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Lars Larson and yesterday's Schumacher Fur protest (9/23/06)

Conservative radio talk show host (and wind bag) Lars Larson and his wife strolled by Schumacher's during yesterday's spirited protest.
Lars and his wife
Lars and his wife
Schumacher sympathizer Lars and his wife weren't just in the area, they walked by the entrance to the store, where most of the protesters were gathered. Schumacher Furs sits at the corner of SW Morrison and 9th. The Larson's took a turn off Morrison north on 9th and that's where the video clips were recorded. There was an exchange of words prior to what was caught on video (with a Canon Powershot A540 camera). Lars and his wife certainly have a right to walk there and they have a right to their opinions but as public figures (who could have chosen an alternate route to where they were going; they came to the protest, the protesters didn't go to them) they shouldn't have been surprised that some folks had a few things to say to them. The "visit" was short. Video clips to follow.

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandfurcruelty.com

video clips 24.Sep.2006 15:31

Blue jay

Video clips from yesterday. Recording ended at the request of the police officer
(don't know is name) who stepped in to keep the peace. Since some trouble in the
spring, the police who have been present during the Saturday protests have been very
respectful of us.
Lars and his wife - part 1
Lars and his wife - part 1
Lars and his wife - part 2
Lars and his wife - part 2

HAHAHAHA! 24.Sep.2006 16:53

Judge Dredd

That was just too funny! Lars should know better than to expect no response from those he routinely criticizes on his radio show. They had a lot of nerve demanding you to curtail your First Amendment Right to Free Speech. And to tell you to "call the show" is absurd since he'll just cut you off and hang up on you if you get the best of him. That jerk thinks he knows what's best for Portland and he doesn't even live here anymore!

It will be interesting hearing Lars on his show tomorrow whining about the incident he intentionally provoked. What a putz!

It was a setup by Lars 24.Sep.2006 17:40


Bet this was an intentional provocation of the Schumacher protesters by Lars and his wife. He probably said, "Let's walk by the fur protesters and I'll blow cigar smoke in their faces".

Lars got what he deserved - a free demonstration of the First Amendment.

You can bet he'll whine about it tomorrow.

Lars still living 04.May.2008 08:45


lars is still living in vancouver but is still pretending that he lives here, one of many lies.
9100 Mt Rainier Dr. Vancouver, WA.