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No more blood for oil---U.S. out of Iraq, NOW! Build the anti-war movement!


1. Announcement: Anti-Imperialist Feeder March & Contingent, Planning Meeting
2. Leaflet: Build the anti-war movement!
3. What is the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee?

U.S. imperialism out of Iraq & Afghanistan!
Israeli Zionism out of Palestine & Lebanon!
Full rights for all immigrants, now!

Date/Time: October 28, 10:30 A.M.
Location: Seattle Central Community College, South Plaza (Broadway & Pine)

From there we will march downtown to join the noon A.N.S.W.E.R. rally in front of the Federal Building (2nd and Marion). Join us!


Date/Time: October 1, 2:00 P.M.
Location: Capitol Hill Library (on Harvard & Republican, behind the Broadway Market)


Below is the full text of the latest Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee Leaflet:

No more blood for oil---U.S. out of Iraq, NOW!

U.S. troops have been in Iraq for three and one-half years. In these years they've leveled the city of Falluja, sadistically tortured Iraqis at Abu Ghraib; murdered unarmed civilians in Haditha and many other towns; resorted to collective punishment; and killed scores of thousands of Iraqis. Whether ordered by the top brass or undertaken by soldiers on their own, this barbarism is the logical result of a morally and politically bankrupt occupation in which the ordinary soldiers are being used. 2,700 of them are now dead, while the Pentagon talks of sending more troops.

The Bush administration leads this bankruptcy with an ever-shifting web of lies. Now, it's that Saddam Hussein "had the capacity to make weapons of mass destruction", and "the world is a safer place without him." Now, to cover their scare tactics to win public support for war Bush says "nobody's ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack" of September 11. But no one claims they said Hussein ordered the attack! Rice's statements that the next 9/11 would be "a mushroom cloud" if Hussein was not overthrown, Bush's 2002 statements that "Iraq and al-Qaida have had high-level contacts that go back a decade," etc., were lying attempts to suggest a connection. And, after more than 2,550 dead U.S. soldiers since he declared "Mission Accomplished," and with the masses of Iraqi people justly hating the occupiers, Bush now says that the U.S. fights for "a freedom agenda."

What this "freedom" looks like is seen in the U.S. support for the Iraqi government of al-Maliki. This government's constitution says that no law can contradict the "established laws of Islam," and it reduces women to second-class status while also denying the Kurds the right to self-determination. Further, it's a government of competing sectarian and Kurdish bourgeois always on the verge of civil war among themselves but united in repressing strikes and democratic protests of the masses. But the U.S. administration fully supports this government, despite its reactionary nature. Bush & Co.'s concerns about it lie elsewhere, i.e., large sections of it want to forge closer links with Iran.

Behind the lies, a war for oil and empire

All of Bush's lies have been to cover up that this is a war to dominate Iraq's oil resources, as well as to establish a large permanent U.S. troop presence in the Middle East---in order to make the law there. Further, the entire U.S. ruling class wants to gain a stronger hold on world oil and energy resources in order to use them as leverage in the struggle with rivals over domination of global economics and politics: empire. This is why Bush officials rushed troops in to protect the Iraqi oil ministry, while doing nothing to prevent the rest of Baghdad from being looted. It's also why they insisted the new Iraqi constitution encourage privatization of state property, specifying the oil sector in particular.

But the U.S. imperialist agenda has been stymied by an unexpected mass anti-occupation resistance, and then by civil war. In fact, after years of occupation-war, Marine generals are now saying that Anbar province is "lost," while the Iraqi government can't even control Baghdad. All this makes imperialist control and investment nearly impossible---which is why Bush vowed that "We're not leaving so long as I'm the president" in his August press conference. Meanwhile, plans are made for military operations against oil and natural gas rich Iran; Israel, the strategic ally of the U.S. in the struggle to dominate the region, has just laid waste to Lebanon and continues its daily atrocities against the resisting Palestinian people; and U.S. soldiers continue to kill and be killed in Afghanistan after almost five years of occupation.

All wings of the Democratic Party share Bush's imperial aims---and his bankruptcy

Bush's "we're not leaving so long as I'm the president" presents a challenge to all who oppose the occupation of Iraq and other imperialist atrocities. An anti-war movement that can actually force the government to retreat in Iraq needs to be built up. But to do this requires casting away all illusions that there are forces within the political establishment that we can look to, much less, rely on. For example, the Democratic Party also has a bloody agenda to dominate Middle-Eastern oil reserves and build worldwide empire. This is why it uttered barely a peep against Bush's August vow, and why an August 27 Washington Post survey showed that of 59 Democrats currently running for hotly contested House and Senate seats most agreed with Bush that it would be "unwise to set a specific schedule for troop withdrawal."

Furthermore, the "left" wing of the Democratic Party plays the special role of working within the anti-war movement to sabotage and highjack it. There, they tell activists to work for "peace" candidates like Kucinich...who in the end tell their supporters to campaign for war-hawks like Kerry. They would also have us abandon the fight to get the U.S. out of Iraq now, and support alternative imperial plans for dominating Iraq and the entire Middle East.

Thus, last year "our" Rep. Jim McDermott supported a phased one-year "withdrawal" plan that would send U.N. and NATO troops while placing some U.S. troops under their command. The U.S. would also "lend" logistical and close air support, and the rules of engagement would be "robust." This year he supports the Murtha plan to leave U.S. troops in Iraq for six more months of war-making and then re-deploy them to the "periphery" of Iraq, "keep a quick reaction force in the region, and have an 'over-the-horizon presence' of Marines". And this ultra-liberal has ideas about what to do with any freed up troops, i.e., regarding Afghanistan he says "we have got to go back and finish that job," i.e., send more troops!

In his House speeches "anti-war" Democrat McDermott says outright that his aims are to "protect American interests in the Middle East." He also admits what these interests are when he says, "When you talk to Iraqis who...work in the oil industry, they said we are at 1 1/2 billion barrels a day, and we will never get any more than that until we are able to get some peace and calm and some investments to come in and change the oil industry." So, in the end, the "left" wing Democrats' differences with Bush are only over military strategies to enforce "peace and calm" for imperialist investment and control.

Build the movement independently of and against the imperialist political parties!

In leaflets calling for the October 28 demonstration the ANSWER coalition says, "Let every politician feel the power of the people!" and "The war won't be on the ballot but we can still show the politicians the will of the people." This "we can still show the politicians" is demoralized last-gasp preaching of reliance on the very political establishment that brought the war. It's a dead end. Moreover, throughout its history ANSWER has repeatedly handed the microphone to McDermott and other Democrats at anti-war rallies, without ever exposing how they support the imperialists' war agenda. This is not building the power of the people...it's handing power to the imperialist bourgeoisie!

Rather than reliance on "showing the politicians," we need to rely on ourselves to show the masses of exploited and oppressed workers, national minorities and youth how their interests are opposite those of the imperialists and their political parties—and we need to help organize them into struggle against the entire imperial establishment. The already massive opposition to the war, including increasing resistance inside the military itself, shows that conditions for doing this exist.

Why an anti-imperialist contingent?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. support for Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians and Lebanese, and other barbarous government acts are the logical product of an entire imperialist system, rooted in capitalism, and defended by both big capitalist parties. Meanwhile, at home this system attacks the living standards and rights of the people, particularly immigrants. To influence the masses (including people already in the movement) with these truths, those who already agree with these ideas should link up to organize for them. This is what the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee is about, and it's an important reason why we're calling for an anti-imperialist feeder march and contingent for October 28.

Support the struggles of the Iraqi workers and poor!

With arms and without, the masses of Iraqi working and poor people have been resisting the U.S super-power's occupation for more than 3 years. This inspiring resistance has repeatedly thrown the Washington agenda into disarray. Nevertheless, the armed resistance remains dominated by fundamentalist and Ba'athist groups that the masses must oppose if they're to gain liberation and not just another tyranny. Further, ordinary Iraqis are also being used as cannon fodder in a civil war between sectarian factions vying for domination by the exploiters of their sect. But many Iraqis oppose this situation, and a powerful secular and democratic trend must be built up if there is to be a united struggle to drive out the U.S. occupiers while also dealing with the sectarian leaders' civil war. We can help inspire the secular and democratic tendencies among Iraqis by building up an anti-war movement of men and women of all nationalities here in the heart of the empire---a movement capable of staying the hands of our common enemy: imperialism.

Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee
September 24, 2006

mail [at] seattleaic [dot] org



The Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee (SAIC) is a democratic committee of anti-imperialist activists in the Seattle area. We work to build working class anti-imperialist consciousness and organization, and oppose the influence of liberal-imperialism and opportunist politics within the progressive movements, particularly the anti-war movement.

SAIC believes that imperialism can only be eliminated through the independent political action of the masses of people—particularly the workers, oppressed nationalities and youth—and not through the "goodwill" or "kindness" of various liberal-imperialist ruling class saviors.

Our website at www.seattleaic.org gives readers the ability to publicly post comments, suggestions, questions and criticism of our work. SAIC welcomes and encourages such ideological struggle—which is crucial for the development of a mass, conscious anti-imperialist movment. We can also be contacted via email at mail [at] seattleaic [dot] org.