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Police will continue to murder more and more

I am exhausted of volunteering to do something about this.
But things WILL NOT change until we get an INDICTMENT. If anyone wants to get together and pursue this, contact me, for I cannot do it by myself.  prozak@comcast.net.
do you ralize what you are asking? 25.Sep.2006 00:02


Let the people of Hillsboro worry about Hillsboro. Do you have any idea how much danger you are getting yourself into? You cannot expect people to risk everything like that and help you. And many people have ended up loosing everything for speaking how you do. Please take my advice and just take care of yourself and family, I read that you have two boys now, worry about them. You cannot save the world. But you saved your cousins name, and that's more than many people can say. Fouad is in good hands, you need to end your trauma. Your going to get yourself killed, and your boys should not have to grow up without their daddy. Please listen to me and let go. I say this because I have met you and your son many times, and I say this out of love and concern.

Jake(from D's)

Zaki, with love, I agree 25.Sep.2006 10:46

A Friend

Zaki, your heart is big, and you have done your share to keep Fouad's memory alive, even though you are not actually related to him. I know that you are motivated by the highest moral belief, and in fact believe in your heart that he is your cousin (are we not all cousins?), but you cannot continue to speak for his family. They have attorneys to speak for them now, and they are in good hands. I know personally that they greatly appreciate all that you have done for them, but now it is time to move on. Neither can you speak for Lukus' family. You must look out for yourself. I know that you have been repeatedly harassed by the police, and if you keep taunting them, they can, and will, kill you with impunity. My God man, if they could kick poor Jim Jim Chasse to the curb and kill him for merely peeing in the street, think of what they may do to you. You have family, and they need you, alive. There are plenty of us out here, on the streets, to take up your fight, now that you have brought our attention to your "cousin's" murder.
We love you, Zaki, and want you to continue to be your sweet self. If you must post, do like the rest of us, and change your identity from time to time, and do not put Fouad's family in jeopardy by speaking for them. They have enough to deal with, without worrying about you.
In love and peace, I beg you, mellow out, bud.

Are You Guy's crazy? ou obviosly do not understand this guy 25.Sep.2006 12:48


I know what moves him, he is a real patriot. Go get them zaki! Many people have given thier lives for this country including my grandfather. To back down would make all of thier deaths vain!

THANK YOU 25.Sep.2006 12:53


This is how I live simply put.
I took my 4 year old to school then took my 1 year old to breakfast at Dean's, which I have done so for 9 years. Afterwards I took my son down the street to go to a park. And Lo! And behold. Two Clackamas County sheriff's pulled in and blocked my truck, this just happened at around 9:00 AM this morning. I had to wait 45 minutes then one left, and the other after slowly cruising and trying to get a good view of myself, then after waiting another 1 hour; I timed the light and quickly left. This is how it has been. And it's worsened since the Kaady's Law suite, I do not understand why, for I did not even file a complaint, ever.
This has been going on for over 8 years after I made the mistake of filing a Federal Civil Rights Suite against the Portland Police, the City of Portland, and the police officers involved. It was a slam-dunk for I had VIDEO! I was terrorized, had my dog maced while he was in a little kennel, my whole house was over turned and wrecked, they took a personal picture of my wife that was meant for no other eyes then mine (I do not know what they did with that picture while it was in their hands) before it was finally returned to me, they had no warrant until they arrested me and had me sit in front of my house for 4 hours while they "shopped" for a warrant, all WITHIN 1 week after filing the Federal Civil Rights Suite. These were PORTLAND POLICE OFFICERS IN CLACAMAS COUNTY! After they secured everything and had a warrant, then they called Clackamas 5 hours later! All this over marijuana, I testified in the Oregon House with Stormy Ray, I was a chairperson, it was no secret, I had so may fundraisers for Voter Power and I raised them some good money in our fight. In fact, I was and still am very active with the use of Medical Marijuana. Before that lawsuit I was 27 years old and had NEVER been arrested my entire life! And I was a handful as one can see with some of my posts. But I never had any police contact except for driving tickets, and I was 27 years old. I had to dismiss that Federal Civil Rights Suite for I was threatened with a Deportation! And ever since, this is how it has been! That is why I was able to help Fouad's family, I was once deposed by a rep of the City Attorney David Lesh for 8 hours! The procuring cause is the law suite I filled, not Fouad. But I knew all of their tricks, lies, and ways, and Fouad is one of the nicest boys of my cousins, and they did not just break his ribs and threw him in jail like me on Mary's and I's wedding night, they tortured and mudded him. That is what President Bush wants to be legal, torture and death! My issue with Police accountability has been ever since my experience. I went to the Kendra James meeting when David Lesh actually tried to pull that on the community. I talked with Handleman From Portland Cop Watch many times and volunteered time to help. FOUAD DID NOT CAUSE THIS, for I have been fighting for may liberty ever since I filled a Federal Civil Rights Suit against The City Of Portland, Doubletree hotel, and the Portland Police Officers that were caught lying in court so bad, the proof was VIDEO. They were caught. That is until "knock knock". "who is it", "the wreck of your life for trying to sue us". People need to know that danger of filing a suite like this. I wish I had never filed it.

They (the Portland system) had been after me years before Fouad's passing.

I am sorry, but what you say is quite rude, for if it were not for me, no one outside of his family and friends would remember Fouad today. After all I did, I am some kind of liability? Really? What about my justice? Does my Father endow me void of all liberties to me?
I did not start Fouads justice for anyone but Fouad, not for me, and not for his family. I am myself! One hell of a thank you. It almost killed me, and my wife and kids lost me for so long while I spent days, and days, even weeks for Fouad while no one else seemed to want to do something about what happened but grieve then go on with thier lives. Am I not allowed to say his name now? Gee, I wonder who got this going. Meow? It is self-evident. I gave indy media so much.

Do not listen 25.Sep.2006 13:28


Rick, you are nuts, and you do not understand. Yes, we are all patriots, but I do know the issue better than you (either that, or you just WANT to see another man uselessly gunned down by the pigs), and Zaki has done all the good he can. Do more, and you do so uselessly. Don Quixote never beat the windmill, and he will not beat down the system. Together, we might.

Doont think we should be telling somone to lay down his rights. 25.Sep.2006 13:41


If he did not have the srenth and will, he would not do it, but its for a good cause, THE MURDER OF CHILDREN BY POLICE!

do what you wanna do 25.Sep.2006 19:04


Some people are too cowardly to stand up to authority, and those people can mind their own business if that's their priority. I don't think they ought to be telling other people not to be active, though.

It's easy for the cops to harass the few who would stand against them. What if the entire community stands against the police for every incident of inappropriate behavior? What are they going to do? Go door-to-door and give grief to each and every person? Strength in numbers.

More people should be getting involved with the Portland Copwatch or Rose City Copwatch, or starting copwatch groups in their own communities. I'm sure either group would be happy to consult and give tips on how to start a group.

Surveillance 25.Sep.2006 20:47


I have 24-hour digital surveillance with night vision of my entire property and home kept under Electric Eye Surveillance Inc. By the time anyone even gets a glimpse of my house or property, a digital recording is already have been videoed with the license plate. That is how I know the many times that Clackamas Police have come over to my house. There is on digital video at time when an officer actually went to my back yard and climbed onto my deck and started snooping and peering through my windows, of course when I was not home. In addition, I have record of EVERY occurrence since 2001.
I am not stupid


I cannot believe this! People should see this! U.S.A.?

I cannot believe that is being discussed. Is this Iraq now? What happened with the Constitution of the United States of America? This is really bothersome; WE NEED TO SAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS! There is a post that is short but states "makes all their deaths vain" it is true! How many have given their lives to protect the U.S.A?

(I just found this site! Not bad, in fact really good!)
If this person worked with Stormy Ray, testified in The Oregon House for Medical Marijuana, and helped Voter Power with fundraisers, then he has done well. Medical Marijuana patients in Oregon have received so much justice and rights, while the police can have more time, and resources to bust REAL marijuana crime involving large quantities and focus on life threatening drugs which are choking our community.

It seems that this kid's parents who lost their boy are lucky to have had his help.

Here it is 26.Sep.2006 12:27

I found it easily

YES! BLAZED! 26.Sep.2006 12:43


Yes, they had a booth right in the middle of the audience away from all the other venders and displayed a huge sign about Medical Marijuana! It was a big concert in Scappoose that 101 .1 FM was putting on. It was so cool because you could walk right up and learn all you wanted and sign the petition. Voter Power was there with them. Wow, I totally remember that, it was so cool. They had awesome T-shirts that said "BLAZED" for girls.

Zaki's great ambition for justice 27.Sep.2006 22:04


-Captain Planet-
You carry a dominant theory, "strength in numbers." I highly support that.

Zaki-You have my admiration. You are at a young age of great wisdom, and diversity. Your sagacious knowledge and your strong yearning desire for justice should and is an inspiration to many of us.
The acknowledged efforts of the remembrance of your cousin are greatly appreciated because of you.

Remain cowardless and ruthless toward your opponent. Zaki is not vulnerable for he is ZakGoliath!

YES ON 33! And most importantly Fouads Justice!