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How are you taking care of yourself?

How are the terrorized, traumatized, and injured doing/feeling and what are you thinking/doing to recover, heal, and go forth stronger with the lessons and blessin's?
My heart goes out to all of you who have suffered so much, regardless of the injuries or trauma. How are you taking care of your bodies that were beaten, chemical burned, electrically burned and shocked, battered, etc.? Are you keeping your wounds clean? And not risking wounds in baths or pools? Have you taken your tetnus shot recently? Are you keeping the infection out of the puncture wounds, abrasions, burns, etc.? Are you keeping the broken bones and injured joints immobilized and elevated, and keeping the swelling down with ice? Are you breathing deeply clean, safe air? Are you eating and resting healthily? Are you resting? More importantly, are you taking care of your mind and spirit, being gentle and kind to yourself, nurturing yourself with healing thoughts and actions and supportive relationships-- NOT fear, anger, bitterness, despair, revenege, cynicism? Are you connected with support groups for victims of police brutality, taser torture, etc.? Are you getting the facts to understand more and better process what happened and what you can do about it? Are you getting the compassionate hugs (if they don't hurt), loving touch, listening support, communion and affirmation that you need? Are you getting the thanks and appreciation you deserve for your integrity to good values, your caring awareness, moral and physical courage, creativity, persistence, patience? Are you putting into a healing perspective the long, hard, difficult work before us to bring our country to democracy and justice? Please know that it IS possible and do-able, and we MUST continue our work. Please know I'm proud of you and grateful for you. I respect and admire your many fine qualities and right motives and energy.

How is the tall, thin white man at the corner of SW Jefferson and 13th doing who was trying so hard to prevent violence, but was beaten? How is the stockier white man who pulled a disabled woman out of the way of electric weapons painfully immobilizing her? Do you know how dearly precious and thanked you are, and prayed for, for courageously putting your own life in danger to help a stranger? How is the girl with the chemical burns who was shaking so violently without support or allowed safe sitting or lying down to treat for shock and prevent a fall, surrounded by fire department paramedics who did not treat her properly in the sense of first aid or human decency? How are you all doing with overcoming the post-traumatic stress and dissolution/betrayal by our public servants and emergency responders who did not prevent criminal attacks on peaceful, law-abiding pedestrians on the sidewalk and did not rescue or render aid to those being attacked and injured? What messages of encouragement and courage are you telling yourselves? What visions of peace and justice, compassion and mercy and joy? How are you helping yourselves heal by practicing forgiveness and grace while wisely developing an action plan to counter the fascism and cynicism? Have you given your stories and photos/videos to the NW Constitutional Law Center or ACLU or Cop Watch, etc.? How are you finding your fellowship and joy? Please know you are dearly thanked, appreciated, respected, and cherished. Thank you for your sacrifices and hope.
were tazers used? 07.Oct.2006 12:54

electrical burns?

what are you talking about with the electrical burns? Are you overstating the injuries a little?