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October 5th, the pig riot

I have been to many protests, witnessed countless acts of police brutality, but none compare to what I saw today. Bean bag guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and billy clubs; all of them used to attack peaceful protestors. Friends of mine were trampled by horses, beaten by billy clubs, and peppersprayed severely. All in an disgusting display of extreme police brutality. My hands are still shaking and my eye still hurts from pepper spray so I will try to write this as best as I can...
The rally began at 12:00, in Park and Main. Around 18 students in my school (located on 12th and Main) walked out of school to participate in the protest. Prior to the protest some students and I were deeply dissatisfied with World Can't Waits comments about discouraging direct action, and had absolutely no idea what the protest would be like. We arrived at the park blocks seeing a crowd of maybe 500 people listening to speeches. The majority of the population was middle aged liberals, but there were also a good number of students there as well. After a couple speeches, an incredibly inspiring woman gave a speech about the importance of direct action. She questioned world can't wait about their ridiculous statements discouraging direct action. Some world can't wait organizers booed her, which was incredibly disrespectful and rude.

After what seemed like eternity, the march finally began. Almost half the crowd left during the speeches, but more and more people started joining the protest as we were marching. I would guess, but I'm not sure, that there were about 550 people there. As we walked about 6 blocks from the park, people started asking why we were following the police in what looked like a parade. Every single speaker talked about taking action to create change, but yet we were still following oppressive police barriers for our permitted marches. People began becoming confused on where to go, and we walked in a loop all the way down from the park and then back up it. As we took the next turn, it was visible that we were walking down a street that wasn't permitted. The police tried to cut in front of us, but eventually got orders to let us through, this happened two times. The crowd was ecstatic; we had successfully taken the streets, for a short time anyway. The police had lined up on bikes against a street and we stood there for awhile wondering if they would still let us through. I strongly believe they would have, if the liberal peace police didn't try to get all the protestors back on the permitted streets. One man with a megaphone talked about how the government had now given access to schools to strip search students. He also talked about how we should protect the students. Ironically, he said all of this while abandoning students who were at risk of being attacked by police. I screamed for people to protect us, the students, and that change begins now. Many liberals argued with me that civil disobedience is wrong and what the crowd was doing was stupid. I informed them about how MLK had been arrested upwards 20 times for acts of civil disobedience, they didn't really argue past that.

Eventually, the crowd had to give up because the rest of the protest had kept marching on. I was very angry about the lack of solidarity some of those protesters showed. We moved on to the Oregonian building and chanted "FREE THE PRESS". Drummers formed a drum circle on the sidewalk outside the Oregonian building, and the energy of the crowd was immense. One protestor asked the Oregonian staff to please actually write about this protest and other protests in a truthful matter; he didn't really get a response. Security guards were standing right outside the doorway, watching our every move.

Once again, the crowd moved on, and more and more riot police started lining the streets. A police helicopter flew overhead of us consistently throughout the rest of the protest. As we were walking back to Park and Main, protestors started sprinting up Jefferson. The majority of the protest followed, some went back to the park. I sprinted as fast as I could to the front of the protest to see what was going on. Police tried to stop many of us, and I think someone was arrested, when we were running up Jefferson. Bike police had already lined up on 12th and Jefferson, stopping the protest. Police on horses zoomed passed me, bumping into many people. All of a sudden, I started hearing screaming, and saw batons fly up in the air. People were being pepper sprayed at the head of the protest, and police started attacking protestors, doing "snatch and grabs". I saw a friend get tackled by the police twenty feet away from the police lineup. Three police started attacking him and stepping on him while he was on the ground. Shots fired, people were screaming all around me. A friend told me a woman was sitting on the sidewalk while all of this was happening and was intentionally kicked by the police. Police shot rubber bullets at the woman sitting on the ground, but I don't believe they hit her. People were getting trampled by the horses, and more shots fired. Protesters were hyperventilating around me, and I could see three guys in serious pain 30 feet away. I ran to them and found they had been severely pepper sprayed, they were yelling in extreme pain. I mixed one part water one part Maalox and poured it in their eyes and all around their body. Two of them had their entire upper body covered in pepper spray. Pepper spray, from the guy I was giving medical attention to, had gotten on my arm, and some around my eye. We ran out of water, and I sprinted to my school, not 10 feet away. I asked for water and a basic solution safe for the eyes. My principle came out informing me that the school had gone in lockdown. The desk attendant at my school wouldn't even give me water to help the people dosed in pepper spray. That made me incredibly angry. I found out that some of the students that go to my school had been very badly pepper sprayed. Three women, who were doing absolutely nothing, got trampled by the police. As five minutes went by, riot police had filled Jefferson. "This is the Portland police, this is an illegal assembly, if you do not move you will be subject to chemical weapons... blah blah", the Portland pigs announced. Everyone went on the sidewalks, as the police began laughing and pointing their rubber bullet and bean bag guns at us. Cops barricaded the sidewalks with their bikes, giving smirks to all the protestors. Elmore, a cop who has personally told me he was going to beat the shit out of me in a past protest, waved his gun around, laughing while doing so. The corporate media flogged the sidewalks, we yelled at them to tell the fucking truth, I doubt they will.

Everyone seemed to disperse, as the protest came to a close. I was informed that ten people had been arrested. I could hardly walk back to the bus stop I was so shocked and exhausted. After many calls to the NWCRC (Northwest constitutional rights center) I went home, in pain and confused.

If you had a camera and filmed the police brutality that occurred today, PLEASE CONTACT NWCRC and Portland Indymedia, your footage is extremely important to bringing down these fucking pigs. Also, if you were attacked by the police, please call the NWCRC (also jail support) at 503 233 3194.

Additional info 05.Oct.2006 23:30


I left the protest about 10 minutes after we arrived at the Oregonian. While the speeches and drumming continued, I walked up the planned march route. I went past one intersection where the bike police (who were pleasant and friendly during the part of the march I saw) were being told to form two rows (to block off the street). At the intersection one block past them were the "Star Wars Storm Trooper" Police, decked out in riot gear and guns, forming a blockade across that street. Just behind them was a van and four police horses and their riders. It looked to me like the bike police were positioned to keep the march on its planned route and the riot police were in place if the bike police failed or needed backup.

I think the police were expecting trouble because of the earlier detours from the planned route. There were a few young people in the crowd wearing bandanas over their faces who were saying things like "We own the streets" during the march. They seemed to feel that following the planned route was some sort of submittal to power.

The only helicopter I saw hoovering overhead had a Channel 6 logo on it.

I think some people at the march wanted trouble and found it.

BRAVO! 06.Oct.2006 11:31


Thank you students for standing up for your rights. You have the courage and conviction I used to have, and take the pepper spray and abuse for the rest of us. I was behind the police line at 12th and Jefferson yelling with others for the cops to put their damn guns down and put the batons away. We saw you running up Jefferson at the end of the march, shouting "WHAT ABOUT SOLIDARITY" "COME JOIN US". I then watched the cops circle around and go after you. We followed behind and let the cops know people were watching. Too bad we didn't get there sooner!

Over all you did take the steets, you danced and sang under the threat of more police violence! They were hyped up and so ready to bust some heads, telling us on the sidewalk there was "a state of emergency" and stand back stand back. All we had to do was say NO and they stopped pushing us. What bullshit. We kept reminding them that it was just kids out there, no threat, put the guns down, put the batons away. You held strong and they stood down eventually. BRAVO!

Replies 06.Oct.2006 11:57


The cops were expecting trouble from the begnning, who ever wasn't expecting trouble has never been to a protest before, and this one (considering the Bill that just passed) had more potential than the rest to be violent. In addition, what's the point of protesting if a permit is required? There is no "freedom of assembly" if the city and the cops say "no, you can't march."

Info to add to the article above:

On 12th and Jefferson two friends of mine did get soaked with pepper spray (see above) in addition to two minors (both 16), at least one is a classmate with the author of the article. Both girls got hit twice in both eyes, the initial spary and again whenthey were seeking medical help. One of the girls had a heart problem and had inhaled some spray. She was on the ground, screaming for help because she could hardly breath. The Cops laughed, 911 hung up on another friend who called for an ambulance. Mean while, the Pigs made a game out of all the chaos and kept chanting "Get it in her mouth! Get it in her mouth!"

Another thing I would like to add, is: The Oregonian did nothing to cover the march. All that is in the paper is a picture outside thier office and a caption. Fuck the Corporate Media!

Brave Frontline Warriors & All of the Peace Movement 06.Oct.2006 13:07

Ben Waiting

Not everybody is a FRONT LINE WARRIOR
That doesn't mean you need to hate them

but don't look behind you and cuss and yell because not all of can be on the FRONTLINE

Alienate and point at your comrades will destroy the mission
Remember you are .....as we all are ...we are on "a mission"

Do you want to be the video guy in the back row
Or the writer sending reports to the media
the first aid helper
the drum marching noise maker
the lawyer in the court defending
the meeting planner
or in the park handing out leaflets
or up on the FRONTLINE
WE - ARE - ALL - TOGETHER - In - This - Mission

THANK YOU to everybody across the spectrum
You all play a part ...even those that were not there physically are part of this
You reading this are part of this too
Play to win and lets support each other ...because it is really one thing
IT IS ---- "us" against ...."them"
there are many ...many fractions in this movement .....and we want one thing!

Social Justice Television in Seattle is interested in taping your testimony 06.Oct.2006 13:27

Michael socialjusticetv@hotmail.com

Social Justice Television in Seattle is interested in taping your testimony for broadcast. If you were at this protest and have video or first hand knowledge of the events or can put us in touch with people who do please email us @  socialjusticetv@hotmail.com

SJTV is a Public Access TV show which broadcasts every Thursday night 10-11pm on SCAN TV in Seattle. It streams live on the web @  http://www.scantv.org

We are just ordinary people who decided to become the media and give community activists access to mass media. We are dedicated to yours and our rights of free speech and the principle of an independent non corporate media. We cover stories that corporate media can but don't report. If you know of anyone doing anything to in the struggle for Social Justice, we would like to know. Feel free to contact us or visit our blog.


Michael - SJTV

Civil disobedience 06.Oct.2006 13:34


Civil disobedience is an amazing thing when used to bring about a strategic end and make a point, not just for the hell of it. Taking freeways and bridges are really stupid things to do, they get you know where, the cops fuck you up, and you've walked yourself into an enclosed area that you can't get out of.

I'm with the students! 06.Oct.2006 14:01

Stacey staceymullins@verizon.net

I'm a 36 year-old woman who was MUCH more impressed with the people you're age at this protest Thursday than the people MY age! I followed a guy from the World Can't Wait orgainzation who was the MC at the park speeches (don't know his name) as he walked from the park area along the march route toward where the people were gathered to begin the march. I was curious about him because I saw him stop at each intersection where the bike police were and talk to them. I was trying to get close enough to hear what he was saying to them because the eloquent young woman at the park gave a speech that indicated they had sold them out before. I suspected I was witnessing that happening again. I followed this older gentleman for a long time as he moved through the crowd of marchers. He eventually ran into a young man with a medium-brown sweatshirt on who was obviously part of the student group. This young man was trying to communicate with his friends who wanted to break out of this sterile "authorized" protest and get to where the people who weren't in this small box could see what was going on. That's why they make protesters do this small little route, don't want too many honorable citizens to have to be exposed to an excess of democracy while they're busy living their lives. Anyway, the two had a quick conversation in which the older gentelman was trying to ascertain the young man's intentions and/or persuade him from trying to do anything other than this indirect protest march. The young man reassured him thus, and patted him on the back and went the other way, obviously still looking for his comrades to do just that. So I stopped following the older guy and started following the younger guy for several blocks. He kept running into members of his group and getting off the street onto the sidewalk looking for others. I was getting off and on as well and could tell what he was trying to do. While on the sidewalk once, he turned and I was right there behind him and so I asked him if he was trying to get out of the barricades. He could tell this was not going to be a disagreeable conversation and he said "yes, but everytime there's a break in the police line at an intersection, too many of my people are all up ahead too far." I told him I observed the street a block or two back with no police line and he said he saw that too.

We all moved along toward a building that we stopped at and chanted for a while. I lost this young man in the crowd by the time we got there, but went up on the sidewalk to talk to another young man who was discussing with an older guy the strategies regarding the riot police. I asked this young man, pointing to the assembled army a block away, "what the hell do they excpect people to do, for crying out loud?!" He said "they know we want to break away and they just don't want us to interrupt the precious commerce of the good citizens!" We spoke for a few minutes and he thanked me for listening and headed off into the crowd to try to gather up his comrades whom he wasn't sure were going to be with him if he went down toward the police line and got assaulted.

We all moved on from there and headed back to the park blocks, I saw the older WCW organizer guy again and started following him, again speaking to police and getting off the street to walk up along the middle of the park blocks as up ahead, there was a break in the line of the protesters and a large group of mostly students began running up Jefferson. I ran with them because this looked a lot more interesting than the sterile, passive "older liberal" group (as I heard them called in someone's post earlier). As we were all running up Jefferson, bike police were speeding toward us and began using their bikes to force upon us the choice of getting off the street or getting run over by their bikes. As we passed them and they stopped to form a line in the street, we moved back into the street and kept walking up Jefferson. The chant began, "Which streets?... ALL the streets!" And then I saw the young man in the medium brown sweater who I had spoken with earlier, he or someone else added to the chant something about the freeway, which could have given the police the idea that that's where they were headed. However, I later saw a flyer that a student had that was telling students to go to the bridges and hold their signs for the freeway traffic to see, since those good citizens weren't in the sterile box of our march route.

As we moved up the street a few more blocks enough bike police had assembled and the riot police had arrived in order to successfully block the three sides of the intersection at Jefferson and 12th. The riot police began openly attacking the students who were running down the street. They pepper sprayed without warning and began striking and tackling people in the street. I was standing on the corner watching, trying to catch the eye of the bike police right in front of me who refused to meet my gaze when my eyes began burning and I started coughing. I saw the bike police who's backs were to the spray also coughing which they tried to do with as much dignity as possible like because it wasn't for them it wasn't supposed to effect them. I finally had to turn away and began moving down the sidewalk on 12th when 2 mounted police rushed up on the sidewalk. One was evidently not being aggressive enough and his partner was instructing him in how to do this most threateningly. Their horses are evidently trained to do this very intimidating lurching and stomping motion toward people. It's very effective in getting people to move back but the problem is the police had provided us no where to go and we were all trying to move away from the wafting pepper spray. The young man next to me had inhaled an amount of pepper spray which triggered an asthma attack and he went down on his knees for a moment, but was forced to flee the approaching horses and retreat to an alcove at the door of a bar and grill kind of place on the corner a few feet away. As the horses were lurching toward us and stomping at the ground I backed up into someone and stepped on their foot and turned my ankle and fell to the ground. As one horse was no more than 2 feet from me I had no idea whether its rider, who was driving the agression level of this encounter, a) saw me there b) cared that I had fallen in front of him, or c) would perhaps interpret my going down on the ground as sitting in defiance of his orders to move and allow his horse to stomp on my outstretched leg. It was hard to get up quickly under the circumstances because everything I could grab for support to help myself up was moving away from me and the threat of the horses. I was able to stand again and we all josteled around trying to regain our footing and keep from trampling one another. I looked around at the activity beside me in the alcove where the asthma victim was sitting against the wall and a few young people with medical training were attending to him.

I turned and stared at the two mounted police for several minutes. I looked into their eyes intensely. They would not return my gaze. I stared into this man's dark hollow eyes and saw into the cavern of his empty soul. There in his riot uniform and helmet with it's face shield he looked more like a member of the Nazi police than the Portland Police. I was reminded of the book "Animal Farm" where the pigs who had told the animals how bad humans were and what all they could therefore not do because humans did those things. Then after the animals collectively ran the humans off the farm the pigs slowly took over the farm house, began sleeping in beds, wearing clothes and doing all the things the humans did. The other animals peered in the windows one night in amazement as they saw the pigs phyically change form from pigs to humans! I submit to you that that is in fact what I witnessed in part yesterday and what we collectively are witnessing in this country right now!

The commotion in the intersection was still raging at this point and I eventually walked more closely to Jefferson to see what these pigs were doing. Then I heard another round of shots fired and people screaming. When a group of unarmed 20-somethings with peace signs are being beat, sprayed and shot by riot police after the police have provocatively pushed and threatened them, assaulting even the people who obeyed their orders you have indeed witnessed this trasformation of the pigs from Animal Farm. One woman was shot in the chest from 4 feet away by the riot police's beanbag gun. And that was a lady already on the sidewalk they were telling people to get on! I saw an older woman, my age or so, not one of the students, step out and yell at the police an indictment I could not hear from across the street. At that point we all began shouting in unison, "Shame on YOU!" over and over again. I've never been one to engage in crowd behaviors because they always seem silly and contrived, but I could not but shout also. Vehemently screaming "Shame on You!" "Shame on You!

We live in a time when our government steals and rigs elections, systemically eliminates every type of check and balance of their executive power, manipulates every stop-gap measure history has put in place to protect it's citizens from the worst excesses of governmental abuse and subjugation, and is systemically working it's way through the constitution like a rat chewing on the family Bible in the attic. And then one day you go to a peaceful demonstration to speak out against these very things and you see that the Nazi's have stepped out of the pages of your long-discarded history books and are indeed standing in front of you on top of 1,000-pound horses and the rules of engagement you thought applied to these situations were just shattered in the sights and sounds and smells of the last few minutes, you have just been "politically raped"! And you will never be the same.

Same police 06.Oct.2006 14:51

libbie sferren@comcast.net

These are the same police that beat a man to death recently and killed a yeenager. Rosie needs to rein in her bad guys.

Trying to march across a bridge is stupid? 06.Oct.2006 17:44


If that's so, I gues MLK was an idiot.

How are the injured doing? 06.Oct.2006 18:03

Concerned mom

What happened to the young girls pepper sprayed point-blank in the face? How are your burned lungs and eyes? Does your soul burn the better or worse for the suffering? What happened to the young men beaten and kicked by the police? What happened to the people electrocuted or stun-gunned and burned? Are your hearts and brains/nerves working now, and can you use your bodies as you need to, in spite of the burns, bruises, cuts, swelling, pain, potential infections, etc.? What happened to the kids and old folk poisoned, burned, beaten, hit, shot, shocked, etc.? What happened to the heroic men who put their bodies in front of the guns to save the life of a disabled woman being repeatedly shot by police, paralyzed from the electricity and pain? What happened to the tall thin white man near the corner of SW Jefferson and 13 who was so bravely and creatively trying to save lives, prevent violence, keep the peace after he was repeatedly beaten? How you are doing physically and mentally/emotionally and morally/spiritually? Do you have a support group that helps you process the shock, grief, pain, etc. and make sense of it in a way that keeps you free from cynicism and bitterness? Have you found a safe way to document your injuries and stories and pain? Have you found a way to find a creative and constructive, healing way to be stronger and more hopeful from this? Do you have the collaborations you need from video, testimonies, photos, etc.? What are you holding as inspiration and strength to make the best of this and make our world better? Do you need someone to listen to you nights as you cry and question? A hug? Do you know I'm proud of your caring and courage, your sense of integrity to your highest sense of right, of your patriotic defense of our civil and human rights and the human demand to protect strangers from harm? Do you know you are dearly cherished? How are you doing/feeling/thinking? We care.

Bridges and freeways. 06.Oct.2006 19:31


Taking a bridge or freeway is a stupid idea when your party is unprepared for thier own self defence, because the Pigs will come down on you like an anvil and it will hurt. What protection did the protestors have? bandanas and masks. No shields, no helmets, no pads. We would have gotten fucked. We are fighting a different enemy then the own MLK fought. Our police force is more militarized now than ever before. To take a bridge or anyother major transportation venue requires mass planning, organization and dedication, all of which I saw little of on Jefferson and 12th. The most dedicated among us was the man in the wheelchair who sat in front of the cop line while the rest of us hid on the sidewalk. The Bumble Bees and Blue Berries won the pyscological battle and forced us onto the sidewalk, which cannot happen if you wanted to take the freeway.

United We Win 06.Oct.2006 21:24

Terry Allen skeletonstart@earthlink.net

I am a child of the 60's.
I had a lot of passion, drive and fearlessness then.
What I didn't have was a plan for success.
The grey hairs had the experience and knowledge.
They knew enough to support the passion, to help guide it, but to never get in the way of it.
The combination of our skills, talents and passions is why we won the vietnam war.
Thats right, we got our government to stop killing our fellow human beings.
Our side won.
Humanity won.

Please don't fall for the oldest trick in the book...DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
Enemies of peace take seminars in how to divide us...using our money.

Grey hairs...embrace and support the frightening passion of the youth. They are the spearhead.
My young friends...use the grey haired resource of knowledge and experience available to you.


Now my young friend in the green shirt who gave the famous speech on Action In The Park, where are you?
Are you still in jail? You were the brightest and most magnetic star in the universe Thursday. You rallied the crowd like no other speaker.
I hope you are already looking back on Thursday and the lessons learned...and how we can do better next time. And I suspect, you are also looking back and thinking it was just a little bit fun.
Please publish your speech for us (and send me an ecopy as I asked).
We all want to hear your passionate words again.
It has become a historical document and moves me as much as others written by more well known authors.
It is time to take another step.

a few brief clarifications 07.Oct.2006 01:56

henry henryk2687@yahoo.com

i'm writing this in response to the more skeptical comments on this page. i was one of the sprayed at 12 and Jefferson and also one of the bandanaed folk in front of the Oregonian. our intention was not to cause any more trouble with the police (it certainly wasn't mine). our intention WAS, on the other hand, to exercise our rights as citizens to convene where we see fit and make our voices heard in a vehement, but non-violent manner. the "splinter cell" as we were labeled by much of the media, was merely a group of protestors partioned off by the police line and systematically taken down by a riot squad that needed to make an example of someone. before i was sprayed, i saw the crowd behind the line. it numbered far more than fifty. from what i saw, a great deal of the original crowd followed in support. after being isolated from the rest of the group, the 10 or 15 of us beyond the police line understood that there was nothing left to do but to stand our ground as citizens and protestors. when we weren't pushed back fast enough, the police began spraying and batoning.
now, a few things need to be made clear.
1. I, and no one I was with, acted violently upon ANY of the police force. all we did was stand our ground and speak our minds. they had nothing to fear in us, but had to put down the crowd and, at that moment, we represented the crowd. i personally have no problem with the police. they're workers and citizens like the rest of us, but their orders were obviously explicit (as the riot squad had been called) and they acted accordingly. it's unfortunate that their superiors felt that we needed to be treated so harshly.
2. we were looking for no more trouble than the organizers of the march. we simply took it a step further. while they sat down with the city and hashed out permitted areas for assembly, we stepped outside the bounds that the state (which we ALL opposed) allowed us. we refused to be lead by police cars and submit to police demands. peaceful resistance is always the best option, but we no longer live in a nation that listens purely to reason (view the terrorism/torture bill that our 'representatives' just passed). to be heard, we must make certain that we're speaking loud enough. our disregard for the confines of the march is simply in line with our need to reseize our rights.
3. when we yelled "whose streets? our streets!" (the actual chant, as opposed to some other versions of it mentioned above), we were not speaking of our own personal streets. the streets don't belong simply to the 700+ marching, but to every citizen and all citizens. as the police are present to serve and protect the people, we felt that it was our duty to remind them that it was we, the people, who control that streets and should have access to them as we see fit.

i hope that this clears up some questions.

vote, November 7th. without that, what's it all for?

Houston Rebublican Convention '92 07.Oct.2006 10:15

Watching History

If you think this started with Bush 43 you're wrong. In '92 I went to Houston to protest the Rebublican Convention of Bush 41. They used the exact same tatics. Even then there was a "pen" way across the expressway from the Convention that we were allowed to protest in. On one evening of the Convention the same tactics were used. A wall of mounted police charged the crowd and proceeded to use violance on the crowd of protesters. Never mind that they wasn't a chance in hell that they could be seen or heard at the entrance of the convention. No less pose any threat.

I was at the front. 07.Oct.2006 12:57

ben oldham eviltracker1@yahoomail.com

I was following my three friends (We are all from wilson highschool in sw.) my friend trevor was maced in the face because the cops showed up just as he was in the middle of the intersection, he had ski goggles on, when he ran back to the crowed an officer grabed him by the arm and began hitting him on the back. I got in an argument with the officer who hit him and the officer hit me in the face, fortunatly I had a military style helmet on that my friend had given me earlier, the cop hit the helmet because I ducked down. when the pigs on horses were forcing people onto the sidewalks I tried to calm one of the horses down enough that it wouldn't die from overworking it's self, the officer kicked it harder than any rider should ever do and pulled out his mace, I ducked in time so that the mace only hit the back of my head and my shirt, it hurt like a bitch anyways. if you are interested in discussing this furthur (I am trying to set up an anti portland police protest/lawsuit) please contact me at eviltracker1@yahoomail.com

503 866 6434

Lessons to be learned from this 07.Oct.2006 13:32


Things to remember:

Never trust the police to prevent violence at protests. 98% of the time they are the violent ones.
Never trust the liberals to join you. They still think we live in a democracy.
Never trust the organizers of the protest to back you up if anything happens. They only look out for their own.

Things to do:

Always be prepared for police violence. Learn street tactics and defensive moves. Stay with your group and have people that you trust assigned to these tasks: medics with first aid kits, legal observers with video cams, defenders & un-arresters, monitors & lookouts.
Learn counter measures for tear gas and other chemical weapons. For every chemical agent they have there is a fast acting liquid that can counteract the effects. Some of them are easy to get. Vinegar cuts down the effects of tear gas, for example. Do not go into protest pens, they are a trap. Know the area, have escape paths planned. Learn to read police moves and know when to be alert for an attack. Consider wearing body armor, protective vests, eye protection, masks, etc. Have remote viewers outside the protest area that can alert you to police activity via cell phone, txt msg or radio. Know that police can hear cell phones if they want to, so watch what you say and have code words.

Just a few of the many things you can do to protect your self and others from this kind of state terrorism.

to "Stacey" 07.Oct.2006 16:03


> I'm a 36 year-old woman who was MUCH more impressed with the people you're age at this protest Thursday than the people MY age!


Careful there, though. Some of us who were wearing the masks are older than you are.

how to end cop abuse 10.Oct.2006 10:16

an attorney

You all need to sue these cops ASAP. Sue them for:

1. federal civil rights violations.
2. excessive force, violation of 4th amendment
3. punitive damages -- you can take THEIR HOUSES, their kid's colleges funds, their pensions, EVERYTHING;
4. attorneys fees -- this is the incentive for attorney's to take these cases.


These cases often fall apart cuz the arresting officer has no idea who did what. At best, the case will survive if the cops lie but then it's hard to keep their lies straight. Even if you are found guilty, which is unlikely, it will not affect your excessive force case only your false arrest case.

Solidaity 10.Oct.2006 16:56


Much solidarity for your actions so far and the wall you stand before from Europe.

For all my revolutionary, and well-wishers for another world, brothers and sisters across a great ocean. The time you were born into and raised to exist in has placed you in the eye of the fascist hurricane at a time when every single day brings the world one step closer to the rigid structures of total control and the great depression of the monoculture.

You did not choose to be born into the world at this point in time. But you was. So now it is up to you. It really is up to you. YOU who are reading this, to change the course of this world. But you are not alone. Far from it.

There is an entire world behind you with a hand on your shoulder.

Best of luck to you all.
Stay safe.

"Words without action, is words without meaning"

safety first friends 26.Aug.2008 10:46


great job guys in getting out there. I live in SE and the police helicopters (which arrived on the word that blackwater is now training police forces) with armed door men cruised our house for close to 3 hours, until 10:30 at night. they cruised low and loud for way tooo long.

here is some tips for the youngsters:

get yourself some swim goggles : eye protection from pepper spray. it is not the cure all but it helps
get a bandana and always carry a small water bottle.
get a cheap camera or recorder
wear layers
most importantly buy a gun

p.s. im no cry baby liberal
when is the next rally, and this time lets get ready for the confrontation