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Where any Independent video footage???

Where is Indymedia footage or regular peoples footage???
Corporate media is only showing one side of the story. They just show the points when the police went out of control with violence directed violence. Then say that it was us being violent, as reason for rubber bullets and clubs. The people where on the sidewalk in a non-violent manner when the police started shooting at people on the sidewalk and snatching people they preceived as agitators. I would like to see video posted of all the people on the sidewalk and out of nowhere the police shooting into the crowded sidewalk.

If the City and the people truly do support non-violence protest then they need to do something besides pointing fingers. We need full on solidarity, because if it was you...I would stand by you and blaming the victims of police violence is not productive. We need the real story to get out. In short, We where attacked for not being coralled by the police like cattle. We wanted to end the protest on our terms, not co-opted into some route deamed by the police to listen to more speeches. We demand the freedoms our fore-fathers spoke of without the police trying to impose there authority at every turn. We do not need an escort.

I heard nothing about taking the Highway, we just wanted to get away from the police escort!

I'm tired of being non-violent and watching the police being over the top violent towards us then waiting months for any independent video footage from getting shown. it's too late then. WE NEED THAT FOOTAGE POSTED NOW!!!! for everyone to see the truth.

Especially the officer who wrecked on his bike then got super-aggressive to prove his manhood I guess. He looked like a rabid dog afterwards pacing around the intersection with a raised night stick looking to kill somebody, then he got a big gun. Pretty sure he was one of the guys that started shooting rubber bullets.

Answer 06.Oct.2006 13:59

videoista #24313

Yes, we need to see the real story for sure. That's why it's so great to see so many people out there with cameras in their hands. The pdx indy video collective shot and is gathering quite a bit of footage of what really happened yesterday. Anyone else who would like to share their footage, please contact us at  videoresistance@riseup.net. Also, please let us know whether you would like us to share that footage with the legal support team, as they need all the video they can get in order to defend those arrested and seek accountability for those who were assaulted by police.

As for when you might expect to see the results, hey, we're human. Video work takes a lot of time and effort. We have many projects going on all the time. Please respect that, and have some patience with us. Of course, if you would like to see things get done sooner, you could always either volunteer with the collective, or else put up your own footage. :-)

Video of HIGH NOON Rally 06.Oct.2006 14:11

pdx911truth bloke http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pdx911truth/

I know that Ginny Ross of pdx911truth alliance and BlogForOregon.com made video of significant portions of noon rally

We expect that video (with video editing support from Steve Keller of Impeach Bush) to be available on pdx911truth.blogspot.com shortly

503 287 3473
ACTIVISM meeting 7pm every Wed at [new] Laughing Horse

Subpoena Evidence From Mainstream 07.Oct.2006 02:14

Joe A.

This is an interesting link to what CH 8 has on their website in the video section
~ it is a live footage video link titled "Arrests made after Anti-Bush protest in downtown Portland" (10-7-06)
 link to www.kgw.com
If you can see this film (link still works) you can see police kick girl sitting down and cops shoving man to wall
I have enclosed a cam photo I took of this video from CH 8 right when the Portland Police kick the girl sitting down.


And this CH 6 KOIN link has two videos which looking at closely tells allot
..and their attitude at CH 6 does too. (10-7-06)
(1) Anti-Bush Protesters Face Criminal Charges
(2) Anti- President Bush Protest Turns Ugly

What a biased news story from CH 6 ...IN FACT IT WAS RATHER CRASS:
(note to self....write CH 6 a note about their shitty comments are un-called-for)


KATU CH 2 has their version (how quaint)


what gets me is there is mass good footage (I think) that is not being shown
I bet it shows allot...the uncut version that is
By this morning it will be falling off the indexes on these news sites
The footage from over head should be used in helping prove Police used unnecessary Violence
Furthermore there needs to be a law that prevents the Police from hurting Peaceful people

Video Desperately Needed! 09.Oct.2006 12:35

stu sugarman quixote516@yahoo.com

Please Please Please do not take the crim defense effort for granted! When people are arrested, they will soon face trial in criminal court. They need video to defend their freedom! Please call or email if you have video -- The criminal defendants need your help!

stu sugarman

838 SW First, Ste, 500