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I Saw the pigs

I saw the fucking pigs trample a couple of girls.
I saw the horse cop trample people. I WILL TESTIFY! Please contact mee if you need my word. I watched them push people onto the sidewalk, then one of the cops on a horse flanked the group and rode onto the sidewalk. He proceeded to make his horse trample the girls. I saw the look in his eyes. He was out for protestors blood.

Fuck him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surreal use of force ....for a dozen kids in the street? 05.Oct.2006 16:39

Joe A

This is the start of the NAZI style march up Jefferson to attack the protesters
-Picture from cam phone sorry that its not quality-
These guys literally marched in double rows as the Lead guy called out commands
They marched down the center of the street in formation for 2 blocks
It was surreal ...it was like watching a NAZI war movie

Before they got to the protesters I seen people running away - back towards me screaming out
"The Cops just came up on the sidewalk and trampled 3 girls with their horses"
and "The Cops are hurting people!"

Witnesses... 05.Oct.2006 17:24


Call the NWCRC at 503-295-6400, and especially if you have still photos or videotape.

Herd of Horses, or? 06.Oct.2006 08:23


I, too, saw a group of mounties awaiting further instructions and couldn't help but wonder if I was observing a herd of horses or a sty of pigs . . . I soon found out.

Horse attack groups of girls onto the sidewalks. 06.Oct.2006 14:06

Is that man in front pondering on violence........Hmmm? ruscular@msn.com

The mood of the crowd was anything suggesting violence. Nobody expected that they use horses to kick the girls, I heard screaming and took the pictures. All you can see that the horses went past the barrier the bike cops set up and allow the horse go onto the sidewalks.

I would be more then willing to testify. The attack took place at 2:44pm on the minute. I tried to upload the picture and the reception went bad and could not upload. I switch my hearing aid to telephone mode and there was a huge eletronic disturbance. I don't know what that was about. It may explain why 911 calls could not get thru for the ambulance. I would suggest anyone who has hearing aid to moniter eletronic disturbance just to be aware of what High tech Operation are being use for the protest.

People were chanting "who owns the street" "we own the street" but no intention of violence until the horses were pushing people to trample upon each other. We were pretty calm, and not realizing that the street were being clear of witness before they decided to trample the little girls. They look like they were 16 at most. I think they targeted the girls to see if we would rise to their defense and make us livid for the attack. I guess time hasn't change much since King George been in power in the 13 century. Rape and violate the women to get them to fight.

the first move from the police=horse trample
the first move from the police=horse trample

Which horseman? 06.Oct.2006 16:51

Stacey staceymullins@verizon.net

As far as I can remember when I saw the horses together before they came onto the sidewalk in front of me on 12th and Jefferson corner, there were 4 horses, 3 reddish brown and one tanish grey. This was a few mintues later, but which couple was it that you saw?

The pair I experienced was one red and the one tan and the guy on the tan horse was EVIL. The guy next to him was a puny little guy who seemed like he'd rather be somewhere else, but his partner was in this for the fun of it!


"Evil" horse cop 06.Oct.2006 17:13


Isn't that interesting. Several of my friends and I had used that exact same word for him. There truly did seem to be evil in his face. The guy on the light brown and white horse. He had the look of a maniac in his eye, and seemed to be INTENTIONALLY trying to trample people.

Did anyone get his name? I have video footage of him, and hopefully I thought to zoom in on his nametag (haven't gotten to that tape yet). Wonder how long it will be before he snaps and kills someone and gets a medal. If, indeed, he hasn't already.

evil horse cop 25.Oct.2006 10:47

special kid

I know the guy your talking about, I was backing up onto the sidewalk and he ran his horse into me, he was kinda tan and had a helmet with a face guard pulled down?
yeah he ran his horse into me, being a horse lover I noticed the horse was being over taxed so I scratched it right at the corner of it's jaw (all horses love this) and the horse calmed down a bit, I simply didn't want to be trampled, well the evil pig decided this wasn't ok, he pulled out his pepper spray so I ducked my head down and kept scratching the horse, he never ordered me to stop he simply sprayed the back of my head.
he is evil.
if you have any questions for me or any pictures/video that you would like to share gimme a call 503 866 6434.

Recognize these faces/horses? 29.Apr.2007 10:07

ole hippie chick

This was later at the park across from the Justice Center. I saw the one on the right at trampelling incident, going up and down with his horse, with a very pleased look on his face that frightened me.

Evil Horse Cop 29.Apr.2007 10:12

ole hippie chick

the incident I witnessed was March 18th, 2007. Still, sounds like the same cop.