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Who is the Evil Doer?

Venezuela President stands up, speaks mind and possibly saves his life by bringing attention throughout the world.
When Hugo Chavez spoke before the United Nations, he did not hold back his emotion and who can blame him?

Even when President Chavez had an eighty percent approval rating within his country and poverty levels were the lowest they have ever been (even less per dos capital then the United States); it was the United States with CIA operatives that tried to ban forces within Venezuela to overthrow him.

This attempt certainly was not about Hugo's policies in regards to his people, but concerns over oil. Just prior to the coup, Chavez was considering trading oil in different currency than the U.S. dollar; which might not seem like much to the naked eye, but has most economist could tell you, since oil is the most traded commodity in the world, it would significantly change the value of the U.S. dollar in regards to our trade deficit.

In regards to Chavez being a threat to democracy, I'm not sure how, given that Venezuela is the most democratic state in South America. Chavez was elected by his people, unlike those the CIA attempted to put into control during the coup.

Was this coup attempt another tactic by the Bush administration to gain control over oil production in yet another country? One could hardly question it.

Time is running out for the Bush administration, the approval rating continues to go down and chances of a Republican taking office next election are slim to none.

The question then becomes, can Chavez hold off our CIA and avoid another coup attempt or even a possible assassination?

Personally I would welcome Chavez to be the President of the United States, his character seems far greater than all the Democrats and Republicans combined.

What our political leaders seem to ignore is the emotion from Chavez was caused by the United States actions against him.

Maybe our government should focus on real issues, like free healthcare in America (something that Venezuela already offers for their people), run-off voting and getting lobby money out of D.C., instead of concern over someone comparing our President to the devil, which personally I feel is an insult to Satan.
Chavez and the Progressive Left 25.Sep.2006 13:38

Joe Anybody

I hear ya
I think that Chavez is getting the attention pointed at the evil doer \ clown who is making the US look pretty bad on this platform of The World-is-a-Stage.
We make our bed now we lay in it

Problem with me is I never in a million years would make my bed like this!

I heard on KBOO this morning a short discussion of the need for Chavez to ...
get some Democratic backing to some of his opinions....and the comment was referring to although he is finger pointing at the Bush Crowd he needs to align with the greater masses here in the states to get the backing for his accusations or to help roll the "band-wagon" into some progressive possible changes. There was an assertion that he was alienating "the cause and the Left and need for reform and change" by not really getting his message as well received like he has done in Latin America here in the states. The comment on his attitude was summed up by the point that Chavez needed a American liaison or spokesman type person to help postulate the masses into hearing his message and not alienating the masses from him. Primary he speaks out against the Right and Bush ...but it is not as well received by the average citizen in the US. The name Jessie Jackson came up once in regards to suggesting a contact or person in the US that could help with the PR image to the Masses concerning Chavez's advise, suggestion, and ideas.

Now my self I am proud of what Chavez has done in his own country and his stance and outspokenness against our Devil Leader here in the States. I wish the best for him and what is going on around him and even more so what is going all around us here in this great land.