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Trey Arrow's Latest Call Out - 9/24/06

Trey, figs, Renee, and much more!
Hello to all you beautiful folk! I wish you all a blessed autumnal equinox and sacred new moon!!! (Both falling on this day...this is a powerful time for manifesting and transitioning!!!!!) This is the time of remembering. This is the time of awakening into our divine potential! The time of learning through suffering is over!!! We deserve to live a life filled with joy, harmony, peace, respect, honour, truth, and love!!!!! The time is now!!!!!

I am Trey. I am a humyn, I am a brother, I am a father, and I am a son. I am
many things and I am nothing. I have learnt many things in my life but I only know one thing...that I am love and that love is all that exists. Anything else is fear!!!!!

I have decided to spell my name with a 'y' after being guided by Laara and the insight she shares regarding the ancient truth of the kavalarian philosophy (Laara's currently writing a book about this subject). By adding the 'y' this activates my fullest potential to manifest my true destiny. I know my true destiny is to be free! I know my true destiny is to help others realize their freedom!!! I know my true destiny is to help with the healing of sacred earth mother and all her inhabitants!!!!! I know it is my true destiny to help with this healing and freedom through the power of music!!!!!

Currently we have two families who have committed to being part of the million dollar surety. My parents are one of these two (thank you mumma and dad!!!) We are manifesting this!!!!! If you'd like to help with any of the details or know someone who may be interested in helping...please send an email to:  conor@riseup.net (the surety can be a Canadian or U.S. resident). As soon as the bail hearing has been set I will let you folk know. It most likely will be in October or November of this year.

I just received excellent news from my lawyers that they received the funding necessary to go forward with the appeal. This means that legal services, which funds court appointed attorneys, feels that there are sufficient grounds to win the appeal (otherwise they don't fund the appeals.) Regardless of whether or not I actually win the appeal, this marks a monumental step forward towards my ultimate external freedom!!!!! As soon as we have an appeal hearing date set, I will let you all know. This will most likely not be before spring of 2007!

Here is some fabulous news about Renee:

Reefer refugee Renee Boje is finally free. In 1998 fearing persecution over medical marijuana charges, Boje fled from the US to Canada on the advice of her lawyer. Boje faced a 10 year mandatory minimum to life sentence in a US Federal Prison for her minor involvement in a well known medical marijuana and research garden owned by cancer patient and marijuana activist Todd McCormick and best selling author and Aids patient Peter McWilliams.
In 2001 Boje married Canadian marijuana activist and author Chris Bennett and in 2002 she gave birth to their Canadian son, Shiva Sun Bennett. Many had hoped that Boje's marriage to a Canadian and the birth of her Canadian son would be enough for her to be allowed to stay in Canada and avoid the ten year sentencing she was facing in the US. But sadly, through the decision of the same Justice Minister who allowed US authorities to raid Emery Seeds, this was not to be the case.
As some may recall Boje lost her fight against US extradition when the Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler decided against her in 2005. Boje and her family was devastated by the decision because they were told by her lawyers that the Minister's appeal was her best chance for winning her freedom in Canada and that there was a 99% chance she would lose her appeal in the higher courts with the current Conservative government in power. Boje appealed Cotler's decision and in that intervening period she received an offer from the US for a plea bargain and negotiations then were initiated between Boje's Canadian lawyer John Conroy and Federal US Prosecutors in LA.
On August 10th Boje traveled to Los Angeles for an August 14th court date in which she pled guilty to possession of of a gram of marijuana. Judge George H. King who was the judge throughout the McCormick and McWilliams hearings sentenced Boje to one year's probation, giving her permission to reside in Canada with her family. Boje returned to Canada on August 15th and Canadian officials almost denied her entry into Canada, but relented and let her stay for one week while a decision about her status was in the works at Immigration Canada. In the end, after a week of worrying she might be deported, Canadian Immigration officials granted Boje a 6 month visitor's permit, which will likely give her time to secure Canadian citizenship so she can remain in Canada permanently with her family.
For further information refer to Boje's website at:  http://www.reneeboje.com
Contact Renee Boje at:  rboje@hotmail.com

This is the time of year for fabulous, fun, fig gathering straight from the tree. Figs are my number one favourite food and a staple in this living, vegan, and Essene diet I follow. Because figs are quite literally a part of my spiritual path, the administration allows me to receive figs throughout the week! If you or anyone you know are coming to Victoria and can share some sacred figs with me, please send an email to:  conor@riseup.net...
thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kind brother Keyaho, and sister's Mar and KT gathered and brought figs from Oregon not too long ago!!! Others around Vancouver and Victoria have gathered and blessed me with these sacred, medicinal, healing fruits!!!!! Thank you to all who have helped with this! If you have not blessed yourself, your children, perfect strangers on the street, etc., with fresh figs (preferably freshly picked from the tree, if not from a local market or natural foods store) please do so asap! Figs are mentioned more in the bible than any other fruit. For more info on figs, fig leaves, and fig trees, please do a google search on 'fig fruit' and/or 'fig tree', and visit this website: crfg.org

I send everyone blessed fig, mulberry, and pear energy and love!!!!!


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