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I am outraged - my column for Bush Business

My own congressman, Dan Boren, has proven to me is not a man fit for office, or any position in life. How can he vote for torture? It is beyond my understanding...
In the movies, some of the best scenes are when the characters and the audience know doom is just over the hill. Hearing the Indians on the war path before they arrive in many old forgotten westerns, the dark of the night in a world war two movie when the soldiers can hear the tanks and artillery shells coming closer and closer. Today we saw scene in Washington D.C, of the coming doom. It came in a roll call vote for house bill 6166. Hmm, scary how this bill came out of no where with the 666 moniker, isn't it?

This is a defining moment in American politics. It transgresses republican against democrat, liberal against conservative in my mind. It shows who is moral and who is not. It shows who wants to stand up for humanity as a whole, doesn't it?

I have been out and among the people now for several weeks talking politics and moral behavior, law and order and who is a crook and who is not. About a third of those I have talked with, think I am somehow un-American because I challenge the administration and their dirty deeds of lies about war, about terrorist and who is winning. Facts seem be immaterial to most as we talk the issues ... Five long years with billions spent and the terrorist threat is believed to be as real as the day after 9/11; yet, for some reason, many are willing to trust an administration that has done nothing to stop the terrorist, in fact, the evidence is everywhere that this inept rotten to the core group of men who rule us have created more problems than they have solved.

Now comes the defining moment and I wish it had not arrived. It is not fun to stand up and say to the "maddening crowd" hold on a minute? What are you doing? But someone must.

Today's vote is a vote that never should have been made. How can these men and women who voted for torture, suspension of rights, and countless other inhumane wrongs in the name of good live with themselves? My own congressman, Dan Boren, has proven to me is not a man fit for office, or any position in life. How can he vote for torture? It is beyond my understanding. From this moment on, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure the likes of Dan Boren never serve any longer than necessary for the public good because he has proven he is not for the public good. He is for Stalinist, Hitler like treatment of others. He can dress it up anyway he wants, I think the word these days is spin, but the fact is he wants to back the US government in efforts to force men to drink boiling water, pulling fingernails, electric shock to genitals, etc. etc.

I have been accused of playing favorites with Democrats against Republicans, well, there are other Democrats that need to go home or go to jail. Isn't there a law against backing torture and tearing down the constitution in favor of imprisonment for suspects without proper defense? There are other Democrats who were favorites of mine who have shown their true colors today? That nice Ford boy from Tennessee? Why would he vote for torture? Then there are the Democrats who did not vote at all. How could they miss the defining vote of any human being? How could they not take a stand? Among them one of my favorite liberals, Ms. Jackson-Lee of Houston and Marty Meehan of Massachusetts.

Over on the Republican side, how can every congressman in my beloved state of Oklahoma vote for torture? My hat goes off to a brave Republican who voted against torture today, Jim Leach from Iowa.

I am not sure who is running against Boren in November, but I am going to vote against him even if I have to write in my own name on the ticket. How can anyone vote for these men who cast their lot with the thugs and say "go ahead treat these men to pain, suffering and long term imprisonment. We will worry about their guilt or innocence later, right lets see a little blood, lets hear a few screams, ah, yea, ..." I am sick in my heart and into the depths of my soul tonight. How could American's vote for bodily harm of fellow human beings? What kind of world have we created.
Jerry Pippin has been a syndicated network talk show host and now hosts his own internet radio shows ( podcasts) on his web sites dedciated to web broadcasting. His shows routinely attract close to two hundred thousand listeners a week and are available for years on demand free of charge. His content ranges from entertainment interviews to the paranormal to progressive political politics. His web sites are www.jerrypippin.com , www.bushbusiness.com , and www.vegasradioshow.com

He lives in the town where he was born in middle America, Muskogee, Oklahoma but broadcast from locations ranging from Las Vegas to Roswell, New Mexico. He can be reached by email at  jerry@jerrypippin.com

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