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World Can't Wait pdx Thu Oct 5th : Lo-Fi audio of High Noon Rally + bullhorn @ _oregonian

main article is to preserve breaking news headlines from this afternoon--including police excesses and arrests

audio of most or rally at south park blocks about noon to 1:30pm

audio of PCM cableTV's Alex Ansary 'Outside The Box' on bullhorn during early march + various people on bullhorns in front of the _oregonians main entrance
High Noon rally 81m48s 20mb 32kbps
High Noon rally 81m48s 20mb 32kbps
bullhorn during march and at front of the_oregonian 6m32s 1.5 mb 32kbps
bullhorn during march and at front of the_oregonian 6m32s 1.5 mb 32kbps
breaking news - October 5
3:26PM PDT: 10 arrests, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and bean bags have been used on the protesters. PLDN requests that witnesses contact them.
3:24PM PDT: Around 12th to 14th street and Jefferson major road block by peaceful protesters Now police have area sealed in a 2 block radius. Report of 3 girls trampled by the police horses on sidewalk at 3:00 on 13 & jefferson.
3:15PM PDT: Reports that police are using rubber bullets. A call has been made for Black Cross support. There have been at least 10 arrests so far.
2:55PM PDT: Reports of people being pepper sprayed, horses stampeding into the group of protesters on the sidewalk.. Reports of an arrest on 12th and Jefferson..
2:37PM PDT: Riot cops, horses, police vans out.. group is stopped north of columbia. Police are saying "sidewalks are closed."
2:14PM PDT: 20 to 30 people sitting down in intersection of Washington and Broadway..
2:03PM PDT: Report that the police are blocking protesters. Horse cops are out. Report that a photographer was struck by a horse at 4th and main. Police baricade set up, not let protesters across max tracks.
1:54PM PDT: Group is marching. Group is heading east on salmon street. About 40 cops and 300 marches. 30 of the 40 cops are on bikes.

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