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Theresa's off the hook

No hoary punishment....
The real story here is the strength that has been lent to my heart by the dozens of persons who showed up at the trial and sentencing. For bawling out the "parking vigilantes," I have been sentenced to forty hours' community service, and commanded to write an apology letter. I feel much "off the hook" and very lucky.

I want to thank everone who showed up--and Grace, who made a dinner and delivered it to my house, and Carla, who donated a twenty even though no one asked her to; and Catherine and Dan, who actively did "court support." This escapade has opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many brave, courageous and compassionate people even in my little eddy of the Movement. America the Beautiful came to my aid, at once and without question; it gives me hope that we can defeat Bushistan.

Thanks again so much
Theresa "Big Mouth" Mitchell
That is Great News 06.Oct.2006 18:55



oh I am still upset will Holman's 06.Oct.2006 19:04

and I can hold a GRUDGE.

yup, I am going to remember this for a mighty long time. I am half tempted to givem a piece of my mind every time I see them for the next ten years.

private party? 06.Oct.2006 23:45

Joe A

what is this all about ...?

sorry Joe A 07.Oct.2006 08:13

theresa m

This is the tail-end of a story about an incident in which an uppity queer mouthed off at a couple of militant business owners; the situation was aggravated when she claimed 4th amendment rights at her house; an arrest and trial ensued. Now it's over.

What business? 07.Oct.2006 09:49


Tell us who to boycott!

Boycott HOLMANS 07.Oct.2006 10:36


Alot of hipsters or late night bar hoppers eat there. I want to start a boycott for sure..

Holman's has seen the last of my money 08.Oct.2006 20:07


and i'm a drinker. many a ship's gone down without my beer$.

fucking fat-ass flagwavers.

I called KMHD about a week ago 10.Oct.2006 10:58


I called KMHD (if I have this right, it is a jazz station that does a show out of holman's). They called me back last week. I explained that there was a group of people from the gay, lesbian, and trans community very upset about what happened. They were very responsive, and told me that it might be time for them to move their show!!! It was the station manager I talked too, and he was going to make a round of calls.. I thought this was going to fall on deaf ears but it did not. The station manager sounded like this was enough to get them to move.. he said that their were other issues as well, but that he thought it was time to go..

Wanna know more 10.Oct.2006 11:10


I wish I knew what all this is about
I feel like I am from out of town

Maybe someone can post a link to more info or background on this issue?

hey I found more info! 10.Oct.2006 13:36


I see the links up on the front page to this article

Picket Holmans 24.Oct.2006 07:48

Debra J . Martin debbiejmartin77@yahoo.com

Why don`t we all get together and picket this establshment. Make noise! We`re here, We`re queer!-D.E.B.S.