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Why I am Going

Lots of hemming and hawing
Lots of details
Should I or Shouldn't I?
I am going for one reason
I am not just sitting on my ass...I am going because....
I want bush out now!

I could care less if this is organized covertly or even up front by the RCP
Or if it is endorsed by any group or all groups...I want to go out and say one thing....

To bicker - to draw lines - to alienate - to not get involved = Well....You Did Nothing!
Yes there are many issues and many compressions to the previous anti-war marches to past historic events.Whta we should do or not do in the form of protesting.
So everybody has a choice
So sit at work ..or stay at home and do nothing! yep just bitch and make no effort!
Or get out on to the streets and push for one thing....
"Demand That Bush be Removed from Office"

I support no war - no torture and free speech..... Looks Like today is my day!

So what its on a Thursday, so what it is being organized by a Communist group, so what I have work today ..(I asked for a long lunch to go)
It is the principle and it is the fact that I am with anyone that wants to drive Bush Out

Bitch and whine and point out a bunch of facts to stifle the movement of pushing Bush out will only tear the anti war movement into even smaller bits and cause nobody to ever agree on all the little details and all that small print type of things.....when there is a much simple attitude that really is to do one thing
.......see you there.
Don't sit on your ass bitching!

Lets GO!

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Hey, Joe 06.Oct.2006 13:55

Charles A. Person

Okay, Joe, you went, you saw -- so what do you say now?

Lets Get This Party Going 07.Oct.2006 05:02

Joe A

Funny you mention that
Here is my blog on that days activities from my perspective

Steady The Course!

 link to zebra3report.tripod.com

I'm with you, bro 07.Oct.2006 09:16

been there, doing that

Seriously. We all need to pick it up and move beyond opposing Bush to resisting their whole program. Not our government. Not our war. Not my president!