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PLDN update on the folks arrested today

We have heard from everyone who is in custody (10 people). Everybody has been booked but nobody has been released yet. There is a group of people waiting outside the Justice Center (3rd and Main), to assist folks as they are released. We have food, coffee, water, and cigarettes. There are drivers available to take folks home.
The property room is closed at this hour so people are being released without their money, shoelaces and keys. We will make sure people that are locked out have a place to stay. Everyone will be reffered to an NLG attorney. We will update this post as people are released.

random thoughts from jail 05.Oct.2006 21:09


when koin 6 camerawoman and reporter (kohr harlan) showed up at the jail (because they heard bonnie tinker was arrested), a couple of people at the jail decided they did not want to be filmed. the camerawoman insisted that she could film whatever she wanted. a woman took issue with this and put her hand in front of the camera. the camerawoman called 911 and a bunch of cops, led by sgt. chris davis, came storming out of the building.

one woman asked sgt. davis if her friend inside the jail had received medical attention after being struck in the face with a cop's baton.

sgt davis replied: "we give medical care to people who need medical care." it is interesting to see a person who knows he is lying tell a lie to people who also know he is lying. the only response was laughter, because all of us were familiar with the police murder of james chasse. (see other posts for more on the murder of james chasse.)

i also happened to overhear reporter kohr harlan tell his camerawoman, speaking about the people who stopped her from filming them, "i'm tired of these cocksuckers." very professional, kohr!