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Go take over Senator (i hate the constitution) Smith's office and demand he resign

Just a thought.
Maybe a little more targeted than wandering around the streets of portland being ignored by the media and everyone else.

stay until physically removed.
Another Idea For Sen. Smith: DEPORTATION 03.Oct.2006 15:00

poidog 1909

Thats one idea, here's another. Why not hire moving vans and have them show up daily at Smith's residences and offices and tell him that he has forfeited his right to remain an American citizen and will have to leave our country. Smith needs to know that it's no longer just a matter of stepping down from office. He & his family should be stripped of their wealth and escorted to the nearest border, dock, or airport and be given their final farewell. My father didn't land on the beech at Normandy to be shot to hell along with his buddies so that some cowardly, right wing, fascist, extremist, could sell our constitutional rights down the river sixty some years late. A big FUCK YOU SMITH, from every patriot that still loves their country and remembers the constitution as the article that made us a srong and great nation.

A moving party! 03.Oct.2006 15:56


We could wear overalls. I like that idea. If only we really could just move the assholes out.

Hey House & Senate and Executive branch: It' Movin' Day.

The Three Words That Sum Up Gordon Smith 04.Oct.2006 10:16


On August 20th of last year at the Jordanian Summuit , our representative uttered these words.. "Israel comes first !" His donations from AIPAC members have gone up 600% in the last three years...evidently the paltry sum he makes as a Senator isnt enough. He should resign and move to the country he loves and places first. By the way , both his Portland and DC offices acknowledged that he did indeed make that statement , but neither spokesperson could explain what exactly he meant.

Oooops ...actually May 20 2005 04.Oct.2006 10:19


Heres The AP Report 04.Oct.2006 10:33