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OTB's Full Coverage of World Cant Wait

The video link will take you to the LIVE television program that was taped last night that covered the protest and compared the Local Affiliates reports with my own. We also discuss the legislation that passed recently. To see more programs from the same author, visit the website.
I would like to thank everyone who showed up on October 5th in downtown Portland. For those of you who I just met, I am not a Democrat or Republican, Im just a guy with a voice like you, who has dedicated his life to this cause. This protest was almost entirely peaceful, however as you can see from other posts and reports, this changed with the group separated from one to two groups, with the second group headed for I 405 with the intention of shutting it down. This is when most all of the violence occurred on the corner of 12th and Jefferson.

In the madness of trying to keep an eye on the kids and what the police were doing to them, I lost track of my camera person, who put me into a panic, because I was there when the horses moved in and had to leap out of the way. The police were forced people onto the sidewalk and boxing the younger protestors in. The reason given for this was that the protest was not going to be permitted to move onto the freeways. As for my own view on the situation, my reason for attending was to provide information, network, meet new friends, and be a part of something positive in a world filled with darkness. I do not see what happened at 12th and Jefferson as being the only thing to talk about, as horrific as it is.

Look at my website, its full of bad news. I got a wake up call recently that its time to find the good that does exist from public dissent and maximize our strengths because this is an exciting, even though frightening time to be alive. I give a lot of credit to some of the organizers and I seek unity with all in attendance. Someone criticized me for moving on when some young protestors wanted to force a sit down at Broadway and Washington. I was not aware people were getting hurt, if I did, I would have done something. What I saw, was one group of protestors, blocking the way up Broadway, which was our destination. The Oregonian Headquarters, where we bull horned later.

I believe we hang together or hang separately and I respect your right to protest in your own unique way, but if I am already engaged in something positive, why am I going to change that by starting something with the Portland Police?

I stopped posted on this website for a reason. I found that there is so much anger towards different views, especially those that post about 911. Well it was 911 that woke me up and I was proud to see so many 911 and so much unity. Yesterday the passion I saw and was a part of became on the best days of my life. And in a world where I get to watch my fathers country demolished (Afghanistan), I am not longer ashamed to say I give a fuck, this is who I am, and I'm sorry that doesn't resonate with you.

What I am learning, it that's its ok to criticize as long as we are aiming to help each other, instead of war with each other. Thanks to the Oregonian for posting this picture in Fridays Metro Edition. The following is a description of my live TV show that followed the event later that night. PS...I will be protesting the GOP fundraised Monday at 12 30 pm at Portland Art Museum. Rudy Guiliani will be there supporting Ron Saxton and his push to make Oregon the first state to issue the National ID card.

"Last week America changed. On October 5th, 2006 I joined the Portland Branch of World Can't Wait. This is my report of both the local protest, and the recently passed legislation pertaining to Habeus Corpus, Warrantless Wiretapping, and the bill that allows the strip searching of students in public school. The footage of the protest that my camera person shot begins 43 minutes into the program."

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Great Job ! 06.Oct.2006 15:36


I have to say it was an inspirational day of peaceful protest, and with the last week of bills being passed, I am so proud to know my community has a strong spirit, and believes in this country and our constitutional freedoms. We are the patriots. We are also the media, so everyone out there, I encourage you to become a media source, start a web page, get on access tv, print flyers, give out dvd's, get a sign and go to the public, educate and get to know your neighbors, and above all else do not remain silent. Silence is compliance, silence is complacency. Speak, do not hide!

Thanks, for all you do Alex. 07.Oct.2006 15:44


You're a good guy and you genuinely care. Your light shines bright. . .in these dark times in which we find ourselves. You really are making a "positive difference" in a big way, and have no idea how much you've helped me. I really do enjoy your show, thanks for all the inspiration. Most importantly though, thank you for giving me 'hope'.

~ Peace and God Bless

"Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

9/11 Truth = Revolution for Evolution's sake  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/02/333328.shtml
FREE YOUR MIND and Create a Paradigm Shift in Consciousness
FREE YOUR MIND and Create a Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

Yes...Livin in the Twilight Zone. 07.Oct.2006 17:55

Michelle Basart Fairview, Oregon pytlovemjj@aol.com

thank you so much Alex for documenting our WCW Drive out the Bush Regine Mass protest and march.
I enjoy our stance at the Oregonian.
Media and Press to blame for the truth not out to the American public.
So now it is up to us to educate the masses.
Thank you.
God Bless U.
I especially liked the song from the 80's at the end.
I have felt like I'm in the Twilight zone for a long time now but especially lately
with the realization that our very Constitution has been taken away from us.
Love U and keep on telling the TRUTH!
Michelle Basart
Fairview/Troutdale/Wood Village/Gresham area.