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WCW March route was diverted by masked group.

Tv news crews were waiting at City Hall for a march that never arrived. Jefferson's rules of impeachment would have been given mainstrea news coverage.
The march was planned to include a major protest at Portland City Hall. There has been an impeachment resolution before Portland City Council since May. Mainstream TV news coverage was waiting at City Hall.

The march was diverted from its route by a group of about 50 protestors wearing masks. The City Hall demonstration and news coverage did not take place because of the actions of the people wearing masks.
Okay... 08.Oct.2006 10:10


Then a better job needs to be done in a whole lot of areas.
1. Communication.
2. Buy in.
3. etc.

My personal opinion is nature took its course and will also do so. The "Masked" need to be incorporated into the movement.
I saw and heard many disparaging comments about their dress, piercings, smell,ideology, immaturity, etc. Would you feel a part of the movement if that was communicated to you?
They didn't throwing anything, break or burn anything, spray paint anything, spit on anyone or even leave any litter.
If you want to gain maximum bang for your buck,you better embrace the future (kids).

I'm a grey hair professional from out of town and the kids are the ones who had the heart. I followed and supported them.

I think they comfortable Liberals, old farts, etc. need to rethink.

Oh. didn't know. 08.Oct.2006 10:31

masked woman

I didn't realize you were planning on mainstream news coverage at city hall. GASP! You're right. I'm sure the war would be over right now if we had all just let you talk to the corporate media.

(And Slim, your thoughts are very much appreciated. I should tell you, though, that some of us wearing the masks are not kids. Some of us even have gray hair.) :-)

masked woman 08.Oct.2006 11:24


it always gives me a laugh when masked protesters are automatically labeled "youth" as if it were a new fashion trend - haven't any of you seen the second hand 70's stores?

I stand Corrected 08.Oct.2006 13:07


Masked Woman,
I stand corrected.
In my enthusiastic support of your passionate and idealistic hearts, you caught me making general assumptions too. Shame on me:-)

Slim's comments deserve emphasis 08.Oct.2006 13:30

Kilgore Trout

My wife and I are also gray-hairs who were among the break-away group. If Russ had been there, he would have known that it was far more diverse a group than he believes, including an especially courageous man in a wheelchair who continued to occupy the street in the face of frightening intimidation. I didn't wear a mask, but I appreciate the reasons behind them.

It should be clear that, even if we were to sweep Bush from power, the strategy of replacing him with other authoritarians, whether from the democratic party or from the WCW hierarchy, is deeply flawed.

nothing wrong with breakaways on principle 08.Oct.2006 14:52

Jed Brandt jedbrandt@gmail.com

I am a volunteer with World Can't Wait, and speaking here my opinions are my own.

Honest militants in the movement should never be attacked. Honest organizers in the movement should never be attacked.

Criticism and self-criticism, and an open mind, go real far in discussions that we all leave from as better people.

I don't know the details of what happened with this breakaway march. I know I've led my share of break-aways in the past and there's nothing wrong with them on principle. Sometimes militants need to separate from a larger crowd that has not agreed to escalate an entire event.

Direct actions tend to work much better on the convergence model than from a simple march. That's been my experience anyway.

On the East Coast we've used terms like "green zone" for where direct actions happen geographically, "yellow zone" for where they can happen but could overlap with people who aren't a part of them and "green zones" for those who can't risk arrest or don't agree with the range of direct action planned. Diversity of tactics doesn't mean everybody has to do everything all at once. If a protest has an agreed range of behavior, I tend to respect those choices. If I disagree, I either get more inolved to help shape the consensus -- or start new groups that initiate their own events.

No matter what, I just hope people mostly communicate face-to-face to avoid the inevitable misunderstanding (and anonymous provocations) of online chatter.

Good luck, pdx.

What Slim Said 08.Oct.2006 16:58

Nother Silverback

I liked what Slim had to say. I shudder that the "main" stream media was unable to follow the action, and therefore failed to understand what it was about. Like, that's new. Heavens to Murgatroid! Nobody heard our proclamation? That has NEVER happened before. Repeat after me: What the "main" stream media doesn't report will never compete with Jennifer whatever's latest butt throb. Get over depending on them to validate your naive presence, and we will all be able to call attention to the real issues.

I want an answer! 08.Oct.2006 17:21


I am getting more than tired of reading Russ' piece all over the internet, numerous times. I have posed the question: if only 50 people went their own way what kept him and cohorts ( per the record more than 1000 people) from going after their plan at City Hall? Since I know who Russ is, and he was not with us, he was not diverted. So where was he? It does not make any sense that our direct action interfered with his plans!! Why not go on without us?
WHY HAS HE NOT ANSWERED ME?? One can only guess....

divide and concore 08.Oct.2006 21:29


"I'm a grey hair professional from out of town and the kids are the ones who had the heart. I followed and supported them." -slim

i was also one with heart and i dont know what a kid is but i was there supporting evreything i could
if im in my 30s can i still be a kid?

i like to feal like a kid

infighting doesnt help unless we learn from it

lets learn from this and create common cause

thank you to everyone who stands up in front of the face of the powers that be

Masked up 09.Oct.2006 15:32


I'm a mom in my 30s. I was there, I wore a mask. If you don't understand why people would wear masks, and if you assume all of them must just be high school kids, then you don't understand the world and you don't understand the streets of this city. This is not a game. It might seem like a "parade" to you, but they're serious. The police state is serious. They take pictures of you and keep files on you, and if you don't believe me check out the video that indymedia did called "eye of the storm." They harass and intimidate people who dissent from this. They even kill people. Fred Hampton tried to warn people about this. If you don't know his story, look it up. (And where have you been.)

And if you think "the mainstream" supports the lame, liberal idea of just walking in a circle with police permission, then you don't know Cascadia.