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Stop Police Brutality - Call the Mayor 503-823-4120

Stop Police Brutality - Call the Mayor 503-823-4120
Stop Police Brutality - Call the Mayor 503-823-4120

I just called and a real person answered. She needs more convincing that people demonstrating weren't violent - she thinks they were. Set those phones a ringin'!!!!

Stop Police Brutality - Call the Mayor 503-823-4120
Potter 05.Oct.2006 16:50


Having nowhere else, I called Potter's office mid-protest after I got a frantic call from my mother who'd been shot repeatedly in the leg ("non-leathal" rounds) but was bleeding pretty bad. I'm out of town but I actually managed to work my way pretty high up in the Mayor's office. They refused to believe what they were hearing. The idea is that the Police are under orders to immediately report to Potter if there's any injuries. Thus, no reports. No injuries. And the police would NEVER attack without provocation. And if they did, people would _obviously_ be held reponsible...

Everyone was shocked to even consider the idea that the protesters may have been non-violent or that anyone was significantly hurt.

This is bullshit. I never call elected officials because it's always a complete waste of time, but I'd urge everyone to yell at Potter and his staff.

also they've got an "opinion line" @ 503-823-4127
and if you have photos print and fax them @ 503-823-3588

Call everyone 05.Oct.2006 17:13

Joshua Peace Seeker

I just called KATU KOIN and KGW to correct them on their lies. Call the news desks and tell them what you saw and that you are willing to testify to what you saw. THE BRUTALITY STOPS NOW!!!

Witnesses.... 05.Oct.2006 17:26


Call the NWCRC at 503-295-6400, especially if you have still photos or videotape.

To Wil - get your mother to a doctor or hospital right away to document the injuries.

Wil 05.Oct.2006 21:13


I've gopt video footage of the police shooting, trampling, and pepper spraying. It will be at NWCRC as soon as I can get it to them, which will probably be this weekend. Contact them, to see if any of it shows what happened to your mother. The police are assholes. Truly.

And by the way, the shooting started right after the city attorney arrived. Got him on camera too.