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Gerlach and Meyerhoff Arraigned on Vail Today

Today in Eugene, Chelsea Gerlach and Stanislas Meyerhoff entered guilty pleas for their involvement in the Vail ski resort arson of 1998.
They are scheduled to be sentenced on the eight new counts of Arson on December 14th, the same day they are expected to be sentenced for crimes in Oregon which they pled guilty to in July. Both are recieving lesser sentences for their agreements to fully cooperate with the government in its case against the remaining four co-defendants and three who have not yet been captured.
questions 30.Sep.2006 10:32


were they araigned in Vail? are the charges from colorado going to be transfered to Oregon?

Charges for Vail 01.Oct.2006 11:15

someone watching

I was at the "plea deal" hearing for the two of them a few months back. As I understood what was said, there was plenty of stuff to get them on here in Oregon so they're not going to get any extra penalties due to what happened in Colorado. Charges will not move. Officially they'll be sentanced but that it will not be any additional time than they'd get for the crimes here.

P.S. Regarding Vail. While a serious ($$$) feat, neither Stan nor Chelsea had _direcct_ involvment which might have allowed for the authorities to let this matter go as they have. Stan backed out after the weather turned sour leaving Colorado a day or two before the fire; Chelsea drove as far as she could up the mountain and then turned around to wait. The only person (that we know of...) who started the fires is dead unfortunately.

Re: Charges for bail 01.Oct.2006 18:36


or so the plea agreement statements say. It's easy to put all the blame on someone who can't defend himself.

So I'm to understand that they'll get sentenced for Vail, but those sentences will run concurrently with sentences from Oregon?

... 01.Oct.2006 18:40


The charges have been transferred to the Oregon federal district court system. The arrignment happened in Eugene. They will probably not serve additonal time for the charges... the arraignment is merely a formality (to "close" the case on Vail.)

Stan will not be charged for crimes in Michigan, Wyoming, California or washington.

Chelsea will not be charged in Wyoming, California, or Washington.

... 02.Oct.2006 00:30


thanks gumby