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0926 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, September 26th, 2006.
1. Out-of-State Experience: Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney dumped $500 thousand dollars into the maw of the Ron Saxton's campaign juggernaut this weekend. Out-of-State GOP money has been pouring into Oregon in the run-up to the November 7th elections. (But that isn't why Republicans and their ballot measures will win; they'll take it because the Left and progressives in general would rather be right than win... )
2. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a former employee of al-Haramain, testified before the Senate that Pete Seda, the charity's leader, knowingly gave prison inmates literature that called for killing non-Muslims. (What sort of literature? Well, a "radical version" of the Koran. Trouble with that is that there is only one "version" of the Koran, but many translations and even more fuckwits who choose to see enemies everywhere... )
3. Mercy Corps is getting a new headquarters in Portland. One ion New York too.
4. Public comment indicates that Oregonians are less than keen on biopharming. (How'd you like to bite into a carrot and get whopping great dose of, oh, say, antihistamines?)
5. The Bonneville Power Administration wants a policy change that could affect rtes in the Pacific Northwest for generations (and profits for generators... )
6. An ONS report says that children in Oregon are not doing very well and they are in line to get flattened entirely if the GOP money rolling into the state fails to attract the attention of progressives.
7. Governor Kulongoski says he'll ask the 2007 legislature to approve a hefty cigarette tax increase to extend health coverage to uninsured children in Oregon. (After doing fuck-all for four years, now Silent Ted is tearing a page out of his charismatic predecessor's playbook...
8. A mentally ill man 'died in police custody'.
9. So a Thuggish Bully, a Military dictator and a Patsy Walk into a Bar: Bush is meeting this week with Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and Pervez Musharraf to discuss the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden (and Kaiser Sose?)
10. Senator Arlen Spector says he will fight to give detainees the right to challenge their imprisonment through habeas corpus. Seems reasonable...
11. Lakes on a Plane: The ban on liquids on airlines has been partially lifted. Now you can have a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of Scotch from the duty Free; just try making a bomb with that stuff...
12. The Army is extending duty for 4 thousand troops. The dilemma is this; if you keep these guys too long, they burn out but if you subject units to frequent rotations, you get green recruits in there with hardened killers and half-crazed high school drop-outs.
13. What would Jesus Drive: Evangelicals have suddenly realized that human activity is destroying God's creation.
14. Borat Goes to Washington: Bush is wooing Kazakhstan despite its ghastly human rights record and because of its vast oil reserves.
15. Thousands of New Orleanians are dispersed around the nation, the city is a ravaged war zone, people exist in trailers designed to decompose in six months... But the Superdome is open for business. The Saints played the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.
16. A car dealership in Ohio has decided not to run a commercial proclaiming "Jihad" on US automakers and "Fatwa Friday". Sales people were going to be handing out play swords to children.
17. The UN says it will investigate the detention of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister as he tried to leave New York after the UN General Assembly. Apparently The Land of the Free, searched him, questioned him and generally served up a nice helping of gratuitous humiliation and degradation - about the only thing America knows how to serve up any more.
18. Saddam Hussein's trial was postponed - again. This time until October 9th. (Who else believes that he is being given strange pharmaceuticals to induce increasingly adherent behavior that will ultimately lead to a courtroom outburst, which will require 'lethal force'?)
19. A United Nations inquiry into the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has found new evidence that a suicide bomber probably killed him. Okay...
20. The world is the warmest it has been in a million years. (What's that? You didn't notice? Wait till the Gulf Stream stops... )
21. Corruption in Shanghai has lead to the sacking of top officials.
22. Russia and Iran have got their oil on.

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