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9.11 investigation

Kim Thatcher people took down our 9-11 sign !

Just got word that the Kim Thatcher sign crew took down our "9-11- Who Really Did It? " sign
Guess the folks from the Kim Thatcher campaign arent into free speech. We got word from a friend that they saw the Kim Thatcher sign crew yesterday putting up a sign right next to ours...then they took our sign ! So I am going to spend my day taking down and discarding Kim Thatcher signs. I dont even know what party she is from , or what she is running for....but paybacks are a bitch !!!
could have guessed 13.Oct.2006 15:43


Kim Thatcher is a Republican from Keizer, running for re-election to House Dist. 25. Her campaign website:

A search on her name turns up: campaign money improprieties, the Thatcher campaign removing campaign signs (placed with landowner permission) of a competitor, she reportedly said that only businesses pay taxes, and apparently every progressive organization (Stand for Children is one) opposes her. Just a sampling, I'll bet she's even more odious than all that.

Email address for writing to Kim about her preferential free speech:

It would be fun to round up signs and drop them off at her office (appropriately covered with information about 9/11) but her office location isn't given on the website.

We Didnt... 13.Oct.2006 16:12

V & G

Well ...we were mad because of the sign thing , but we didnt take down any Thatcher signs. We respect and appreciate the right of Free Speech enough not to violate it..even if we think it may be a great payback ;)

Hahaha 13.Oct.2006 16:12

Splendid Idea

GREAT IDEA, here is her "session address" I grabbed from a site. Office or no office, word would get around.

900 Court St. NE, H-490
Salem, OR 97301

signs don't have rights, people do 13.Oct.2006 16:46


This isn't an issue of free speech. While you have the right to stand in a public space with a sign expressing your beliefs you do not have any right to leave signs in public spaces. The reason for this should be self evident but if it's not, picture any portland park where it was legal for advertisers to put signs wherever they wanted and have them stay there permanently. Any individual is allowed to take down your sign and you are allowed to take down theirs. I have no problem with you putting up your sign again (or more signs). But people who engage in this sort of activity should know that this is how it works: you put up a sign, someone else takes it down, repeat as long as you feel like it is doing something positive.

arizona sign law 14.Oct.2006 12:33


In Arizona political signs can't be removed except by the person who plants them. It's a big deal here and can get a politician in big trouble. Some candidates DO remove opposition signs but they pay big fines after blaming "overzealous staff".

it's not that complicated 14.Oct.2006 13:02

sonicg4s gforceunit@gmail.com

eye for an eye...it's that simple
but in this case ,I would take all the republican dirty tricks
into account ,for the last few elections ,all the voter intimidation
and using operatives to get rid of registered voters after signing them up and deliberate shortages of machines and ballots at the poorer areas and black neighborhoods....Did I say it's not that complicated? well it's not if you know the way that most republicans have been treating democracy ,like they are against it,and own it and for one party rule and will cheat and do whatever it takes to win....if you know that then don't hesitate to make them taste thier own medicine , in fact it's your duty to stand up to these treasonous criminal minded racist morons at every oppportunity especially one that simple
she sounds like a regular scumbag of the republican party,treat her as such.now is that simplified enough?

signs don't have rights, people do 14.Oct.2006 13:20


The owner of the property and the owner of the sign have rights and this theft is actionable. This crap goes on all over the place and is endorsed by unscrupulous politicians. Her assertion that it was a "mistake" doesn't fly. If it was a mistake, she, or her agents, should have replaced the stolen signs at their authorized locations. She hasn't done that and doesn't intend to.

K Thatcher took down our 9/11 sign 14.Oct.2006 13:35

Anwar al-Insurgent diablo6_410@msn.com

Pity about the sign. However this is not about signs or freedom of speech. This is about rights and Americans no longer have rights. None, not any, nada, zip, and of course we have der Fuhrer Boosh to thank for that. Well and then, Al 'boys' Gonzales, Deadeye Dick Cheney, America's Imperial Senate, the U.S. House of Reprehensibles, the Supremes and their Star Chamber, and Ken 'boys' Mehlman. It isn't cigars that Mehlman is smoking.
How about that Denny 'page' Hastert? What a cover up buffoon. Sorry, I digress. This is about rights, it's about the death of every American's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Remember how happy we all were to be able to live free? Golly, I think that I'm going to miss that.

Took your sign down? Donate to the compeitition 14.Oct.2006 13:38

Mr. Fingers

I recommend donating to the competition, money always does the job in this country! Let the Thatcher campaign know how much you are sending (just to rub a little salt into the wound)

don't take it down, modify it 14.Oct.2006 14:20


I remember way back when Goldwater was running for president. There was a huge billboard
in town saying "In your heart you know he's right!" (a pun, I guess). A friend and I took
some spray paint and changed it to say "In your heart you know he's nuts!" A photo of it
made the front page of the local paper. Now, that was much better than taking down a sign.

Sign 14.Oct.2006 21:04

Maret Thatcher

Kim Thatcher doesn't have her own private freeway sign crew. All GOP freeway signs are put up by Cliff Zauner, as he personally knows the land owners along I-5. It is possible that Zauner was asked by the property owner to remove the signs while putting up a Thatcher sign. Get your facts staight.

her response to the story... 14.Oct.2006 21:05


After I broke the story to their people, they took the predictible response by saying they had not told anyone
on their crew to do anything like that.....! ( like they would do that )
and of course, disavow any knowledge of this activity...( wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
good ol' boys can be good ol' gals too....

just ask dennis hastert who he lives with.......ans. His live-in is also his chief of staff......grab your socks and repeat
after me.....

Help our landowners 14.Oct.2006 21:28

Maret Thatcher

In fact that is what happened. The 9/11 sign was on private property, and the property owner asked Zauner to remove it. Think about it this way: if I stuck a Kim Thatcher sign in your front yard and you removed it, and I complained that my 1st ammendment rights were being breached, you would tell me I am rediculous. Furthermore, you would be upset that I posted a sign without your permission.

The landowner would like to find out who was responsible for disrespecting his property rights. If anyone could bring that information forward, we would really appreciate it.

'V' is for voice 15.Oct.2006 20:11

silence = complicity

Use your voice as your weapon/tool of choice in the fight against a World built upon lies and deception. We have the numbers and we are not powerless. Believe in our collective power to bring about 'positive change'. Anything is possible if enough people just started seeing and thinking differently. More power to the freeway bloggers!!! Kudos for all your efforts! —Seriously. With everything that's at stake, the importance of getting the message out to as many people as possible is crucial. Apathy and ignorance is dangerous. It's time to stop perpetuating the LIE of 9/11. It was an INSIDE JOB— have the courage to face this reality. Focus on the truth and rise up out of the 'trap of denial'. Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed by the insidious lies, deception and propaganda spewing from the corporate MSM, and resist being "dumbed-down" by popular culture. Make truth popular by speaking truth to power. 'Free your mind' from the manipulation of Americult Inc. and reclaim your country from those who are set on destroying it, and set on destroying the World. The endgame of "the powers that be" is global domination, by any means possible. They'll stop at nothing to fulfill their agenda of tyranny and empire building. Their plans are diabolical.

Let your conscience be your guide, the ultimate goal is PEACE ON EARTH. Envision it in your 'minds eye', focus and move towards it. It can appear on the horizon if enough people are thinking about it. It's only a thought away. The only way to reach this is through truth in all areas of inquiry. Lies are destructive not only in the affect they have on the outside World, but more insidiously, in the damage they inflict at the level of our 'collective-unconscious'. It's time to awaken to what's really going on. Create and influence positive cause-and-effect. Every action has a reaction, use it to our advantage. Think of the dominoes in "V for Vendetta". Everyone has the power to make a positive difference in the chain of events as they unfold. Never lose sight of the big-picture.

If you wish to end this cycle of never-ending war— we must all wake up, focus on the truth, and rise up out of this game of denial. Expand your 'World View' and see things differently. Believe in the power held by each and every one of us. We are all 'ONE' and are all equally important. We're all in this together. With regard to 9/11 truth, keep asking questions and making connections. The truth will set us all free. If you haven't seen the writing on the wall, then you're really not paying attention. 'United', we have the power to change the direction we are heading. Fate is what we create. Together we stand, divided we fall. It's time to end this charade— face truth and STOP LIVING IN FEAR. Fear is the ultimate tool of control, which is being used to manipulate us. Just say enough, and let it go. Truth and Freedom are going to come from all of us united in the common goal; we are all the ones we have been waiting for. Believe in yourselves, and never lose hope.

~ Peace

*inspiring article >>>  http://www.axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_23211.shtml
Demand Truth & Justice
Demand Truth & Justice
The future is in OUR HANDS. . .not theirs
The future is in OUR HANDS. . .not theirs
Truth = Freedom
Truth = Freedom

Heres The Information , "Thatcher " 17.Oct.2006 08:03

Vic Pittman

"The landowner would like to find out who was responsible for disrespecting his property rights. If anyone could bring that information forward, we would really appreciate it. " Hey ...I am the one who put that sign up. And whats more , I KNOW Cliff Zauner and he knows me !! Ask him how many sign painters he knows named Vic! I have actually worked for Cliff when he was trying to work on the congestion problem in Woodburn. So , Ms Thatcher...the mystery is solved. To the property owner whose rights I disrespected , I am sorry. I guess I thought that one more sign in a forest of about twenty would not traumatize the poor soul. From now on we will stick to public venues...overpasses and such. So if someone wants to cause problems for us , bring it on.....it is not wise to piss off the sign people..especially during the winter when we have a lot of spare time and sign materials.;)

Property Rights 18.Oct.2006 10:08


"Property rights." Too funny. So if 4% of the richest own 80% of the land, they have "property rights" while the rest of us must ask permission. Really, that is just too funny.
You better hope this method of oppression lasts forever, pal. Cause there are going to be some pissed-off peasants when they realize they really don't have to listen to the robber barons anymore.