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Oregonian Coverage

I have started a discussion thread on this topic on the "oregonlive.com", Oregonian website. Feel free to join in.
My discussion thread was in response to the following Oregonian article with respect to the WCW demonstration today:

Downtown Portland protest ends peacefully

Downtown Portland traffic stopped off and on from about 2 to 3:40 p.m. Thursday as the "World Can't Wait" protest paraded from Southwest Third Avenue and Washington Street to Southwest 12th Avenue and Jefferson Street.

The event protesting President Bush and the Iraq war was one of more than 200 scheduled nationwide, aiming to close schools and workplaces, according to the World Can't Wait Web site. Fewer than 400 people marched in the loud but orderly Portland protest, which paused in front of The Oregonian building.

The Portland Police Bureau reported 10 arrests on disorderly conduct charges, one beanbag round fired at 12th and Jefferson, and no injuries.

 link to www.blogs.oregonlive.com

For my critique of this article, please check out:

why don't you post your critique here? 05.Oct.2006 23:49


Instead of feeding the Oregonian's profits? (not to mention those of us who won't support them by visiting their site)

I Am Hoping That Others Will Participate 06.Oct.2006 00:03


But here you go:

Hundreds of people took to the streets in Portland today to participate in the "World Can't Wait/Drive Out the Bush Regime" demonstration.

While a current Oregonian article mentions that the demonstrators "paused" in front of the Oregonian building, it would be far more accurate to note that the demonstration was present for a good 20 minutes in front of the Oregonian building.

Why the long stop? The demonstrators were there to berate the Oregonian for its miserable news coverage of almost any issue, and to highlight the culpability of alleged news organizations such as the Oregonian in the deaths of nearly 3000 US soldiers, the injuries to 23,000+ more, and the slaughter of a quarter of a million Iraqis, largely as a result of their consistently lazy and inept Corporate aplologist 'newz' coverage.

As another example of lazy and incompetant coverage, the Oregonian article states that 'there were no injuries' and only '1 bean bag round' was fired. That is false.

In fact, three young girls were trampled by a Portland police horse, as one reckless and ill trained officer plowed his animal into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, who were on a public sidewalk.

The Portland police also attacked the group of peaceful and compliant demonstrators with tear agent, and blunt "less-than-lethal" projectiles fired from a large gun, resulting in several injuries.

Of course you wouldn't know that from the Oregonian article, since they don't resemble anything close to a reliable source of news and information.


Generating a few clicks for them is a small price to pay for an opportunity to ridicule these fools, in my opinion.

what is true? 06.Oct.2006 01:43

curious mimes

"Fewer than 400 people"?

So how many people where there? Traditionally the corporate media loses a zero if there is a gathering that is anti-status quo. And often uses words like "fewer" when they are trying to down play. So what is the truth and can pictures prove or disprove the corporate media?

"... one beanbag round fired at 12th and Jefferson, and no injuries"? Is this true? As far as I can read (not being there myself since I am in another country) from people claiming to be there there was a different picture an the use of beanbag guns and billy clubs was far more that what he Oregonian claims.

Maybe its time we have an "OregonanWatch" website just to observe their reporting? Maybe a KATUWatch and a KGWWatch too would be nice. Websites with articles (critics) that can be easily printed out and left in the libraries, cafes and pubs or even wheat pasted on the walls of visable public places like bus stops, bathroom stalls, smoking areas, elevators and the like.

I disagree somewhat 06.Oct.2006 02:00


The trend is to drop zero and use the word "more". So if 10,000 people protest it will be "more than a thousand" and if 100,000 people protest it will be "more than ten thousand". That way they can be technically correct while still misleading people. Otherwise it's usually about half of the actual number, which I suppose is probably better than "more than a hundred".