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Jeff Hogg Update: Grand Jury Extended Till March!

Jeff Hogg is currently jailed for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury being used illegally to build their case against Green Scare defendants.
Jeff Hogg Support Flyer
Jeff Hogg Support Flyer
Originally, the grand jury in Eugene was set to end this month, and Jeff would have been freed. This grand jury has now been extended until March, meaning Jeff could be held till then. Jeff is a nursing student in a competitive program. Due to his incarceration, his schooling has been put on hold indefinitely. He has also lost his job working with autistic adults. His partner is struggling to make ends meet. More fundraisers are needed to help them keep their home. We had a very successful garage sale here in Eugene, but more help is needed.

An appeal of the judge's decision to continue to hold Jeff has been filed with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The final brief is due on September 26th. Jeff has remained steadfast in his refusal to cooperate with this grand jury, or any grand jury being used to squelch freedom of speech and free association. It is our deepest hope that the 9th ciruit court will agree and demand Jeff's release.

Your continued support of Jeff through this difficult time is sorely needed. Please write to him, and consider holding a fundraiser on his behalf. Print up the support flyers attached here and post them everywhere. For info on how to donate to Jeff's support, email me at  gumbycascadia@riseup.net

Jeffrey Hogg [no inmate # needed]
1901 NE F St.,
Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526