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What you should know about the RCP and World Can't Wait

The RCP is a Maoist communist party formed in 1975 in the US. World Can't Wait was initiated by the RCP in 2005. It's primary activity is organizing periodic anti-Bush protests, suggesting that the RCP seeks to exploit the widespread anti-Bush sentiment for their own interests.

What you should know about the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)

The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP, USA), known originally as the Revolutionary Union, is a Maoist communist party formed in 1975 in the United States. The group has few members at this time and is considered by many to be a relic of the Old Left. The organization's main activities include publishing the Revolution newspaper (formerly the Revolutionary Worker), publishing books, running front groups and promoting the writings of their main leader, Bob Avakian.


World Can't Wait

World Can't Wait was initiated by the RCP in 2005. It's primary activity is organizing periodic anti-Bush protests, suggesting that the RCP seeks to exploit the widespread anti-Bush sentiment for their own interests. It appears that World Can't Wait is being used by the RCP to raise money from liberals who aren't aware of the group's ties to the RCP. For example, World Can't Wait established a new office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC earlier this year. The group has also been running full page ads in the New York Times, an expensive for of outreach that is beyond the means of small groups such as the RCP. It also appears that the RCP is trying to lure anarchists and other radicals to World Can't Wait protests in hopes that incidents will happen that will generate press about the protests.

Front Groups

The RCP has a long history of running front groups to allow the organization to have influence in various social movements. Many Marxist-Leninist organizations use front groups, which

Marxist-Leninist organizations such as the RCP and WWP who operate front groups don't hide their sponsorship of these groups very well, but the front group is effective because most working people don't bother to learn about who is responsible for the front group. The easiest method to determine if a new group is a front group for an existing Marxist-Leninist organization is to observe who functions as the prominent spokesperson for the new group. Since the front group is supposed to be a platform for the interests of the parent group, leaders of the parent group will usually play spokesperson roles in the front group. Front groups are designed to give these leaders prominence in movements in a way that hides their association with the parent group.

Another method of determining if a group is a front group is to look at the organizational structure of the group. Are there any board members that are known members of the front group? Does the front group use the same address at the parent organization? Does the front group use the address of another known front group? Which groups are endorsing the front groups call for actions? If the list starts off with the names of people associated with the parent group and it lists other front groups, the new group is likely to be a front group. One of the easiest methods to determine an association--which the Marxist-Leninist groups are being more careful about--is to find out where the front group's website domain is registered. Lastly, one can also determine an association between groups by looking at links on websites.


Domain registration (as of October 8, 2006) showing ownership of the World Can't Wait web domain by C. Clark Kissinger, a long time RCP activist and organizer.

See the OpenWiki for more information on the RCP.

Known RCP Front Groups

World Can't Wait
Not In Our Name
Refuse and Resist
No Business As Usual
La Resistencia
October 22 Coalition Against Police Brutality
Comm. to Suport the Revolution in Peru

Anarchist Criticisms of the RCP

"2-4-6-8, Fuck the Commies, Fuck the State!"

"No governments left or right, RCP ain't too bright!"
-- anti-RCP chants by anarchists, May Day, Chicago 1986.

Anarchists have been critical of the RCP over the years, for the same reasons that anarchists oppose all other leftover authoritarian groups, sects and parties. Anarchists criticize these groups for their authoritarianism, both in the goals they seek to achieve through the seizure of state power and in how they are organized as organizations. The RCP like other authoritarian groups is organized in a hierarchical structure. Decisions are made by a central or coordinating committee. There is little to no democracy or transparency in the organization. The decision-making process is often secretive which allows a few people to run the organization.

Anarchists have criticized the RCP for its emphasis on leader worship, or being a personality cult, in the case of the RCP that leader is Bob Avakian. Anarchists have criticzed the RCP for its reliance on tokenism of people of color to give the organization the appearance of diversity and working class authenticity. Anarchists have critcized the RCP for its use of front groups to intervene in social movements. The RCP does have a better reputation than other authoritarian sects when it comes to coalition work.

Anarchists and some leftist groups criticize the RCP for the hypocrisy of running a reformist political group like World Can't Wait when the RCP is opposed to participation in electoral politics. Common activist criticisms of the RCP can often be found on Indymedia websites.

Greg Jackson: Mythology of the White-Led "Vanguard": A Critical Look at the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
Phoenix Insurgent: Understanding World Can't Wait and the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)
This October 22, the RCP follows the anarchists
World Can't Wait - for what? A brief history!

Anarchist cooperation with the RCP

Despite the hostility between anarchists and the RCP, there are anarchists who work with RCP members and activists in their front groups. Anarchists have participated in protests sponsored by No Business As Usual, Refuse and Resist, Not In Our Name, and most notably, the annual October 22 protests against police brutality. Anarchists also worked with the RCP's youth group, the RCYB, during anti-capitalist campaigns in the early 21st century.


Current RCP publications

Revolution: Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA - relaunched newspaper.
Revolutionary Worker - archive newspaper site

Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

A World To Win - International publication of the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, (printed in India).

Other Criticism

The Maoist cultism of the RCP is anti-Marxist
The World Can't Wake
Rallies Today: World Can't Wait--for What? by Sarah Ferguson - Village Voice.

Further Reading

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative
Murray Bookchin, Listen Marxist!
Could You Please Eplain.... 09.Oct.2006 20:01


...this hidden agenda that this Marxist/anti-Marxist group is attempting to promote?

I had never heard of this group before, yet somehow they have supposedly managed to infiltrate successful mainstream campaigns that oppose the US goosestep into fascism.

I have been warned about them in the past. I did not listen. What unfortunate fate lies ahead for me as a result?

Could you please list the top 5 most sinister policies that this supposed group is trying to forward?

Either way, if they are helping to create an opportunity for me to publicly raise issues that I am concerned about, to participate in tactics of my own choosing, and they are not even attempting to recruit me into their dastardly network, why should I care?

red baiting 09.Oct.2006 20:20


I'm not sure I care whether they are now or ever have been members of the communist party. I care a lot more that they sold out my friends on the street, after inviting them to take part in "mass resistance" against the imperialist regime. In my book, that's fucking low.

As Far as I Could Tell... 09.Oct.2006 20:48


...there was a total of around 2 individuals who had a serious problem with cohesiveness at Thursday's event.

Despite all of the bickering, I consider the event to have been a great success, and I look forward to the next.

There has been some great discussion here since then, about tactics, planning, communication, buy in, etc.

I felt an energy that I have not felt on the streets for quite some time last Thursday, and I think that we may have the potential to reinvigorate the resistance movement. I think that worries some people.

I wouldn't be too discouraged by a couple of wet blankets.

Divide and conquer is a sucker's game.

Solidarity 09.Oct.2006 20:51

Injun B

Yes they sold us out yes they are communist and yes they have some members that I quite frankly think it will be hard to get along with. However if we do not unite and stand as one be they communists, anarchists, animal rights activists or who ever in the face of this fascist regime we will be divided and run over.

The time is now to stop pointing fingers and start doind some mutual aid we probably will never agree let us rise above this. What I witnessed oct5th was energy a thought that changing the world is possible. I hear all the time that World Can't Wait is communist and that is why i chose not to go. I look at it as at least they are organizing and getting people out in this street the streets is where is war will be won or lost all the people that did not go on the 5th we could have used your help. So who is with me organize for the sake of arganizing and to stop pointing fingers.

Injun 09.Oct.2006 21:22


Count me in.

. 09.Oct.2006 21:22


It is also my impression that the local WCW is not an offshoot of the RCP

Joe Anybody agrees with Injun B 09.Oct.2006 21:35

Joe A.

History Lesson of the RCP in times of Needing Solidarity:

I don't care what group you are with or belong to
Lets get a trillion different groups out here in the streets
I am not asking you to be a club card carrier

Just stand up and get out the message to cause some change
Heck I would protest with the PBA if they want to participate in -->
"Getting Bush Out Of Office and Ending This War"

I further endorse "doing ones own thing" so get creative and "Just Do It!"
It's all good.....

I have met some nice commies in my lifetime - I am not worried


More top secret "exposes" right here 10.Oct.2006 00:09

changing the channel jedbrandt@gmail.com

Want to know what the RCP thinks?

or check online, they have plenty to say:

or check the current thinking of their leadership:

or browse comments from their broader trend and critical periphery:


Want to know what World Can't Wait is?

or check online:  http://worldcantwait.org

Concerned about being manipulated, of secret agendas or endorsing ideas that are not your own?
Fair enough. I wrote this letter to address many of these specific issues. I signed my name to it because I believe every word of it.
 link to www.worldcantwait.net

Here's the FAQ of World Can't Wait, it's a good general orientation:
 link to worldcantwait.net

Want to know who's "behind" this campaign AGAINST BUSH, by name?
 link to worldcantwait.net

Curious about the activists, thinkers, creators and people of conscience who have lent their name and energies to this effort?
 link to worldcantwait.net

So, that's the list of people who aren't scared of reds under the bed. That's the list of people putting themselves on the line.


What you should know about the RCP and World Can't Wait?

The same thing as you should know about everybody else... what they talk and what they walk. Just like the people trying to smear this effort with old-school red-baiting tricks. What they talk and what they walk. Think things through, what matters, what works to what end...

By the way, I am a communist. If I was hungry for power, that's not where I'd start. LOL. Communism isn't a personal identity in the same way as other philosophies. It's a methodology and a worldview, and just like the world is always changing and developing. For the guys who want to re-fight Kronstadt, my eyes are on the Winter Palace.

Virtual internet hostility is a sandbox for bullies who can't win a real fight, and in this case, who don't even know who their real enemies are.

Not only Anarchists disagree with the RCP 10.Oct.2006 00:31

Chairman Bob

Google "The Maoist Cultism of the RCP is anti-Marxist". Even many communist groups are alarmed by the bizarre actions of the RCP. Quite an entertaining, and at points hilarious, read.

What about RCP's POLITICS??? Sectarian "exposures" won't do! 10.Oct.2006 00:43

Frank Arango

What I want to know about any group is its POLITICS, and the re-post says next to nothing about these.

Everyone knows that several RCP people, including well-known writers for its newspaper, were involved in setting up WCW. Hell, RCP's paper itself proclaims this, and the RCP speaks at WCW events all over the country.

"It appears that World Can't Wait is being used by the RCP to raise money from liberals who aren't aware of the group's ties to the RCP."

This "appears" to be looking for some mud to sling. WCW has obviously raised a lot of money from the liberals, but that's WCW. Why this liberal support? Because they want to narrow opposition to Bush's entire program---which the Democrats support with certain tactical differences---into simply a matter of Bush and the Republicans, and, of course, they want to get themselves elected to head up the same ruling-class agenda. As long as the WCW sticks to making the sickening non-class and moral appeals that it does the liberals are going to support it. If it started advocating and organizing class-struggle politics they would abandon it.

I would add that the liberal-imperialist politicians who share speakers' rostrums with the RCP very much know who the RCP is.

The whole discussion of front groups could just as well have been written by the John Birch Society or some other right-wing group out to "expose" that "communists" (horrors!) work in some group. Of course, the right-wing red baiters are pretty loose about who they label communists... ..but so is Infoshop. It doesn't occur to them that just because a group calls itself communist, or anarchist, for that matter, doesn't mean it is. And, I think Infoshop is aware that anti-revisionist Marxists in this country have been showing how the RCP and WWP are anti-Marxist and revisionist for a very long time. It even provides a link to communistvoice.org, which has numerous articles showing the opportunist and revisionist nature of the RCP and WWP.

Any serious politics always involve alliances, coalitions, or fronts between different class-political forces. Sometimes these are informal, and sometimes they're formal. The issue is their politics. For example, there have been left-wing national liberation fronts, and right-wing and fundamentalist ones---and sometimes they've fought with guns.

"RCP and WWP who operate front groups don't hide their sponsorship of these groups very well... "

Hide? I think they proudly proclaim it. Look at Revolution, particularly in the months when WCW was being founded.

"but the front group is effective because most working people don't bother to learn about who is responsible for the front group."

Sorry, but I think what working people care about is what the group DOES, i.e., its POLITICS.

WCW is essentially an alliance between the RCP, left-wing Democrats like pro-draft Rep. John Conyers, and various liberal reformers. It also claims that it has some moderate Republicans on board, and at it's "State of the Union" rally in Seattle it looked like three of them actually showed up. But the Infoshop writers are so blinded by their sectarian hatred of the sham-communist RCP that it doesn't even occur to them that the liberal-imperialists and capitalism lovers in the WCW alliance just might be using WCW (and the RCP!) for their aims. Look at the WCW web-page and who do you find but Conyers, McKinney, Nader, and others of this ilk.

Finally, what is one supposed to conclude from the fact that WCW is a front (horrors!) with "communists" (double-horrors!) in it? Are we supposed to boycott its demonstrations because of this? And, are we supposed to boycott anti-war demonstrations because the leading coalitions include Trotskyists? What about the immigrant rights movement? Is it safe for us to go there because no "communists" are in the leading alliances? And if we participate in it do we just trail behind those coalition leaders who are betraying the interests of immigrants and all workers with their "comprehensive immigration reform", which in reality is a comprehensive vicious attack?

No, all of these things would be absurd. Oct. 5 in Seattle had 1,500-1,700 people whereas in Portland it was smaller. But in both cases it had a mass character, i.e., people with many differing political ideas coming out to protest chieftain of capitalist reaction Bush, and his program. And, in Seattle, I talked with several people who said that this was the first demonstration they had ever attended.

But I also gave them and hundreds of other people leaflets. After all, the political role of radicals, anti-imperialists, and revolutionaries at liberal and reformist and revisionist dominated events is to find ways to win the masses coming out away from these dead-end politics, and toward politics truly in the mass interests.

One of the leaflets I passed out is at  http://www.seattleaic.org/?p=52. Notice that it actually deals with WCW's politics, i.e., the issue is not just Bush, Bush, Bush; and that it gives a completely different orientation toward fighting the Bush program than WCW. Does Infoshop advocate that we not do this kind of work just because RCP happens to be a prime mover in WCW? Again, this would be absurd.

RCP's flag deepest pink. washed out in kitchen sink. 10.Oct.2006 01:44

Lin P.

Nope, Jed. We should boycott it because the RCP is taking a page from CPUSA and shamelessly pandering to the liberals and Democrats in order to promote another pop front charade.

WCW busted out on O5 10.Oct.2006 01:51


A careful review of the after action reports from WCW and other independent sources suggests that despite the extraordinary resources poured into the WCW' October 5th national day of action, (including a full page ad in the NYT costing tens of thousands of dollars)_turnout fell far below what the organizers expected - and what was hyped in the WCW pre-event publicity. In fact, far below their last national day of action. WCW rank and file volunteers need to ask why this happened, and not wait for their leadership to tell them.

And it's certainly ironic - if not hypocritical - that the RCP would criticize others for 'provocative' actions when that outfit tried - literally for decades - to lead "breakouts" onto the street during permitted marches across the country order to "step it up".

That that the RCP remains committed to utilizing WCW as an 'intermediate' recruiting vehicle for their party at the expense of larger movement building comes as no great revelation. Their earlier efforts in NION, the October 22 Coalition, and Refuse and Resist are all examples of this organizing strategy at work. But this hardly reflects the orientation of the vast majority of those who participate in WCW activities - nor is it likely to in the foreseeable future - despite the RCP's best efforts. My hunch is that the RCP is in for a rude surprise as the liberal organizations and personalities they've been courting via WCW decamp en masse to participate in the midterm electoral charade several weeks from now. Indeed, the real political impact of Oct. 5th may be to cement WCW's position actually to the right of UFPJ in pandering to the liberals and just to the left of Tom Hayden's Progressive Democrats of America --- Avakian and Hayden together again.

Just to clarify that CW isn't me 10.Oct.2006 09:23


Hey, a couple of people have contacted me to ask more about the RCP and WCW, "because of what you wrote on that thread." I guess they thought "CW" was short for CatWoman. Just wanted to say that CW is someone else, and I have no information at all on whether WCW is or isn't affiliated with RCP. Nor do I care, really. Like a poster above, I only care about these individuals' actions out on the street, which, let's face it, left much to be desired last week. However, I've been speaking to several of them in the intervening time, and I don't think they can all just be written off in a lump.

Yes, there are definitely one or two people there whom I would never trust. Ever.(I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous at least one of them is, and believe it or not, it's not the woman who attacked me and yelled that the police are our friends.) But there are others who feel like they could be allies.

I would also like to say, for the record, that the woman who attacked me has apologized, and I believe her. She said that this was her very first action, and that she was overwhelmed by it all. She has no history with either the police, or with direct actions, and so can be forgiven for being unable to see the big picture at that unbalanced moment. Everyone starts somewhere. She explained that she saw the police as people, as her neighbors, and that she wanted to be friends with the individuals behind the riot gear. If I understood her correctly, she thought if we were nice enough to them, maybe they would see that they should be on our side. I agreed with her that the people behind the badges are human beings. But I talked with her about the role of police in society, about the dangers of collaborating with them against fellow activists, and about the similarities between what the cops do on our streets and what the SS did in Nazi germany. She seemed surprised and asked, "Do you really think we're heading there?" This thought upset her. I think that she's thinking about all this, and I do believe her when she told me that she would not do this again.


Mb mb@resist.ca

MANY GROUPS IN PORTLAND CONTAIN COMUNIST IDEALOGUES JUST LIKE YOU. I agree with so much of what you say. I often respect you. What I find frustrating is this. There's an idea in science that the act of observing something effects, or changes a situation. My understanding of accountability includes participation. If you're going to sit in some silicon tower, or safety of your meeting, and pick apart every fucking thing we and for that matter WCW does then get your ass down here in the streets of PORTLAND and defend my comrades. Get your ass in our community meetings and make this a town where we have the space to do effective, collective action, as a community without bieng physically attacked, or publicly criminalized and slandered by many other leftist groups in town.
We don't need to be reminded of every aspect of the RCP's dirt to know that communist groups fuck up, and do fucked up things just like other groups. Just like we do on occasion, and sometimes much worse. Nor does holdind many lifetimes of offences against them help us move forward in mutually beneficial way now.

Hanging back passing out flyers as your comrades get beat down by cops, and held back by other protestors is not where it's at. It's not where Portland radicalisms at.

I know that you've been reposting this stuff again, and again, and I know that you've been "monitoring us." That's a two way street comrades.
In the past we've sought you out because our collective problems are bigger than our towns, and need to be addressed and acted on together.
So you care about accountability? Then unite your words with your deeds. The way I see it communists have so much more experience than a lot of us with organization and many of them supported and worked with panthers.
So why arn't they training us in STREET TACTICS, CD and DA, WORKPLACE ORGANIZING? Why arn't the comunists and socialists for that matter, doing more workshops on HOW TO dismantle institutions of oppression. WORKSHOPS THAT ARE CREDIBLE AND INCLUDE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND EXAMPLES? Why don't all these groups have articulate and organized blocs unarresting leftists, and taking no shit from the state, the business alliances, the companies? Again accountability includes participation. If you want to hold back and tell us what to think and how to act with other groups, see stalin: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalin) and reconsider. If you want to come down to the trenches with all your expierence, insites, and focus on acting for results, ohhh they will be welcome.

In common struggle,
Michael b.

Dealing with frustrations 12.Oct.2006 04:26

Frank Arango

Dear Michael b.

In the above comment I opposed Cemendur's article because it's so non-political, sectarian, and even smacks of the kind of McCarthyite right-wing stuff we used to hear on the radio in the '50s. This is not what the movement needs.

In reading your later comment I saw it as somewhat of a frustrated tirade against someone that neither dealt with Cemender's post nor with my comment. It was more like a personal letter. Was it to me? Was it under the right article? If it was to me, why did it say these things that made no sense and seemed hostile? I finally decided it was to me, and decided to respond here because I'm frustrated with many of the things said, some of which are pretty incredible, and I also think I must publicly defend myself on them. I'll generally address points in the order you raised them.

"There's an idea in science that the act of observing something effects, or changes a situation."

I totally agree with you that observing something doesn't effect or change a situation. (By the way, this idea has nothing to do with science; it's idealist philosophy.) To change the world you have to participate in it. I do this in Seattle and you do it in Portland.

I've never picked apart "every fucking thing" that you do, I've barely even commented on it. (I did say I thought you did good work in opposing a racist police murder a couple years ago, which I still think.) Further, I know nothing about most of what you do. Nor have I told you what to think and how to act with other groups (as you later say).

"We don't need to be reminded of every aspect of the RCP's dirt... Nor does holding many lifetimes of offences against them help us move forward in mutually beneficial way now."

This would be more appropriately directed at Cemendur. I only dealt with one aspect of RCP's politics, and it was on an issue in the here and now, not a lifetime of offences.

Why do you say "I know that you've been reposting this stuff again, and again... "!? The comment is only under the Cemendur post, and nowhere else. The leaflet I provided a link to was posted on Seattle and Portland IMCs, once. The groups I belong to (one of which is communist, and one of which is not) are not silicon tower internet sects. And when we write leaflets we often pass them out in the thousands of people, as we're doing with the current one.

What do you mean when you say "I know that you've been 'monitoring us'." I don't really know what monitoring means, but you make it sound horrible and come off hostile: "two way street." It's certainly true that I'm interested in what anti-imperialists all over the place are doing. We want to unite to build a trend, and some weeks I look at Portland Indy with this in mind, and many other weeks I don't. But that's not monitoring your grouping. I've really had no idea of what you've been doing other than at one point you had a series of movies---which I know because I saw the announcement on Indy. And, now I see that you were attacked by the cops on Oct. 5, although I know few of the details.

You use the term accountability several times, but I'm not sure what this refers to since I didn't use the term. But maybe you mean that my comment was a demand that Cemendur and others like him be accountable to the truth, i.e., that his post is not what the movement needs. If so, then you're right. I'm demanding accountability.

At the end of your comment you switch to the plural when you ask why communists aren't training you in various things. Here I will only speak for myself. My answer may not satisfy you very much, and it may even make you more frustrated and angry, but I'll try.

To train, one must know something about, and my experience with c.d. and d.a. is limited, especially c.d. But for many liberals, reformists, and of course, the Friends, this is the ultimate of political work, and I think the Friends and others with a lot more experience in c.d. than communists have c.d. workshops quite often.

This is not at all to say that I oppose civil disobedience. People in it are fighting the best way they know how to, giving courage to their convictions and acting honorably---and any sustained mass movement is going to have this component in it. But I think we both agree that c.d. is not going to overthrow the capitalist system at root of imperialist war, police repression, racial discrimination and other crimes, and what I'm interested in is building the movement to do this. At best, c.d. is a stage that people go through in learning that the entire system has to go. So, when a large c.d. movement has developed, i.e., the Bay Area movement to stop troop trains during the Vietnam War, I think the issue is to find ways to support it (including participating in it, which I have done) while also finding ways to teach this lesson and build organization around it.

Direct action is a term that means a lot of different things to different people. But, in the main, I think it's pretty much the political flip-side of c.d., i.e., people doing direct action can have all kinds of liberal and reformist ideas, and they see no other way to fight. They're also often rightfully fed up with the pacifist ideology that's usually spread by the leaders of c.d. events. It also sometimes has elitist and despairing theories associated with it, i.e., the masses of people are incapable of grasping revolutionary politics, so all that can be done is that a handful of people excite them to action by heroic acts coupled with liberal moral appeals and guilt-tripping. (Sorry, I've had a lot of experience with the Weather people, as well as people today who follow in their foot-steps.)

But no matter how well-intended and honorable it may be, I don't think direct action---at least in the forms of monkey-wrenching, stopping imperialist meetings, trashing multinationals, shutting recruiting offices, spiking trees, Weather-style bombings, and many other things it may mean---is going to bring down the empire, or even put a serious dent in it.

I'm a lot more interested in street tactics because I think we're all interested in keeping political demonstrations in the streets when the police attack them, or in organizing them when the police say no. But here old experience isn't very useful 'cause the state has been continually upgrading it's communication, mobility, and changing it's tactics (even from city to city). So you know more about these and I do. Of course, anarchists, Maoists and others also have fairly recent pamphlets dealing with the subject that one can certainly learn things from, and you've probably read a lot of them. But the ones I've looked at suffer in the sense that they often only deal with how affinity groups or other small groups should get ready for and act at a demonstration, while leaving aside the question of mass tactics to actually lead an entire demonstration in the face of police provocations and attacks.

Yes, I do have a lot of experience in workplace organizing, as does my political trend. But like any other organizing the main issue here is politics, i.e., what are your aims? Thus, although this is something that I could think and talk many nights about, I don't see how it could possibly be a subject for a "workshop". (If you have something in particular you want to discuss about this, please write.)

How to "dismantle" institutions of oppression?? I don't think it can be done short of revolution. You're not going to dismantle the Portland P.D., for example.

But in your frustrated tirade against me, of all people, you raise the issue of winning space to do effective, collective action in Portland. This concession or reform (not dismantling) can be won through a hell of a lot of work, and who knows when, but it can be won. African Americans, working-class youth, and many, many others in Portland are burning with anger against the murders, brutality against demonstrators, and other outrages of the PPD. (People here are angry too... I'm angry!) This is obviously the basis upon which to further build the movement against this. And, I don't think it primarily involves speaking in community meetings (which is part of it), but in going directly to the masses with leaflets and in other ways, and having your own meetings at some point. (I have to be vague about the latter because I don't know the conditions and how they're developing.) If you want to write more to me about this, please do.


This has been long, and we're in the middle of a campaign up here, but I've taken the time to write it because you don't help friends by remaining silent when you think they're in error, and I think your comment is off base. The comment I made was important, and others on the thread said much the same thing as I did because the issues are important... in both Seattle and Portland.