing. people freak out and about 20 people rush over there including the dudes from the opening band and adam and tyson. i thought at this point the cop was going to get the shit kicked out of him. but i guess everyone was just standing around yelling or something so anyway the cop manages his way out of that pack and then starts chasing adam. adam runs across the stage and around the back of the bar with the cop right after him. he runs behind the bar and jumps over the front of the bar and runs out the door and down the street. later that evening my friend jennifer was riding her bike home and saw adam walking in the neighborhood. she took him back to her house until around 2 when he got ahold of his manager who had a hotel room already. she took him to his hotel room. meanwhile, the cop comes back around the door and is yelling at everyone to leave. he then walks outside and grabs tyson and cuffs him. he tells tyson something like he is being arrasted for what his buddy did. meanwhile some other people are yelling at the cop and he is walking around with his handcuffs out threatening to arrest everyone. he then grabs another dude and arrests him. then about 9 other cop cars showed up and those cops all jump out of their cars. we walked across the street so as not to get arrested or anything. i see them then arrest my friend greg as well as 4 or so other people. i hear they were arresting the opening band folks but that pam (the club owner) got them out. that is all i know. except that the first cop that came was a fukcin lunatic. you do not walk into a show and do what he did. he seemed way more interested in fuckin shit up then he did in calmly difusing anything. that guy had a real chip on his shoulder... i have just never seen anything like that... i guess they are never coming back to houston again.

also this was posted as a comment on this myspace site:  http://www.myspace.com/trishafaye i have spoken to this lady and she verifies her son was tazered. also in the third video below you can see her behind the bar as the cop is running around it...

HPD Bullshit Houston Show Adam ATTACKED by houston police officer at the show on OCT. 13th. This was a complete attack Adam did nothing and was punched, thrown down, tazerd, chased and all for playing music. I'm personally mortified by this. Not only did the officer attack and hurt Adam he also attacked Tyson for trying to help his bandmate as well as many other people at the show. Adam I believe got away Tyson ended up in the back of a police car for no reason. As Adam was running from the crazed police officer my 12 year old daughter my 14 year old son my husband and myself were attacked in the process my daughter was pushed into the bar my son and husband were both tazerd as I ran as fast as I could behind the bar to get out of Adams way so he could escape this ignorant Houston Police Officer. ADAM, where ever you are thanks for the few songs you were able to play, hope you all got the merch money thank god we got our merch before the show. Tyson thank you for the best drumming I've ever seen it was nice talking to you before the show. If you guys ever want to play near Houston again without the threat of Police Attack let me know we have a venue in Beaumont the Vortex call Amy Butterer with Billions Corp. and she can tell you all about our venue or you can look us up on line at (thevortexonline.com) Sorry you had to go through all of this. I do hear a song in it.


from tg mgmt: tyson was taken in last night. we almost have him out. then we will be able to make sense of what happened. thanks everyone for your support.
Oct 14th, 2006 - 1:36 PM

more updates:

ok so i talked to my friend greg finally. he got out of jail at about 5.30 this evening. he was one of the lucky ones since some of the other dudes were getting transferred over to county and would probably be there for another 10 to 12 hours... he was charged with interferring with an officer. however as you can see from this clip, it appears there was no interference. the beginning is kinda shaky but you can see the cop take adam down. this clip is right after the cop got on stage. you can also see where things could've calmed down. but then the cop slaps the camera out of greg's hand. there will be other clips from greg soon. he picked the camera back up and the recorded as the cop pushed him around the bar and into the instruments in the corner. anyway, i think i speaks for itself...