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Many in U.S. Believe Decline in Gas Prices is Product of Pre-Election Manipulation Interv

..Pre-Election Manipulation~Interview with Greg Palast, BBC-TV investigative journalist, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris
Many in U.S. Believe Decline in Gas Prices is Product of Pre-Election Manipulation

Interview with Greg Palast, BBC-TV investigative journalist, conducted by Scott Harris

Public opinion polls reveal that Americans rank the Iraq War and terrorism as the most important issues facing the nation as the midterm congressional election nears. But the U.S. economy often trumps other concerns, rewarding incumbents when jobs and wages rise, and punishing those in power when the economy stagnates or declines.

After record high gasoline prices earlier this year, Republicans hope a recent drop in the cost of fuel will diminish voter anger on at least one extremely negative issue for the GOP, who are campaigning to maintain control of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate this November. The average price for a gallon of gas around the U.S. is now about $2.35, down from $3 or more this summer.

Energy analysts attribute the sharp decline in gas prices to the current oversupply and decreased end of the summer demand. But a recent poll found that many Americans believe that politics and the coming election has played a crucial role in the fall of gas prices. A Gallup poll, released the last week of September found that 42 percent of Americans surveyed agreed with the statement that the Bush administration "deliberately manipulated the price of gasoline so that it would decrease before this fall's elections." Fifty-three percent of those surveyed did not believe the premise; 5 percent said they had no opinion. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Greg Palast, BBC-TV investigative reporter and author of the new book, "Armed Madhouse." Palast lays out the facts which he says supports the belief that politics is playing an essential role in declining gasoline prices in advance of the November election.

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Even if it were free 07.Oct.2006 09:25


If they gave gasoline away,
it would be too late for the neocons now. lol

having seen the same kinds of comments.... 07.Oct.2006 10:34

this thing here

... about gas prices being manipulated for the election on corpo media - uttered by regular folks no less -i am pleased to see that my fellow americans are engaging in some very healthy skepticism. now if only they would take it bit further and apply it to other issues - the mess in iraq, electronic voting, global warming...

the president of the united ststes of america calls the leader of saudi arabia. and after some chit chat, the president tells the saudi leader to open up the pipes. c'mon c'mon already, let's get some more product on the market, move the prices down, the president whines. and, because the saudi leader would not be a billionaire and would be out of job (and eventually beheaded) if it weren't for the president of america, he smiles to himself and calls the right people who turn up the dials just enough....

(or, maybe it has nothing to do with supply and demand. maybe it's just that all the goddamn speculators have made their killing, and now they want to enjoy their billions, so they start turning their dials down just enough and go on vacation...)

no. this is not a ridiculous, paranoid version of events. this is how bastards running a broken system behave.

gas prices 08.Oct.2006 11:34

about two things

yes, there are elections this year and gas prices will not be high during them, but this is an annual event. bleed the public with high gas prices from late spring until fall - the time when they do the most travelling. then, as the nation cruises towards winter and the holidays, lower the gas prices so the retail industry can make its 4th quarter profits - the highest profit quarter of the year for them. it's been going on for decades. oops - maybe a third - cause after Xmas, the population is hit with high home heating costs

just think of it as a big pie and everyone gets a piece except for the people. they do have a choice in this however, they could CHOOSE to consume less, but then there wouldn't be anything to grumble about

the moral of the story is - keep pumping and shop till you drop, then sit robotically at home so you don't build up any body heat and switch that thermostat to HIGH