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Is the US preparing for a mass political exodus?

I'm wary about the implications of all this information, because I don't want to scare anyone or make them feel intimidated. But anyone with a brain can see the neo-cons are backed into a corner right now, and that makes them especially dangerous. So I thought I'd compile some information on the subject as a heads up. Don't be scared! Live on your feet, not on your knees!
Is the US preparing for a mass political exodus?

I don't want to scare anybody with this information, most of which comes from very reliable sources. I do, however, perceive that the Bush junta has no intention of giving up power. Look, folks, these guys have no intention of leaving Iraq. If they did, they wouldn't be 14 building permanent bases and an embassy the size of the Vatican. Check out this snippet from the New Yorker:
"The most recent budget request provided by the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq mentions the building of a new oil refinery and the drilling of new wells. '[Haliburton] said originally they were just going to bring it up to prewar levels. Now they're getting money to dramatically improve it,' [Rep.] Waxman complained. Who is going to own these upgrades, after the United States government has finished paying Halliburton to build them? 'Who knows?' Waxman said. 'Nobody is saying.'"

But these guys are going down if they don't do something quick. In other words, they are desperate. I've seen a lot of disconcerting articles lately, and they all seem to point towards a shadow government paving the way towards a totalitarian state.

Why would terrorists "flood" across the border from Canada by boat?

Great Lakes machine guns raise ire in Canada
"The United States Coast Guard has started to patrol the Great Lakes with machine guns mounted on their vessels and is conducting live-ammunition training drills on the U.S. side to prepare officers to combat terrorists flooding across the border from Canada by boat."  link to www.theglobeandmail.com

Could this possibly be related to why homeland security so keen to build a wall between the US and Mexico?

US-Mexico Border Fence / Great Wall of Mexico

What's the deal with this?
Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build Detention Centers in the US

Is there any validity to this recent post?
(Caviat: Links in the comments section regarding shackled boxcars start talking about space aliens. That doesn't mean one should discount what's in this video any more than one shouldn't believe 9-11 was an inside job just because some very odd people say the same thing.)

From today:
"Doomed to repeat: Germany, 1933"
"I know how dangerous it is to argue by comparing present events to the Nazi nightmare. But I did a little research, and the comparison between the torture bill that Congress is about to pass and the Enabling Act of 1933 -- the law that gave Hitler his power -- seems inescapable to me."

Now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time to start making a lot of noise. To quote Audre Lorde, "Your silence will not protect you."
Thanks Jody. . .for all the effort & info. 01.Oct.2006 14:57


You are right in saying now is not the time to be silent. More now than ever, people must speak out LOUDLY! Remaining silent will be our downfall. If history is forgotten, we are doomed to repeat it. These are dangerous times we are in, when the attempt is being made to actually re-write and alter the perception of history itself. The obvious fascist parallels to be drawn between NOW and Hitler and the Nazis of the past is undeniable. There is no escaping the truth.

We must all refuse to live in fear. Continue to write, speak out, and proactively unite against the powers of tyranny and totalitarianism. It's up to all of us to not allow truth to be suppressed. That is the beauty of independent media It's our outlet for collectively creating "positive change". The potential and opportunity for making a positive difference here really is limitless. Imagine the possibilities. . .WE CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE by continuing to let our voices be heard. "Silence" will result in our having to face the negative consequences of our inaction and apathy. The truth will set us all free. Knowledge is power. Keep up the great work Jody!! Much appreciation. - Peace

"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." - George Orwell

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell
Lies breed contempt
Lies breed contempt