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PLDN update on those arrested

9 people have been released and one person is still being held. This person is in need of medical care and hasn't received any medical care except for a blood pressure reading and standing on one foot for balance.
The property room is closed at this hour so people are being released without their money, shoelaces and keys. We will make sure people that are locked out have a place to stay. Everyone will be referred to an NLG attorney. We will update this post when this person is released.
Next rally 05.Oct.2006 22:54

A student

Anyone willing to put together a protest for both the brutal murders of James Chasse and Lukus Glenn and the police response at todays protest? We shouldn't let these fucking pigs get away with this... I'm willing to help organize a protest against these fascist pigs, I would like to know if anyone else would like to help.

Ch.8 news 05.Oct.2006 23:11


Ch. 8 News just said that no one was injured. Also said the cops had to stop group of protesters they thought were making a break for Hwy 405. Were afraid they were going to tkae over and disrupt traffic on 405, therefore violence justified. Bleh.

please post on the right article 05.Oct.2006 23:44

indy drone #54321

please post comments on an article that has relevant content. Things about media spin might go better on an article about it. It's not necessary... it's better that people post than not. But, it helps get your voice out better if you group like things.

?? 06.Oct.2006 00:29


Ummm, if you're referring to me, I thought it was relevant that the MSM is reporting that there were no injuries and that cops now had a "justification" for getting violent. Excuse me.

Confirmation 06.Oct.2006 12:18


mh, I can confirm the report of protestors wanting to take Hwy 405. Some bumbass kid kept running around right before everyone left the Oregionian, "Take the highway. We're taking the highway." And everyone followed. Honestly one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard. I'm glad we never made it. The cops would have pulled back the media and then have gone to work on the protesters. And there would have been no escape from the highway.