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Pics of cops that shot into the crowd

Hopefully, someone else has video. The pics were taken right after they shot into the crowd. As you can see, the street they were trying to clear was already clear.
This is the guy that shot the bean bag or dowel thing
This is the guy that shot the bean bag or dowel thing
The cop on the right fired pepper spray balls repeatedly at a woman's back
The cop on the right fired pepper spray balls repeatedly at a woman's back
Everyone arrested and shot at in these two incidents was on the sidewalk.

Marty Rowley? Officer Elmore? 05.Oct.2006 18:46

cops suck

Is that guy who shot the bean bag thing Marty Rowley Badge #8969? And is that other guy who fired the pepper spray balls Officer Elmore? These goons are known for being out of control. Just type in their names here on Portland Indymedia and you will find out how dangerous these assholes are.

excellent pictures troublemaker 05.Oct.2006 18:49

portland legal defense network

These pictures could be really helpful in getting some justice for the people who were hurt. Please email us at  pldn@lists.riseup.net.

more cops who shoot unarmed citizens on the sidewalk 05.Oct.2006 19:12

i saw too

a pepper spray gun? or a rubber bullet gun? What do our tax dollars pay for?
"less lethal" shotgun pointed at crowded sidewalk
how much do these weapons cost?
how much do these weapons cost?

Is there help and support still needed? its now 7 PM 05.Oct.2006 19:15


Post if needed please.

It sounded like it got ugly 05.Oct.2006 19:56

AmyVVV amyvvv@hotmail.com

I followed along all day on the internet and was disappointed with how things went wrong. But in listening to the audio tape of the guy on the bullhorn in another post, it sounds like he was really provoking people to start some shit. Not cool, man.

I was right there 05.Oct.2006 20:01

Ross lizardking944@yahoo.com

I was looking down the barrel of that shotgun. cop with the shotgun pushed a group of us and fired "warning" rounds at our feet. he hit, kicked, checked and shot at a group of people on the fucking sidewalk, where did they fucking want us?.. on the sidewalk. not only was i shot at, i was pepper sprayed ON THE SIDEWALK, and hit by horse, ON THE SIDEWALK! Whatever video footage and other pictures that where taken need to get posted ASAP, because this was a peacful protest and the cops fucking made it what it was.


ID on the black cop. 05.Oct.2006 21:41


Officer Timothy K. Robinson is the black cop shown in the second photo. He was one of the less-lethal weapon shooters at A22.

Elmore had a bean bag gun as well, correct? 06.Oct.2006 10:33


Elmore had a bean bag gun or rubber bullet gun and was pointing at the protestors as well, correct? I swore it was him, but it may have been just been Robinson, or maybe both. If that is the case, I need to correct a statement made in a prior post.

Remember Boston 09.Oct.2006 11:10


Remember the young woman, in Boston (almost certain on city), who'd just stepped out of a restaurant to see people gathered in the street. She was looking on, from the sidewalk, when a Boston pig approached her from within c. 20 ft., and fired a rubber bullet into her face. The bullet killed her. The pig murdered her right there on the sidewalk, and all she was doing is looking on. The pig was cleared too, to the best of my knowledge. Just remember that the pigs are almost all violent by nature. You may be prone to non-violent methods, but the pigs are NOT. Most of them are more restrained by the law, than you are. If most of them had their way, they'd proceed to kick you ass, or even kill you--some of them, at least. This is one of the reasons they were attracted to the police work. Gone is the day when most cops take a job to protect and serve.

Just remember who you're dealing with, and that is people who are of violent propensity, are being restrained by law, and who most likely be cleared when they accidentally, on purpose, kill you, or give you very serious injuries. That's a police state, folks.

Type of weapon used 09.Oct.2006 12:51

answer guy

In response to the question:
"a pepper spray gun? or a rubber bullet gun? What do our tax dollars pay for?"

The rifle with the drum magazine in the pic u posted is a FN-made super dangerous gun with a history of causing lasting damage. A union leader in Switzerland suffered major damage when shot in the face. See this broschure for details:


in solidarity, and with a big hug for anyone who suffered aggression on O5,

Who's who 10.Oct.2006 00:23


FYI: The officer holding the beanbag shotgun (see above photos, wearing a blue uniform with an American flag patch on the right shoulder), I don't think he is PPB. PPB doesn't wear American flag shoulder patches like that. This officer is likely from an outside, municipal police agency located in the Portland area. PPB has other agencies back them up like this. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office was represented there as well (wearing olive drab uniforms with subdued patches). Helps to know who the bad guys are.

Varro, thanks for the ID on Robinson.