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Clackamas County Sheriff Refuses To Come Clean/ An Open Letter To Darlene Hooley

It seems totally inappropriate for Clackamas County Sheriff, Craig Roberts to associate himself or his department with Darlene Hooley's campaign or the cause of drug crime & public Safety.
Darlene Hooley

Oregon Congresswomen 5th district

Salem OR.

Dear Darlene;

Although I haven't always agreed with you on issues, I want you to know that I am supporting you in the upcoming election. As a democrat, I feel like this falls elections are the most consequential of any that I can remember in my lifetime. One of the small things within my means that I can do to support you has been to warn voters about Erickson's record for being less than honest and insincere about who he really is. I have written a number of published letters appearing on the internet and in private publications about how Erickson is not to be trusted and about the long record of public service that you have.

As someone behind your anti drug crusading and your get tough type legislation in regards to illegal drugs, I have a very serious favor to ask of you. Please do not use Craig Roberts for support in your campaign or as someone that is supposed to be serious about fighting drugs. While I know that your work has had an effect on deterring drug trafficking, the same cannot be said for Sheriff Roberts. I have spoke with many people on all sides of this issue and they all unanimously agree that although Craig has benefited politically from a lot of publicity and huge funding increases for his department, that his overall results have been very minimal. I think if you look at the record in regards to arrest and drug seizures, in comparison to spending that my contention is very obvious. Craig in my opinion is a lot like this Mike Erickson guy. He has a history of misrepresenting himself, overstating his qualifications & accomplishments, and going to great lengths to conceal his failures and shortcomings. I know the importance of having an endorsement from the local county sheriff, but in this case I think the association is more of a detriment than an asset. Please just take a moment and look at what Craig has done about the problem he has with drugs within his own department. Having a drug addict deputy arrested for armed robbery, and having another drug addict sergeant arrested for writing phony scripts, does not say much for the sheriff and department charged both with educating the public on drug crime and protecting them.

Admittedly, these things can happen, but unfortunately the most disturbing thing here is Craig Roberts absolute refusal to acknowledge these incidents as serious internal problems, or to do anything to assure the public that he has a plan for correcting this problem. Citizens have the right to know that the deputy on the street responding to their emergency is not all screwed up on drugs! This is no small issue, and Craig has done precious little to reassure the public or bring a higher level of accountability to his department.

He has made a couple of casual comments about how he is changing drug policy within the department, but has refused to back this up with any real evidence.

As you may remember, Clackamas County was swift to settle the wrongful death suit brought against it after their tactical weapons trainer shot and killed a fellow deputy during training exercises a few years ago. As you must know our county doesn't like settling these suits even when they know they are wrong, as they were in the Carl Bell discrimination case which cost us about three million. The inside story on why our county settled so willingly in this Bowman case, was that most of the deputies were out late the night before drinking to excess and smoking the refer. I have been told by deputies and their families over the past few years that drug abuse is rampant in the department. The drug and alcohol abuse within the department is nothing new and I believe the public has the right to raise the bar a little and start demanding that those that we pay to protect us are less impaired than those we need protection from.

We are way past due for some accountability on this issue and Craig Roberts gets a big F on his report card for protecting our community from drugs.

As you may know Gerry Spence is coming to town to represent the Kaddy family in the wrongful death of their son, Fouad Kaady sometime next year. This Kaddy case is another example of inexcusable performance on the part of Sheriff Roberts and his unwillingness to take responsibility for a tragedy that should never, never have occurred. I think it's a given that our county will lose this case and suffer more irreparable damage to our reputation as being a county that is safe to live in. More than this though, I believe this trial is going to bring out what a backward, good-ole-boy system Clackamas county has been operating as

For some time and how dishonest and corrupt our county leaders such as Craig Roberts have been.

I don't think I need to go on here. You've been around for quite a while and you must have developed some sense for knowing when a politician stinks. I am asking for your own sake and for the sake of decency that you drop your add featuring this despicable and corrupt sheriff of ours. Thank you, and Best Regards;