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advice for Videographers
Fuck I wish i was there, I have some advice for anyone who shot video at the riot.

Back your tapes up, dub a copy for yourself.

Search out legal defense and civil suit cases and give them all of your unedited footage. (lawyers like VHS so just hook the camera up to a VCR and record from beginning to end.)

Donate video to Indymedia

Indymedia/Directors, when releasing short clips such as this one  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA8fD6YvyJk
of a woman being assaulted in Pittsburgh, on the internet, put the indymedia.org or another strategic title onto the film. I made the mistake of not putting the title on and nine million views later i'm kicking myself daily.

Show the video publicly and often.

and if your interested and you have good stuff we have some editors who may be able to help get it out in a short documentary. www.mentalrev.com
yes! 06.Oct.2006 09:21

a thousand eyes videoresistance@riseup.net

If you have video from this event that you would like to share with the pdx indy video collective, please contact  videoresistance@riseup.net.

PS 06.Oct.2006 09:24

a thousand eyes

If you do want to share your footage with us, please also let us know if you would like the footage to go to legal support to help the victims of police violence. If so, we will happily dub copies for them as well.

Viva la underground.