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Corporate media harassing and assaulting jail support at the inJustice Center

Channel 8 "reporter" and camera woman harassing people waiting for their friends and comrades at the inJustice Center.
The two of them showed up with the channel 8 logo on his vest and her "news" camera in hand. The very first thing they were told was that no one there was willing to speak with them, and the second thing they were told was that no one there consented to being video taped. The camera woman tried to argue her point, that jail supporters were in a public space and therefor subject to any filming anyone wished to subject them to. She was then informed that a) it is illegal to video tape someone after they have explicitly withdrawn their consent, and b) it is illegal to take video taped footage of ay public space and make a profit from it by putting a copyright on it(which is what the corporate media does every day). The camera woman then attempted to take video footage, against the consent of everone there, and was blocked by one of the other women there. The camera lady pretended to start to walk away but then slung her camera over her should and announced, rather maliciously, that she was going to get footage one way or the other, because she claimed she was perfectly allowed to. Once again, her camera was blocked by someone putting their hand up to the lens when the camera woman from chanel 8 hit The jail supporter in an attempt to get her shot. She assaulted jail supporters multiple times after this, but yet she was the one to call the police and claim "assault" when confronted by a growing group of jail supporters demaning that the "reporters" leave. During this confrontation, the male "reporter" was also heard calling one of the female jail supporters a "cunt", and both "reporters" sunk to such childish levels as to make comments about the odor of the jail supporters. The police came along with their usual bit of posturing and harrasment, but left not too long after. It seems like the cops aren't the only ones taking the liberty to abuse the people they so adamantly claim to serve. All the more reason to never, EVER cooperate with the corporate media.
Another account of corporate news assaulting jail support for a buck 05.Oct.2006 21:19


It was chanel 6 news, but really they are all the same anyway.
Male reporter with jacket identifying news chanel did not ask if I wanted to interview, he just started asking questions about arrestees. I called him a "jackhole" and made it known that I would not share any info. with corporate media. His camera person (who had no id or logo jacket)began to ask questions about one of the arrestees. I informed her that we really didn't have much info. on any of the arrestees yet. Then, she grabbed her camera and began to video us without permission. I informed her that I didn't realize she was with chanel 6 and that she I did not want to be filmed. Other jail supporters politely asked them to leave. We told them that we withdraw our consent to be videoed in public. She spouted some nonsense about "This is Amerika, I can do what I want". She continued to shove the camera in a jail supporters face. The jail supporter put their hand on the lens of the camera to block being filmed. The cameraperson SLAPPED the jail supporter's arm and then called 911 to report the jail supporter for assault! Cops came out of the injustice center claiming, "We're ready for you, come on we're ready for you" very agressively. They then asked over and over again why some choose to mask up. "If you're not committing a crime, why do you have to hide?" Later one cop threatened to bring out their video cameras. Guess we know why some choose to mask up, hmmm?
Eventually, all the cops went back into the center, but before they left, they made sure to remind us that they would not tolerate another incident.

Wrong station? 05.Oct.2006 21:29


I think it was actually KOIN 6 news who started the agression, not channel eight. Not that channel eight probably hasn't had their moments of disrespect towards blocs and jail support, but I don't think they were the culprit this time.

Yup... 05.Oct.2006 21:48


Sorry, I'm an airhead folks. It was indeed channel 6. It's all the same pocketbook in the end though.

it sounds like this was handled poorly on both sides 06.Oct.2006 01:30

been there before

Why not have fun with them and just repeat "the corporate media lies" over and over whenever you are in the frame? What are you so afraid of, anyway.

There have been long discussions about filming rights on Indymedia, as far as I know both a) and b) are incorrect. Where does this info come from? Or was somebody just making those statements hoping to deter the media people?

S 06.Oct.2006 09:45


Great job holding your hands in front of their cameras. This is legal and works. Keep doing it. Everytime the corporate media is trying to film you, hold up your hands in front of the camera. Tell them you will not be a party to their lies. You will not allow yourself to be used for their purposes. It is an ethical position.

Good job people!

I disagree 06.Oct.2006 10:08

I was there

I was there, and I kinda disagree with the above posts. True, the corporate media people were assholes. But the confrontation, in my opinion, was misdirected, silly, and counter-productive. It was misdirected because the crowed was berating a cameraperson for selling out to corporate media. Are you kidding me? The camera people are workers, not news-editors or executives. Second, it was silly and counter-productive because it was a missed opportunity. The media has exposure, and can be manipulated to convey a message. The first defendant that came out said she did not care if the media taped her and voluntarily gave a more extensive interview.

In sum, some of the jail support people started speaking for the activists without speaking TO the arrestees first. In the future, jail support folks should form a plan on how to deal with corporate media, issue the appropriate statements, and protect the arrestees only if they actually want it.

the "just doing my job" defense 06.Oct.2006 10:29


If your job harms people why should you be supported as a worker? People make decisions about their livelihood all the time, so if you're going to choose a path that harms people there is no reason to expect that people won't disrespect that path. But it seems like it was fairly productive, the media were denied access, which benefits people and discourages the corporate media from covering such events. Plus this reporting conveys the biases of the corporate media employees. Sometimes you need to push people to get them to publicly proclaim their positions (such as calling people "cunt" or "cocksucker"). I agree that maybe people could have had more fun with it, but there's always next time.

way to go... 06.Oct.2006 10:51


Where did you guys hear that you can 'withdraw consent' to be filmed in public? As I understand it, when you are in public you dont have a reasonable expectation of privacy from private videocameras. So by trying to play lawyer-ball with the newspeople, you made -yourselves- seem like 'jackholes'. If you cover your face, or remain silent, their video is useless to them anyway.

Before you get all indignant, remember it is this same legal principle which allows us to videotape police actions....

useless video / conveying messages / getting educated 07.Oct.2006 00:42

corporate media lies

>> If you cover your face, or remain silent, their video is useless to them anyway.

That is absolutely not true. Best to block the camera, with hands if necessary or better yet with informative signs. Chanting is good as an addition but obviously it's easy enough to take the sound out. Also, if anyone hasn't watched the videos from the portland video collective documenting how corporate media footage is manipulated you should do so.