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Things I observed today at the protest.

Things that went down today at the protest march.
I work within the animal rights movement, but I give a shit about humans
too, so I was at the protest today. These are some of the things I

1) After some protesters diverged from the prescribed route, some dude
with a bullhorn started berating the ones who chose to march up
Jefferson, yelling stuff like "Is this how you want the nation to
perceive portland?" and "You are seriously fucking up, we are not
here to work against the portland police" This same dude was later
yelling for a cameraman when the shit started coming down. Was this
WCW working to cover their asses? You tell me.

2) We were upfront and rushed by the police, someone was thrown
to the ground near me and shot at least 4 times with that orange
shotgun (beanbags/rubberbullets?) What the hell was that for? Or did
the rounds hit the cement only? because they also did that too. Later I
heard someone (who had been hit in the hip) say it was a older lady who
was shot. I hope if it was, she is OK.

3) The fact that no MSM news clips have sofar been from the ground (only
hazy far off helicopter stuff ) leads me to believe that they didn't
want to seriously document anything.

4) There was a lot less people than the protest in march.

My overall impression was that we have a bunch of brave people in
portland that give a damn. It gives me hope.
we need you as a witness 05.Oct.2006 20:02

portland legal defense network


It could mean alot to the woman who was shot in the leg.

And yes there really are some brave people in portland.

To RRR and all 05.Oct.2006 20:48


I saw and heard that dude with the bullhorn also I don't think he was with WCW but I could be wrong..
He was doing the same thing earlier in the march at what seemed like an attempted breakaway route.

I walked the march with my 5yr old daughter, she was relieved when we arrived at the park or so she thought.
We followed the breakaway until that Safeway store. From here we became observers.
We watched the cops (thugs) pull up in their vans and assemble, a woman on the corner started yelling at them "You don't need to do this they're just kids their not hurting anyone! Please don't do this"

Brave people in Portland yes indeed

i was there. 05.Oct.2006 23:15

trevor. Rockthat40ounce@aim.com

yes an old women was shot with the bean bags. she was doing nothing but sitting on the side walk like everyone else.
as soon as she as shot, another girl as kicked over and almost shot for not moving from the durb. she couldnt move because she was blind from the mase.
i was mased in the face, but luckily had a mask and goggles so it realy only hit my arms(wich hurt for about 3 hours).
my friend was kicked in the back and hit with a sign that the cops pulled from his hands.

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