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THIS JUST IN! : "Bully for the bullhorn!" HURRAY! (SAXTON pro-hatred rally Mon Oct 9th)

Opportunity to make some noticeable noise in public re Saxton's out-of-state moneybags, his Rudy Guilani dog and pony show, and his program of support for theocratic police-state plutocracy
more, though mild, on theocratic police-state sleaze
 link to www.pbs.org
"Rudy Giuliani is coming to Portland to rally support for Ron!" ...YUCCH!!!
Slimy Saxton suckers with sweet-talking speakers from out-of state
Slimy Saxton suckers with sweet-talking speakers from out-of state
Re: THIS JUST IN! : "Bully for the bullhorn!" HURRAY!

alex's bullhorning from World Can't wait (Lo-Fi) available at
( http://portland.indymedia.org/media/media/2006/10/347070.mp3)
also from High Noon Rally
( http://portland.indymedia.org/media/media/2006/10/347069.mp3)

--- In  pdx911truth@yahoogroups.com, "Alex Ansary" <alex_ansary@...> wrote:
> i Have recently discovered that Ron Saxon is holding a 250dollar a
> fundraiser and 2500 dollar a person photo op this Monday, October
9th at
> the Portland Art Museum. Learn more here  http://www.votesaxton.com/
> Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Guiliani will also be in
attendence. In
> the race for Governor, Saxton is closing the gap. This will take
place at
> noon. If you want to deceptivly learn more about the event and who
else will
> be there, you can email info@... I am considering bullhorning
> at this event.
> You may find me doing the same tomorrow, noon, at the south park blocks.
> alex ansary
> outside the box
>  http://www.alexansary.com

homepage: homepage: http://pdx911truth.blogspot.com/
phone: phone: 503 287 3473
address: address: ACTIVISM gatherings at [new] Laughing Horse 7pm every Wednesday

things are heated organize jail support 06.Oct.2006 15:33


email the PLDN if you want jail support  pldn@lists.riseup.net

i know you know 06.Oct.2006 21:12

BC (behaved conformist)

not to be scary
but just so ya know
the Secret S is gonna be milling around

Immoral is Immoral 07.Oct.2006 14:18


Ask the people going in if they support Giuliani's philandering, good Christians that they are...

Lunchie-poo 09.Oct.2006 10:28


1119 sw Park old Masonic Temple Port Art Mus - Mark Bldg 12:30 - 2:30

now 09.Oct.2006 12:43


its going right now

7 eleven ... official fable : don't buy it 1 10.Oct.2006 13:26

southland corporation