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Zebra 3 Report

A day of Activism
Joe Anybody goes to a protest
Nazi Style March By Police For 2 Blocks
Nazi Style March By Police For 2 Blocks
I spent a good amount of effort and energy on Oct 5
Doing my share and trying as much as I could to within my limits to....

"Protest this Terrible President and This Illegal War"
This 5 min article describes my day of Activism...Check it out at the:

**********  link to zebra3report.tripod.com **********

Thank you to all that participated across the spectrum of "Being Active"
I personally would shake everyones hand because I do appreciate what you all are doing
Keep it up

Fight The Good Fight!

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

WCW 08.Oct.2006 21:30

Front Lines

here is some more photos I was sent by a good friend