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URGENT! Support Andy Stepanian of SHAC 7

Just this email plea....
Just got this email, help if you can:

"URGENT! support andy stepanian of SHAC 7
Very Urgent Donations Needed for SHAC-7 Defendant Andy Stepanian

Hey everyone,

please help us all out, andy is a really really good friend of mine and has been an asset to his communtiy on long island, doing everything from raising money for animal shelters to feeding the homeless. Please, can your community come together for him? We need all the help we can get, please even if you think you're 20 dollars wont help, trust me it will! We're raising 7,000 over this weekend alone by people putting together small activities to raise small amounts of money. We will need 25,000 total over the next few months, so this is just the first hurtle, but if everyone comes together, we can do it.

SHAC-7 Defendant Andy Stepanian has located a great first amendment attorney who has represented members of MOVE, the Black Liberation Army, Republican National Convention arrestees, and many others, and has argued numerous times in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals (where the SHAC-7 will appeal their convictions). However, Andy needs to raise $7,000 by THIS TUESDAY in order to be able to hire this attorney and file his appeal on time. Unlike many of the other defendants, Andy has had only a public defender up until this point. Having received the maximum possible sentence for his charge, it is extremely important that he have competent counsel to work on his appeal - otherwise we will not see Andy for another three years.

All donations need to be RECEIVED by this Tuesday, October 3, or Andy will not be able to hire this attorney (by Wednesday, he will be in jail). If you can donate, or if you can hold an emergency fundraiser in your area, PLEASE do so for Andy. All donations can be sent to the address below. For questions on the issue, or how to transfer money in time, please call: (603) 387-2018

Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to the "Animal Defense League," and all mailed donations should be sent to:
2119 South 16th St.
Apt. 2
Philadelphia, PA 19145"

homepage: homepage: http://www.shac7.com

Support Andy & Respect the Public Defender 28.Sep.2006 20:53

Former P.D.

I wish Andy the best on his appeal and raising the funds to receive the attorney that he wants. His work in the community is clearly noted. Sadly he received a harsh sentence.

I take issue with your comment on public defenders. If you said the statements in order to raise money then that's a fair marketing scheme. And if you meant no harm or insult then disregard the rest. I do not know the person who represented him throughout the trial. But then if you did mean to discredit a public defender's work then continue reading.

I know from experience that Public Defenders are committed to their job, clients, and the law. The statement that Andy "has had only a public defender..." and "receive competent counsel" is an insult to the people that work for defendants on a daily basis. Of course it is important to get the best counsel possible; sometimes that means a public defender and sometimes that means hired counsel.

The belief that a court appointed attorney is a person who does not care or is skilled at their job is misguided. There are public defenders who are less skilled, passionate, and do not fight the fight that needs to be fought. However, those that I have encountered, especially at the Federal level are highly respected and deservingly so. Public defenders know criminal law, argue the fringes of the law to help protect our rights, and work endlessly for their clients. They help protesters, the poor, those that suffer at the hands of police brutality, and all kinds of activist. They are part of what you do on this website and are always there to represent those that cannot afford counsel. Their work is extremely important. So next time when you criticize the public defender, remember it is the public defender who is on the front line on a daily basis.

public defenders 29.Sep.2006 09:52


they are also severely overworked and dont have the time to commit to each of their client's cases like a private attorney does. that doesnt mean they arent passionate or motivated or good lawyers.

I dig. 01.Oct.2006 12:38

Food Fight! Grocery

Just so you know, we posted this email plea from somebody else. Food Fight is not hating on public defenders. Although, the ones appointed to the SHAC7 case thus far have been piss-poor.

His lawyer? 02.Oct.2006 22:01

Former Philly Activist

Does anyone know the name of the attorney he is trying to hire?