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9.11 investigation

Questions about Rumsfeld's 9/11 'souvenir'

A tv network Tim Russert interview/tour with
Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon showed a brief
clip of a small piece of 'burnt and twisted airplane
metal'(?) mounted on a wooden base, placed on a central low table in his office reception room, and Rumsfeld
said he "picked it up" (at the 9/11 Pentagon crash site!?).
Dear Folks,

Saturday evening September 30, 2006 I saw a very brief tv network segment
with Tim Russert from a documentary about Donald Rumsfeld's career...

Rumsfeld was walking Russert into his office, as part of a tour/interview...
and there sitting on a central low table was a "metal scrap piece" mounted on a wooden base.

Russert expressed surprise at seeing the piece and Rumsfeld quickly replied,
"Yes, that's a piece of the plane that crashed." (into the Pentagon on 9/11 2001).

Russert: Wow.
Rumsfeld: Yes/Yeah, isn't that amazing.
Russert: How did you get it?
Rumsfeld: I picked it up. (at the Pentagon crash site!?)
Russert: You picked it up? (at the Pentagon Crash site!?)
Rumsfeld: Yep.

And he quickly walked Russert past it and continued some other dialogue...
toward his office...


Well Folks, Whoa!!!!

Rumsfeld picked up 'evidence' at the crash site/crime scene on 9/11...?
Is it real, or fake, or what?
What about the Official Story that the plane "vaporized" upon impact?

How did Rumsfeld acquire/obtain this 'evidence' of a piece of burnt and
twisted aircraft metal from the wreckage from the "Terrorist Attack"?

1.--Did he pick it up himself on the lawn, or inside the building?
2.--Did an FBI agent, or FAA Security Official, or Pentagon Official,
or Aide 'obtain' it and later give it to him?
3.--Who mounted it on the display wood?
4.--Has the metal wreckage piece been 'analyzed' or 'sanitized'
regarding it's identity as actual 'evidence' from the crash site?
5.--What would a physical, chemical, engineering analysis of the
metal piece reveal to 'investigators' and the public?

Please help me understand what the tv segment reveals and/or means...
If you think this might be a significant/newsworthy item regarding 'evidence' from the 9/11 Tragedy, please share this information with other people, including the media.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance.

address: address: California

Objection Sustained 03.Oct.2006 15:23


Somehow this little piece of news escaped me. Very good questions. I want to know also; How did Rummy come into possesion of this piece of evidence, has it been analyized & tested for the "cordite" that experienced military officers all smelled at the site that day? Where's the rest of the plane, wheres the tapes from across the street at the gas station and Sherritan Inn?