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Portland's Finest: Sgt. Davis is a Liar

Tonight at the Justice Center jail, Sgt. Davis got steamed when a disagreement erupted between a KOIN 6 camerawoman and some folks who were waiting for their comrades to be released. The camerawoman seemed to ignore several polite attempts to explain that people did not want to be filmed. She repeatedly claimed she had a right to film whoever she wanted while she continued to set up her camera within four feet of the people seated on the sidewalk and stairs.

When someone put their hand on the camera lens, the camerawoman called 911, while standing within 10 steps of the front door of the police station. A dozen cops came rushing out of the building with pepper spray and a beanbag shotgun.

Sgt. Davis came out for a few minutes, clearly the ranking officer in charge of the scene. He kept asking the people gathered why they were waiting on the street for their 'criminal' friends inside. He ridiculed a legal worker from the Portland Legal Defense Network for being present to defend the rights of the victims inside the jail. He equated people waiting on the street outside the jail to people entering his home uninvited. He literally asked, "How would you feel if I came to your house and walked in your front door without your permission?" I'm still trying to figure out how one can equate his workplace, or more accurately the front sidewalk of a public building, with a private citizen's home.

For a parting shot, Sgt. Davis went back inside the jail and returned a few minutes later to loudly inform us that all 10 of the people arrested were going to be booked into custody pending arraignment on Friday. He insisted that we would be wasting our time to wait outside the jail until Friday afternoon. "It's going to rain," he said. "I hope you all don't mind getting wet", then disappeared with his buddies back inside the building.

Someone from the Portland Legal Defense Network called the Jail Recog number to ask if this was true. He was told that the Recog office is a function of the courts, not the police, and that each of the 10 arrestees were scheduled to be released in a couple of hours. Sure enough, a couple of hours later, at least 9 of the 10 have been released into the waiting arms of their comrades, who had food, water, smokes (if desired), cell phones, rides home, and the number of legal counsel for followup.

Sgt. Davis is a bald-faced, petty liar and a shame upon the city of Portland. To realize that he is in the ranking authority among the cops on the scene is enough to make one cringe. What an embarassment.
Knuckles 08.Oct.2006 16:11


Sgt Davis is fondly referred to as "Knuckles" by his pig comrades. It should be pretty easy to guess how he earned that nickname. To hear that he is a liar is not surprising. A couple of years ago he was videotaped abusing a prisoner on I-84 and PPB let him get away with that one. He is their shining example of what a good Sgt is all about.