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two new names on the green scare list?

I saw on the news this morning...
I saw on the local Seattle news this morning that there will be two new names announced today in conjunction with the burning of the UW horticulture building. Anyone know who? It would appear that people are still talking and that more folks are going to be rounded up in this mess....and what a mess it is.
! 04.Oct.2006 11:46


see article about the hearings in Tacoma the was posted about 6 stories prior.

! 04.Oct.2006 12:10


Yes, I just saw that - it wasn't showing yet when I made my post. Thank you.

Jen Kolar and Lacey Phillabaum 04.Oct.2006 12:28


Here are photos of the two. Reports are coming in and should be posted soon.
Jen Kolar
Jen Kolar
Lacey Phillabaum
Lacey Phillabaum

Outcomes 04.Oct.2006 12:48

Gumby Cascadia

Kolar pleads guilty to 4 counts so far: attempted arson of Ray Gun
Club, conspiracy of UW, UW arson, UW 924(c). Cavel West transferred
to WA soon, Litchfield not prosecuted. Sentencing recommendation
60-84 months. No attempt at sealing up cooperation agreement which
included wearing recording device and future cooperation.

Phillabaum plead guilty in Tacoma, WA to arson, conspiracy and the
924(c) incendiary device charge. Her recommended sentence is 3-5
years. Justin Solandz' name was mentioned several times during the
factual statement of the plea, and the extent of her cooperation was
very expansive, including wearing wires and continuing to cooperate
with the feds post-incarceration. The transcript will be ordered and
disseminated as soon as possible.

Sentencing is set for 1/5/07 at this time but may be postponed.

Its really sad. Biosphere collapsing and friends/community collapses too. 05.Oct.2006 12:10


I already said it in the title.