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Don't Like The Police? Then become one.

I've been t hinking about how the main reason the cops are so bad is that too many of them are control freaks: the kind of person who wants to be a cop is some who wants authority they want to control things to make them the way they think they should be.

I've experienced that in movements and organizations where someone in a supposedly anti-authoritarian role that the problem is power-hungry people they can subvert ANY organization,

What would happen if our people: people concerned about violence, peaceful problem-solvers, anti-racisism activists, people good and working in collectives, what would happen if WE BECAME COPS?

I'm serious. I'm looking today into the process of becoming one.

Now, I think that if i'm the only one I'll have a hard time making any differences. But if MANY OF Y'ALL JOIN ME we can give it a shot.

If we were the majority in the police force it could be a very different thing.
Better schools are needed... 26.Sep.2006 08:02

Pravda or Consequences

We have allowed ourselves to be 'dumbed down' by the ruling elite. The whole reason for a police state is to control the masses and having a few psychopathic cops goes with the territory.

Better schools will go a long way to providing citizens with a working mind that in turn will vote for more humane government and accountable media.

A strong and long lasting democracy (vs. republic) depends on critical thinking and involved community. We must get beyond fear and the fear mongers. But we won't feel confident in doing so without the mental capacity to analyze the issues in front of us.

As far as getting rid of 'bad cops', we must insist on a citizen oversight committee with real teeth to subpoena powers and the ability to bring charges against those abusers. In addition we must treat the profession as a profession and make sure that people who want to 'protect and serve' have the requisite education (a minimum of a B.A./B.S. and a Masters would even be better) that includes an understanding of cultural diversity and social dynamics.

As for myself, I prefer a more creative outlet. Maybe they'll let me be a sketch artist, although my work tends to be abstract.

they only hire like people 26.Sep.2006 08:37


The police departments only hire neo-nazi thugs like themselves. A "nice" person has no chance to hired. You can't change them from the bottom up since there is no shortage of ex-military thugs that want continue controlling and beating people.

READ THIS 26.Sep.2006 11:13


a friend told me his cousin tried to get hired by a police dept. , but he didn't get the job because they said he ''smiled too much'' !! no kidding here !

Power analysis 26.Sep.2006 13:00

Lucy Parsons

It's the institution, folks, not the individuals. (Though I do have to acknowledge that there are plenty of cops who are in the profession 'cause they want to wield power and carry a gun.)

Ever had an easygoing friend or co-worker who got promoted to management? I have, many times, and they always act differently in the new position. I'm rather fond of Wobblies' analysis on that topic; check it out.

The same is true of police officers. The good people are either forced out or forced to conform -- that is, to cover up coworkers' abuse of power, to lie or threaten to force confessions, to act like every civilian is an enemy/threat and (mis)treat them as such. It's what the cops do, how they do it, and who they have to answer to, not who each person is within the institution.

That won't work 26.Sep.2006 13:14

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

When people join a police department, almost invariably the people become just as jaded and corrupt as the people they previously professed to dislike.

Humanity as a whole and individually are horrible and new recruits very quickly adopt the "us vs them" mentality, dividing citizens into two camps: those who have been caught and are guility, and those who have not yet been caught and are guilty. It's a mindset that's virtually pandemic among police officers.

I used to run a cash register for a hardware corporation and interfaced with the public -- a public that wasn't generally drunk, drugged, bleeding, masturbating in public, vomiting, picking fights, breaking into stores and houses, stealing cars and bicycles, shooting children indiscriminately, and all the rest of what police officers contend with. And despite a more police humanity that passed by my cash register, it was an easy matter to quickly conclude that 99% of the American populace are uneducated, willfuly ignorant, superatitious, hate filled, greedy, self centered, selfish, bigoted assholes.

Ask any ex-police officer who'll get drunk with you and is then willing to tell you truthfully and honestly about how it is once one becomes an officer and has to face the public in all its human misery. He'll tell you the only way to survive the job is to wall yourself in with your fellow officers and consider the rest of humanity as the enemy.

Joining the cops is no solution.

My opinions and only my opinions.

become the enemy? 26.Sep.2006 13:41

nate natelienn[at]gmail[dot]com

i know it sounds like a good plan, but who do you think most of these cops are? they are just classic americans trying to do what's right. it doesn't matter WHAT any individual thinks is right ( though i know your values definitely supercede any cops' i've ever met). what matters is that once any person has control (legal) over other human beings, the balance is thrown off. that's like forcing communism on the world, it only turned into a brutal regime. i mean, i wish we could convert cops to nice people, but the sad reality is that with power comes corruption. even if you have good intentions through out your entire career, like someone above said, you will be forced to conform. the only solution is to abolish the police state, but we can't do that without setting our own communities up for defense first. so the solution should not be becoming the enemy, but making the enemy obsolete to the public.

Don't hate the Nazis... 26.Sep.2006 16:40


Yes, you can't change them by becoming them. and yes, I agree that the institution itself twists people up. There are plenty of power mad assholes who become cops because they want to control people. (Ohhhh yes.) (Kruger, Jacobellis, Lee, Rowley, Hanousek, McCollister....) But the problem is, there are many others who joined with the best intentions and STILL have no idea that what they are doing to other people is just fucking wrong. They really have no idea. Their paychecks are dependent upon their delusions, and so they cling to them. It's the nature of this sort of beast.

and 26.Sep.2006 22:08


if it doesn't work out the way you expect it, you might learn to really enjoy driving around in a police cruiser, carrying a gun and intimidating the shit out of everyone. and it's always great to be able to get away with murder.

have fun.

true thinking 29.Sep.2006 22:22


Thank you for stepping up! It's refreshing to hear someone with a plan of action, rather than just a gripe. If joining the police force is not an action one can take, easier actions are: VOTE participate in Neighborhood Association meetings VOTE talk to your neighbors, get to know them, listen to them and share your knowledge with them VOTE and be good to your mother ;)