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PLDN update - Last person out of jail

The final arrestee has been released
Just a reminder that if you have relevant information regarding people being arrested or injured, the best thing to do is immediately write down every detail you can remember about what you saw, number of cops involved in the incident, were they wearing badges, how many protestors, identifying details about the individuals injured or arrested, time of day, location, anything could be valuable in a court case. please write down everything.

please send us an email to  pldn@lists.riseup.net. include your phone if possible.

portland legal defense network
yes! 06.Oct.2006 00:46

thanks PLDN!!

once again the pldn steps up and kicks some ass for the people in the streets...

thanks also to those very same "people in the streets"!!!

Thanks to legal team! 06.Oct.2006 23:38

terry allen

Thanks for going to work to get the "Front Line" of the fight released.
They are truely inspiring people.