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Monday Impeachment Flash Mobs

Help build support for Impeachment! See the smiles of beleagured and oppressed people who stand for more than fascist greed. See the purple faces of fascists as you dare to advertise for the impeachment of Der Fuhrer Bush.
Two locations to pick from. One in town and one at: Fremont/Sandy/72d. The in town location is SW Broadway and Market.

Usual time, Monday, 4:30 to 6:30 PM.
WORLD CAN'T WAIT - Oct 5th - high noon - south park blocks - sw salmon at main 01.Oct.2006 15:20


THIS COMMENTATOR also has concerns that polite little protesters really are more interested in playing yapping little lap dogs than actually getting the real problems fixed. Together with the pdx911truth alliance, I too am concerned about "left gatekeeping" people and institutions who care more about speaker fees, book royalties and icon-bad-guy/girl recognition than about their purported causes.
I am busy setting a fire under two untimid but slightly sluggish components of the serious left in Portland, pushing them to be decently represented Oct 5th with memorable signs and well prepared speakers for the open mic segment of the rally preceding the march.
Though probably not as satisfying as shouting obscenities at corporate CEO sociopaths husbanding the hatreds of the Christian right, I ask 'boring' above, if s/he can, to drop by at tomorrow's flash mob to remind the 'flashers' that the world really can't wait any longer--and that a couple of days worth of their energies would be well invested toward a striking performance high noon October 5th at the South Park Blocks.

Why I Do It 02.Oct.2006 12:22


I'll tell you exactly why I do it. It makes people feel good. It makes them feel that they are not alone in their anger at this administration, and that other people do care. Also, it puts the word and concept of IMPEACHMENT in their mind as something that IS attainable. It also makes ME feel good. I can't tell you how many honks, waves and peace signs people give us, and how many people walk right up to me and say, "Thank you. Thank you for doing this, thank you for being here." For every ONE person who flips me off, I get 10 messages of support.

For the record, I'm also active in other ways as well. Letter writing, attending meetings, other protest actions. This is something I can do every week to say, in my own tiny voice, "I will not let this corruption go unnoticed."