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World Can't Wait= RCP Front Group?

World Can't Wait= RCP Front Group?

Decide for yourself.
The Word Can't Wait are organizing a big demo soon...

Wait! Some might say that the World Can't Wait is a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party--a creepy, Stalinist-Maoist party with a bizarre personality cult around their "chairman" Bob Avakian.

Not convinced?

Check out the RCP's website and their prominent endorsement of the World Can't Wait:  http://revcom.us/index.html

Now observe the absence of any mention of RCP on the World Can't Wait's website:  http://www.worldcantwait.org/

Also, check out the Wikipedia definition:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_Can%27t_Wait

Just ask around. Be aware of what groups are really about. This is not an anti-communist message. Just beware of the creepy, authoritarian parties with weird personality cults.
better then ANSWER 29.Sep.2006 16:33


Better then ANSWER a christian "front group"


Paranoia 29.Sep.2006 16:47



That's like saying the SDS was a Weathermen Underground front because they didn't associate with them in the 60s and because members of Underground sympathized with the SDS.

And there are a lot vegans who support the ideals of the ELF and ALF even if they might not support their actions at times.

In short...This kinda borders on paranoia, not something needed when we need solidarity.

pondering... 29.Sep.2006 16:59


Just gotta ask, who cares. Don't *like* em? Don't support 'em.

You bet.

I like RCPs on my pizza 29.Sep.2006 17:25


Those Red Chile Peppers make even the worst pizza palatable.

But that was in jest, sorry for the bad joke. To get back to more serious things, Fuck that Shit!

Get out and raise your voice, raise a fuss. Express yourself! Get out of the door get out and look around. Get out and praise those who made it possible. Those who organized, who gave of themselves should be praised. Save the criticism for a more constructive time. Which side are you on?

We don't need, we don't need, we don't need no divisiveness. We really, really, really don't.

not last year. 29.Sep.2006 17:57

ian wallace

i attended a few meetings last year with WCW. I wanted to know if the RCP was active in Portland. While I can't say that RCP cadre where not present, they did not make their presence clear. The leadership was not in any way pushing any sort of party line, to say the least.

Pink(o) 29.Sep.2006 20:36

Comfortably Numb

Who cares who they are. If you support what the rally is about, go to it. If you don't like the group, don't join it.

Who owns WORLDCANTWAIT.ORG 29.Sep.2006 20:48

geektools whois

Domain ID:D106537144-LROR
Created On:06-Jun-2005 14:12:07 UTC
Last Updated On:01-Jan-2006 15:32:07 UTC
Expiration Date:06-Jun-2008 14:12:07 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
Registrant ID:tu5dLPCfXNvOyMlS
Registrant Name:C. Clark Kissinger
Registrant Organization:C. Clark Kissinger

Google "C. Clark Kissinger" for more info.

Just passing along what's out there. Stay informed!

subversives!!! 30.Sep.2006 00:29

Senator Joe McCarthy

Are you or have you ever been a Communist?

So what? 30.Sep.2006 10:12


I am not a fan of the RCP, but so what if they are out there doing something? I thought the point was to change the world? Or is it to be sectarian turds?

RCP 30.Sep.2006 10:27

so what

Yes everyone,

World Can't Wait is in fact an RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) organized group. I would not say it is a front group only because it is so overwhelmingly obvious that the RCP organized the World Can't Wait.

The RCP also organized the earlier "Not In Our Name" thing. The RCP also organizes "Refuse and Resist" as well as the "October 22nd Coalition."

Here in Los Angeles this is no secret. The RCP cadre down here are plainly visible organizing for the World Can't Wait with RCP newspapers (Revolutionary Worker)in hand.

But it does not matter that the RCP is so busy. If you agree with the World Can't Wait platform then support it. It does not matter if the RCP organized it. Lets have some unity. You don't have to join the RCP just because you go to a World Can't Wait event.

PS: Down here in Los Angeles the RCP were the ONLY organized leftist group that publically stood in solidarity with Anarchists when a shit load of repression happened to Anarchists in the years following the May Day 2001 Long Beach Police riot.

are you kidding me? 30.Sep.2006 10:46

who cares!

They have rallied hundreds of thousands of people over the last few years under a common cause. Do you really care how Bush and his friends are booted out of office? Even though that is very unlikely, its nice to tell the world, despite our differences, we can unite under a common factor and show are dislike for the Bush regime. People like you (who posted this), are the reason we cannont get anything done... ever! Because of political differences we squable and argue over stupid crap when we should be focusing on the important issues. Even if the RCP was successful in their campaign, do you really think that would effect how our political ideology is setup in any way? Think about it.

I for one will be at the Oct 5th protest and I hope to see more people there this time around than in the past yeras. Unity, solidarity, lets unite to defeat our common problem.

OCT. 5 YES, RCP NO 01.Oct.2006 12:23


I for one appreciate the post by comfortably anonymous. Although I was engaged in the Oct. 5 organizing, I was completely unaware of RCP involvement. You may think me naive for not being aware of it, but materials provided for organizing made no mention of RCP.

Yes, I support any attempt to unseat Bush, the Republican Congress, and the Democrat lackies who have been allied with them, and I will attend the event. But I also care about democracy and about basic honesty.

It was only when I became uncomfortable with the authoritarian mode of "leadership" in the Portland group that I made an attempt to research exactly who worldcantwait is.
I googled "world can't wait" "front group" and found this, among other articles:  link to shiftshapers.gnn.tv.

The two-headed corporate hegemony party that rules us and seeks to rule the rest of the world with an iron fist must be stopped, but we must articulate a democratic, non-coercive alternative or we'll be doomed to repeat the Stalinist excesses of the past. In the meantime, let's go into the streets on Oct. 5.

The future is unwritten. Let's dance.