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Oberman-MSMBC-speaks up!

Oberman speaks up about the Bush lies, cowardice and unAmerican behavior.
He refuses to give Bush a get out of jail free card for 9/11 or torture or the war.
It is a must see. It's been a long time since I've seen hardhitting reporting in mainstream media.
The video of Olberman is on this link:

The video of the Clinton/Wallace interview is on this link:

I just saw a disturbing article concerning Olbermann's safety 28.Sep.2006 13:49

Jody Paulson

You know a man's making an impact when things like this start happening to him:

"We have serious reason to worry about Olbermann's safety. Last night, he reported that he'd been threatened, apparently with some anthrax-like substance that required him to be subjected to 10 hours of detention in a hospital. He was discharged with a prescription for Cipro."

Attack on Joe Scarborough 07.Nov.2006 20:06

C.C. criscccccc@aol.com

Listening to the election returns commentary, Chris Mathews obviously besmearched Joe Scarborough, as a pro Republican hack. Even though early on Scarboraough's debut, he was described to me as a big Republican, I found his reporting very even handed. His accuser, Chris Mathews, on the other hand turned a blind eye to the machinations of George Bush and his people. Until about 3 months ago, Chris Mathews was defending the Republican Party as the party of the "Daddies" who decide about serious issues like defense and the economy, while "Mommies" are voting for Democrats because of health and education positions. This is equally demeaning to both Democrats and women. So Republican Ex Congressman, Joe Scarborough, is in my opinion very much more umbiased that Chris Mathews.

keith olberman 18.Dec.2006 18:33

mike guttowsky

The only thing that olberman has to worry about is when his show will be canceled.He was a joke at espn and he is a joke on msnbc.When will nbc wake up and put serious news shows on that show both sides.What a lineup of losers.

Sharp Lessons 24.Apr.2007 11:18

ellyn alexandria hardison e.ebbene@verizon.net

"Taught by the sharp lessons of experience, the Federal Government was learning to discard from the weightier posts of its armies the shallow braggarts and intriguing politicians who once had claimed them, and to place in their stead men of stern valour and proved sagacity." Quote from last paragragh of second volume- Campaigns in Virginia, Maryland, Etc. by Capt. C.C.Chesney,R.E., published in London in 1865. May we again open our eyes, and ears, and learn, and reunite.


Stop bashing Obama 20.Mar.2008 16:30

A white grammy

We have a candidate in Obama who is telling it live it is. His speech was music to my ears. He had the courage to explain himself and we need someone like him to advance the humanity of the USA. We need someone to explain to us as Jesus once explained to those in the temple that it was wrong to cheat people and to lie to them. This man will help all of us to trancend to the next level of hope for the whole world. We do not need the more of the same in John McCain and Hillary Clinton. They both have had their chance to make a change and they get in Washington and play the Washington game.We need a young president to show our younger people that politics is an honorable profession as long as it is kept honest. If Obama looses this nomination the Democratic Party will be split and their will be a third party and I will be an independent. Bush and company are the evil dooers not the Rev. Wright. I am 78 years old and these past four years have been a tragic. Keith Oberman has it right. He tells it like it is.

Thanks for giving me a voice.