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$70,000,000,000 More, for War!

US Senate: more for war, but wary of Peace.
The Senate, 100-0, has now voted $70,000,000,000 more for war, but not a single senator has signed Declaration of Peace. Do NOT believe anything these worms say about wanting Peace. They do NOT!

800-270-0309 (Capitol, 24/7)
who or what controls the u.s. senate? 29.Sep.2006 21:43

former voter

Would someone please tell me why these senators and congress people will not support the people or protect our freedom? Why would anyone vote for war or support Isreal's homicidal maniacs? Senator Gordon Smith won't even talk to his constituants about peace in Iraq and Afghanistan. They spend billions on war but u.s. citizens can't afford to get sick or get an education. I have concluded that either they are being threatened by the bush thugs or they are smoking crack. IF YOU WANT TO HEAR FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT, just be late with your student loan payment. People should be pissed-off but most americans just don't care. A nation-wide strike might get their attention. "United we stand" might have some meaning if we could just get united. PEACE, LOVE, DOPE