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Pit Bulls and Prejudice

Romeo just moved into my home. He's 5 months old, and already he's the smartest and best behaved dog I have ever met. And if it hadn't been for Rhodie, whom I met first, I would never have let Romeo into my heart. Because Romeo is a pit bull. And you know what they say about pit bulls.

Sometimes, prejudices creep in so stealthily that we don't even recognize them for what they are. Take the way a white man might react if he gets his wallet stolen. If the person who steals it is also white, he thinks some asshole stole his wallet. But if the person who stole it is black, and it's the only black person he's ever met, he might start thinking all black people must be assholes because hey, that black guy stole my wallet. Or take the way so many Americans are starting to be fearful and suspicious of Arab people. We're inundated with corporate media manipulations of our minds trying to convince us not to care that our country is bombing and killing Arabs for their oil. So, to help convince us that this is all right, in the corporate media Arab=Terrorist. As a result, without even realizing it, many people get edgy and nervous when they see an Arab man standing next to a doorway, or riding on a bus with them. They often don't even realize that this is prejudice, they think it's only logical caution. And so it is with pit bulls.
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