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Media is Claiming that a Protestor Swung at Police

Corporate media spin in full effect...
One station said that protesters were "hurling" insults at the police, the other (KOIN 6) said that the police shot into the crowd after a protestor swung at a cop.

I wonder how someone manages to do that from the sidewalk when the cops are at least 20 feet away.

I urge people to call the mayor and tell him that your "vision" for the city does not include cops going crazy just because people are marching without a permit! 503-823-4120
of course 05.Oct.2006 17:58


It is standard operating procedure for the media to dutifully repeat the claims of the police. Remember that "bottle" in the 2002 Bush protest. Sure, no one actually threw one but the media repeated it for weeks, and never offered a correction nor an apology when the video footage from protesters and police alike contradicted their "reports". I just hope their were some good videographers out today and that we'll see a new round of lawsuits against the city.

Ch 2 and 8 reporting such bullshit 05.Oct.2006 19:30


It's all about "turning violent" and the arrests. Nothing about the content. Nothing about the why. They make it fit their agenda.

When Ch 2 reported on the Cindy Sheehan event Monday night, they found it necessary to have fucking Lars Larson give his opinion about her. Of course, she dared to speak the truth about MSM that night. So they had to discredit her.

cops for violence, media for lying about it, people to get hurt. 05.Oct.2006 19:48

this thing here

wow, hurling insults at cops. those poor little popo's, none of them grown adults yet, geee how will they ever recover. insults are lethal and shooting protesters in the face with bean bags and trampling them with 600lb animals is only "justified".

good scoop, corpo media. good you guys didn't get hurt, or your sat trucks damaged, by any of those fatal hurled insults too....

i have an indescribable feeling of laughter at the total ridiculousness of it and sadness at the tragic violence.